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Where Are The Outsiders?


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Is there anyone on this forum who doesn’t know the score?  Anyone on here who doesn’t have the answers to all life and the universe?  


Anyone who has been a derelict most of their life and still trying to make their way?  


Who has been kicked around a lot and kicked others yet still likes people and actual human contact, not just presentations and YouTube videos? 


Is everyone on here on a celestial mission to save the entire earth or what? 


Is it all true, all false, or maybe partially true but you really aren’t totally sure? 


If it’s just me then this will be my bored waiting for the kid to fall asleep thread haha!  

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Whatever you do don’t conform!!!!  Conformity is death.  Try something new like EDM, or molly.  


Don’t listen to people in history who did great things.  Old people suck.  They don’t know anything anyway.  Watch a YouTube video instead.  They know the score.  Plus reading is hard.  Takes too long.  


Oh shit I just figured it all out!  I was watching this YouTube video and then another one and it’s all about gravel massage.  Just take some asphalt gravel and rub it all over your skin it’s a muscle relaxant and brings awareness. 


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Masks and carrying others’ burdens


Maybe the person you despise behind the mask doesn’t despise you.  


Maybe they’re not as smart as you, maybe they’re totally brainwashed by the cabal, but they have an immunocompromised child at home.  Maybe that old Karen’s husband is on chemotherapy and she is mad that you can’t see that.  And you can’t see that because all you see is someone who is not as smart as you, a sheep, a follower.  


Not saying it’s right.  Not saying you need to compromise your own breathing to make her or him feel better.  No they don’t have the right to take that from you no matter what the circumstances of their lives are.  


Just everyone is carrying something you can’t see.  

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Oh dear there’s all this confusion about church and stuff.  So I went to investigate! 

The number one thing that my neighborhood church teaches is to love God passionately and love each other intentionally.  Is that Jesus’ command?
To love one another? 

Yes I know that word “love” is thrown around quite a bit.  That sounded kind of weird to someone like me who isn’t so sure what that means.  So luckily they spelled it out for me.  

John 15:13

“This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  You are My friends if you do what I command you.…”


But how is this accomplished?  By going online and telling everyone to love one another?  That should do it! 


By taking care of real people’s needs in your immediate physical area.  And the great thing about churches is they have countless ways for you to do this  without having to worry and confuse yourself about it.  

(Cause you know we intellectuals like to overcomplicate things.)


You go to church and sign up for charity work that is needed right now by real people in your area and do it!  Not only is this fulfilling Jesus’ command, but it’s logical as well.  It is very likely that they have something for you to do that fits your area of expertise too.  

It’s easier than replanning and establishing an entire society. 


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In the US there is a show called Dateline.  It’s a true crime show.  There are many like it.  It always bothered me because they use real people’s murders as entertainment.  


Then they’d sometimes have cold cases where this super detective would reopen the case and visit the family of the victim and make promises to “find the truth” but they never did.  


So the family was basically used and re-traumatized for a cheap plot line for Dateline, so Hershey’s eating grannies could get their kicks late at night after the Hallmark Mysteries were over. 


If a family member of mine had been ripped away from me in such a horrific way the last thing I would want is for their death to be late night TV fodder.


Can’t help but draw parallels to the whole pedogate thing.  There seems to be an unhealthy obsession with it in a large population. 


There is some measure of sleuthing involved, and of course uncovering famous names behind the conspiracy, but has it morphed into a sort of perverse form of entertainment?


It seems the more interest in it the more YouTube videos are churned out to meet demand.  And everyone, even people like me who do not wish to keep up with the latest end up hearing about it in conversations anyway.  


We don’t have access to these elites or the agencies who have real ability to take action.  At what point do we ask what personally can we do about the situation? 

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Real Realities of the Real World




“2.9 Flowing by its own energy, established even in the wise and in the foolish, is the unending desire for life.”


When life is held hostage, negotiated, and compromised:


When the “vaccine” comes out it is likely some employers will coerce workers to take it.  Don’t take it and you and your family lose their house, can’t eat.  Take it and you may suffer health consequences and shorten your life.  

Either one is life compromised.  Is it worth living this way?


If the CDC comes a knocking at the door wanting to poison your child there are two possibilities:  

1 refuse and CPS could take him away 

2 submit and we all play Russian Roulette with the child’s life. 


Either way the child is no longer yours.  His/her life would be owned by someone else.  Is this a life worth living? 


The National Guard comes a knocking wishing to quarantine an elderly grandmother in a camp.  Does she submit and be taken or put up a fight?  


Is a life compromised a life nonetheless? 


The answer depends on who you are. 


Are you a survivalist, willing to go to any lengths to keep living?


Do you have a purpose?  To help others no matter what the circumstances? 


Do you believe in “give me liberty or give me death?”


All answers are correct.  And you probably won’t find out which you are until you are tested in real reality. 


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