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Electric Universe - A New Paradigm


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16 hours ago, Arnie said:

Putting these pieces together leads to a fascinating scenario involving a magmatic chamber beneath the Gale Crater billions of years ago. This chamber, the team surmised, would have sat under the lake for some time, more than is usual.

During this time, cooling would result in a process called fractional crystallization, removing and segregating minerals to produce an excess of silica.

When the chamber eventually erupted, it did so in a huge explosion that spewed ash containing the silica – now in the form of tridymite – into the air to rain back down into the lake in the Gale Crater and its surrounding tributaries.

this is fantastically convoluted, "fascinating"? i think its downright incredible

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  • 3 months later...

If your modelling of the Universe does not include Magnetism and its effects you have not got a true drescription. Partial description at best but the model will always fail..

If you exclude anything that is currently present to what we know to be real Such as Mass and Energy(Potential and Kinetic Energy, Thermal energy,  Electric energy, Electromagnetic Energy, Electrochemical Energy, Electrostatic energy, Chemical energy, Sound energy, Light/Radiant energy, Gravitational energy, Nuclear energy, Elastic energy and Surface energy). Each of these Energy exist but may not be present in a vaccum of deep space but all convert to the next energy state. As in If I have a large boulder on top of a rocky hillside. It has Mass and Potential energy... If i push it and start it rolling down the slope it builds up kinetic energy as it increase speed and dispate some enrgy is sound it creates and during the surface energy interaction (Friction) but the fatser it rolls the more kinetic energy it generates incraseing sound production and surface tension it rolls on with the biggest boom if there is a sudden stop at the bottom. In th vaccum of space a spinning rock makes no sound as there is no medium for sound waves to vibrate thruas no surface tension interaction but kinetic energy is still present as In my former boulder would be called an asteroid and if i brought it into the Gravitational pull of a planet. you get all the same princples aplied to the rolling rock but the surface tension is the planets atmosphere.


Any ways you get the picture. all the energies must be modelled to be true. So exclution of anything leaves potential for inaccuracies. Science fails cause all they do is a description by half measures, so that it looks almost right to give close enougth predictions.  Like drawing a Computer Generated image with real texture but forget to add shadow because it does not interact with anything and you could not draw it, It looks real but the human eye say not real as it sees the mistake of no shadow.



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