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I saw something that shook my faith


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Hello.   The incident happened in Hayes London approximately late 2018 at around 0700 on a Saturday morning.  I was at work in an industrial area.  I was waiting for a colleague.  While   I was waiting I was just looking around admiring the early morning fresh air, and enjoying the quite time of day, no one around, and I started to look at some sea gulls squawking near by.  The sea gulls were about 40 metres away.  Where they were located was 2 rows of small warehouses, with a parking area that joined the street.  the parking area was about 40 metres wide.


The sea gulls would squawk and fly around a bit, and land on either side of the the parking area on one of the roofs of the warehouses.  No one was around, just me, no sign of life except for me and a few sea gulls.


As I was enjoying the view and enjoying the sea gulls i did a double take.  There  i saw were were 2 identical sea gulls moving in perfect unison, one above the other about 6 inches apart.  i stared in shock trying to process what i was interpreting visually.


The 2 sea gulls were the same sea gull (if that makes sense) but one was six inches above the other.  I watched trying to establish if I was going mad, or was dreaming, or was hallucinating, and then a 2nd sea gull was having the same duplicate scenario.


This lasted for about maybe 30 seconds.   i can't remember if they landed, so I guess I was stunned and shocked and didn't pay attention,  I was quite emotional for some time afterwards, feeling low and glum.  I know its one in a lifetime chance to see something truly incredible but at the same time it troubled me deeply.  After searching myself as to why i was so emotional, i realised it was because seeing this challenged my belief in God, in my belief system, all that I grew up and believing. it troubled me because it raised new questions about my reality.


Was it (as they say) a glitch in the matrix?  This was one of the strange events that happened over a year period.  It all started when I met a security guard (Dave) who was telling me strange reality stories.  I believe Dave  is literally a walking twilight zone.  I believe strange phenomena occurs after you be around him, even in the same area as him, for just a minute, strange things happen.


Dave moved jobs and strange things stopped happening. I welcome any thoughts of this strange event.







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Is that a glitch? I don't know, it was too short. However are we living in a simulation? Have you ever had a narrow escape? Looked at the last moment to see a car or truck and managed to get away just in time? You have not died, you are still alive. Ask yourself why. It could be you are a key player.

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I've seen many things.  I once say all the atoms in the universe.  Once I was on a train and made a barn disappear with my thought.

What's it all about?  Er ... well a mixture of intuition, will, subconscious energies ... all sorts of things.

The matrix is the subconscious world which is a world of patterns shapes and habits and so on.

People live in it because they are not Conscious and until you are Conscious there is no escape.

Conscious means that you exist directly from the Source.

Subconscious creatures do not, they live from the matrix of subconscious patterns because their intelligence is not high enough to be 'powered' directly from the Source ... spirituality that is known as surrender to God or "yoga" =union with God.

God means several things, practically speaking it means Consciousness and merging with it, it also means the origin where we come from, and also the meaning or prime symbol the original spirit of the universe.

Humans are an unfortunate creature because he has a touch of consciousness so he can see things ... but he is still fully trapped in the matrix because 99% of him is subconscious.  We are a creature that has just left the subconscious realm but only a small part is conscious.

This puts us in  a very painful and unfortunate situation as people can see freedom but can't cross.

You can fight with the subconsicous as much as you like but that doesn't really make you conscious.

Also making a long list of things you saw doesn't make you conscious either.

The clock is ticking for everyone, if you want to get out you will have to do the work.

Perhaps you imagine that you can just click your fingers and get out ... okay, just try it then, and try hard.  If it doesn't work you'll have to do the work or stay here forever.



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I don't know if this is the same sort of phenomenon, but one night in the early 1990s I had a sort of waking dream/day dream. In it I saw a bird pecking at the grass outside my window with a  circle of sunlight round it. 


The next morning I was  standing by my sink brushing my teeth and I happened to glance out the window and there was the bird, pecking at the grass with the circle of sunlight around him! 

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On 9/5/2020 at 9:47 PM, rideforever said:

I've seen many things.  I once say all the atoms in the universe.  Once I was on a train and made a barn disappear with my thought.

What's it all about?  Er ... well a mixture of intuition, will, subconscious energies ... all sorts of things.


Wow! That reminded me of "The spoon doesn't exist" part in The Matrix!

Amazing you did that.


I seen a car driving the opposite way to me and it literally disappeared. That was pretty odd! 

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