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"The Answer"

Hegel Schmegel

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8 hours ago, Heavenman said:

There are no “days”.


There is only NOW.


Yes I know. The One Light books go into great detail about being in the moment (NOW) but I was talking more from a practical a "day-to-day" perspective. I am also sensing some defensiveness in that comment above.

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4 hours ago, truthgiverandseeker said:


Yes I know. The One Light books go into great detail about being in the moment (NOW) but I was talking more from a practical a "day-to-day" perspective. I am also sensing some defensiveness in that comment above.

I was simply paraphrasing a bit about what I took from ‘The Answer’ truthgiverandseeker. Perhaps I should’ve added a little halo smiley 😇 or something. 

I’m not being defensive in anyway, merely sharing my understanding of what David has written in this great, imho, book.


Understanding what others have taken from it is what this thread is all about, no?.



As an aside, I’m now thinking about giving the One Light books a read, but I’d still love to read what yourself & others have garnered from ‘The Answer’. 








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In terms of answers I was thinking about the shrinking size of the human brain, 15% in 10,000 years.  This is quite worrying.   That is a long period of shrinking.

The skulls from 10,000 years ago (Cro Magnon man) were quite tough as well, tough life => intelligence.   Easy life => idiots.


The interesting thing is that what a society decides to do causes his body to change.   If a society becomes more intelligent then children become smarter when they are young, as they grow their skulls expand as their brains grow.

But if the society can't be assed to think ... when everything is free ... when everyone is "happi" ... then the kids grow up like fools, don't use their brain ... and it shrinks, and the skull shrinks.


Dogs for instance in the wild have much larger brains than the "pets" humans use.


So .. it's really up to each one of us if we want to decline and be part of a downward movement returning mankind into animals.  Or an upward movement towards angels.  Wise powerful creatures who earn their intelligence through hard work they give themselves.


On the internet ... it feels to me humans brains are shrinking, there is only 1 brain now .. this makes things even easier.  The whole humanity is like one person with a shared brain.  Then they can make even less effort.


I suppose it's always like this in nature.  So many creatures have only the thought to sit down - that's their only goal.

Few want to fly.


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On 9/24/2020 at 9:03 PM, rideforever said:

One thing I always found very strange about this book ... I love the title ... but if you look at the cover there are no Human Beings on it.

Instead is a Lion with a ... maybe it's an save the environment we are the earth face.

But it is not a Human Being.



I think it's a message of feel the power and get off your knees.


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  • 6 months later...

Just finished re-reading this book and I enjoyed it even more the second time around. Although it focuses mainly on what Mr. Icke refers to as the Cult and in particular its relation to the latest artificial crisis creation, it is all the additional info, insights, and comments contained in The Answer that I seemed to notice and appreciate more during this latest go-through.


Briefly, there is mention of the wall which Trump had intended to build while in office and how this was met with accusations of bigotry. The issue of mass immigration is also in passing discussed.


Certainly, there is a problem not just with illegal immigrants entering the U.S. but with crypto-invaders as well, a matter which has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with protecting Western freedoms, as open borders allow not only for the entry of commendable assimilationists but, disturbingly, also of covertly antidemocratic infiltrators, be they political plotters or misogynistic, homophobic, medieval-minded theocrats.


In regards to the whole Bleeping-19 affair, the majority of Earthlings are of the opinion that this is real and not just some bugbear. Assuming for a moment this is so, this too can be said to make a strong case for closed borders and national isolationism. After all, according to this official version of events, this is a global concern brought on by, in large part, a worldwide problem -- involving international travelers, jet setters, and globetrotters. Yet, in a world of peaceable nation-states and restricted travel, pandemics would not be an issue.


Incidentally, an argument could be made that it is the high-minded and cosmopolitan-at-heart isolationist nation-state which not only keeps the NWO at bay but preserves the beautiful varieties of people on the planet and their cultural traditions from being homogenized and dissolved into melting pots.


One of the better books I've read on the numerous flaws of multiculturalism (an admirable ideal but one with real, practical problems) is Delectable Lie by Salim Mansur.


The Answer is spot-on on so many things, from celebrity virtue-signaling to the problem of grooming gangs in Britain, an epidemic which has gone largely unreported in the MSM on account of the perps being visible minorities. (An excellent book which goes into detail on the subject is Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin.)


Mr. Icke writes of the mayor of Londonistan, er, London, being Muslim and of Catholic popes being servants of the Cult. (One of the more highly influential players on the world stage that I've yet to hear Mr. Icke talk very much about are the Jesuits. The late Malachi Martin was perhaps the leading authority on this shady secret order.)


In The Answer, one reads of transactivists run amok, of gender-bending drugs, and of drag queens who read to schoolchildren, subject matter that's enough to make lapsed Christians take up the cross again. Author Thomas Horn in his book Shadowland, writes of some drag queens being associated with Satanism, who visit libraries and schools around the United States in order to be with kids.


Sabbatian-Frankism. This was a new term to me. It sounds like it could be the name of some strange and fanatical cult against the eating of frankfurters on the sabbath. Little did I know until reading The Answer that, according to Icke, not only are the Saudi royal family fake but are Sabbatian-Frankists. (Please expound!) As an aside, many feel the Saudis were linked to what happened on 9/11, and the late Philip Marshall certainly made a strong case for this theory in his highly important book, The Big Bamboozle. (No, the mastermind was not some primitive caveman.)


Smart TVs. They're mentioned two or three times in The Answer as being the equivalent of Big Brother telescreens, yet the author provides no reference sources for this claim and I'm wondering what makes him so confident these are spy devices. I brought up the theory to a man who makes his living repairing these components and he laughed it off. Was he playing dumb?


Finally, I liked what Mr. Icke wrote about in regards to those oh so noble folks who are judgmental of others for their being judgmental. In reality, all of us make judgments, good and bad, right or wrong, and such is a part of free speech and expression. The woke crowd see it as something negative yet are some of the most judgmental people of all. Without the freedom to cast judgment one cannot condemn perceived wrongs and wickedness and as such Christ would have been up the creek. What is expressing views in support of critical race theory, or pointing out supposed instances of microaggressions and cultural appropriation but perfect examples of being judgmental?

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I am reading his book now.  Love every word, even the things I don't agree with.  But agreement isn't the point.  Listening to great intellectual thinkers is such a valuable and precious tool for gaining insight into other world view perspectives.  


If you are a diehard fan of State Controlled Media this book isn't for you.  But if you are sick and tired of State Controlled Propaganda this book is a must have.  



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