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The event at Trafalgar was unfortunately not well planned, I don't know why they thought the police would leave them alone to run a protest event, and put on the boring speakers first. No. Get directly to the point, this is war, this is real, the world wants to hear David, and Andrew Kaufman, and Del Bigtree, and we didn't get to hear the others, and barely heard David.  We need the protests to have generators, to get directly to the point with no meandering speakers wasting valuable air time, no big screens that can be stolen, just get the audio out there as fast as we can before the police shut it down.  This is a war and we have to take police actions seriously!

And we need to have comments sections directly under David's videos and we want to see him livestreaming so we can send in comments live. The world wants to talk to him right now.  Sonia and Shaun's show is great, could he not get on there to do a whole show?  He has chemistry with Shaun.  More than one hour at a time please!  Time for David to start getting up out of the chair and get moving so he's in shape for this war.  David, get on BrandNewTube, BitChute, Steemit, and please let us discuss your videos on the videos themselves, not having to come to a bloody forum and search around through endless pages of individual posts as 'topics'. There is too much work involved in forums, once you get too many people on them who don't know how they work, they turn into thousands of comments as topics and then it is literally impossible to have a conversation.

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