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How to convince others covid-19 is a hoax

Ed Mulford

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I believed covid 19 to be a hoax when it first started. I worked in a retail management position that did not close. We did not use masks or social distancing for at least 3-4 months. We were

helping people from New York and New jersey face to face because they were leaving their states do to lock down. I told our employees if it was really as deadly as they said, We would be closed.

When the governor of our state (North Carolina) Shut the state down, our sales went through the roof. (can you see the sales tax increase). When he decided it was "safe" to come out, he mandated

masks to be worn. We are still under this mandate. I resigned my position with my company due to this mask mandate. I was told if I had a medical condition I would not have to wear a mask. I am

in perfect health. So my choice was to lie or to wear a mask or resign. I chose resign. My boss( corporate level) even said it isn't a big deal it is just a mask. None of us ever got sick.  No one in our

family 5 children,inlaws and friends across the US know anyone who contracted it. I am always friendly to everyone when I go out (without a mask). I can tell some people think I am the enemy.

This is all about love,peace,and no fear. Bur I will not comply.

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How to convince someone to change their thoughts?


Interesting issue 


I seek those who are skilled so I may learn


Seek out those who manipulate the thoughts of others to learn how to influence thoughts and perspectives all the while having others feel that they have created the thoughts themselves. 


"You can lead a horse to water but you can not force it to drink"

"Others run the horse then offer it water"

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It's all about how you make yourself come across. Stick to the facts at hand. Avoid bringing in the concept of 5G, as many will instantly go on a defensive mode if you mention it with the connection to the corona virus. Try humor, or laughing about how ridiculous some of the stuff is, or how things don't make any sense. Follow how others react, and if the response is aggressive, keep your head cool and don't get agitated, discouraged or pushy. Try small, gentle steps. You can also try downplaying your real knowledge, as in "I might not know everything about current situation, but even I can see there's something seriously wrong with this picture".

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On 8/31/2020 at 2:45 AM, Ed Mulford said:

How to convince others covid-19 is a hoax?


Well you just point out how many professional doctors and medical people are calling it .... As a % lets say it's around 5% which is quiet amazing since they risk their career....


And it must be higher than any other profession ... there aren't 5%  of car mechanics , or 5% of hairdressers saying it's fake ... because it's not their area of expertise ... 


But medical doctors ? this is their subject so they should know ! .... ( most say it's just flue) 


It's just the same as 9/11 ... 1000's of professional  pilots said planes could not have hit as we are told .... and 1,000 of engineers and architects said the towers could not have collapsed from a plane impact ........... they should know!  

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