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There are situations where you really do have no choice

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Going in and out of shops and supermarkets and refusing to wear masks and sanitize your hands is all fine and yes you can easily do that. I came up against an impossible situation recently where the choice was unfortunately out of my control. If you need medical assistance, and in my case it was emergency medical assistance in a hospital, they will not, firstly, let you through the hospital door without a mask, and secondly, they will not treat you or send you onto a ward from A&E without the Covid stick being shoved up your nose first. Believe me I tried but I was in agony with acute pancreatitis and desperately needed to have a stay in hospital and be treated. I wish I could ask David or Gareth directly about this as people will find, in that situation, they really are helpless with no choice and what do we do about that? My biggest fear is needing hospital treatment in the future and them saying "oh no, you can't come in now without the vaccine!"  What the heck do people do then David? Please could you advise or address this in your video cast because millions of people will be coming up against this who don't believe in this rubbish but have to comply to get what they need,

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