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Electric Universe - A New Paradigm

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On 11/2/2020 at 3:36 AM, Traveller said:

Potentially, pretty much everything we learnt in geography, earth history and cosmology is incorrect. It covers so many topics that it disproves many at the same time. One easy way to describe it is in crater formation. Craters are generally thought to be impact created by meteorites yet 90% of them appear to have been hit directly from above vectoring directly to the centre of the planet or moon. Clearly, this impossible as most impacts would be at an angle to the vertical. So what causes craters? They can and have been accurately reproduced in labs using electrical discharge arcing so the notion is that they are created by gigantic interplanetary lightning bolts occuring during a time of inter planetary upheaval - Clash of the Titans. Craters can be hexagonal, have bullseye craters smack in the middle, smaller craters placed around the perimeter of larger craters, craters in a straight line etc.


Going back to the Clash of the Titans, Medusa is seen as the Planet Venus in her "Terrible Aspect" moving across the sky as a large comet and, at one point, interacting with the Earth to cause massive planetary scarring via interplanetary lightning bolts. The valleys and the mountains being thus created instantaneously. The scene in Clash of the Titans whereby if you look in her face, you're turned to stone. Even in native American Lore, it's stated that after coming back above ground, animals had been turned to stone.


Emmanuel Velikovsky ignited much interest in the topic with his Best Seller "Worlds in Collision". He has some excellent vids on Youtube.


One of the best watches, is "Symbols of an Alien Sky"



I have read the Saturn Myth and seen this doco before , what ever conclusions you wish to draw from them the evidence in my opinion  is rather compelling

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1 minute ago, Wayfaring Stranger said:

I tend to go with the theory that says the expansion

except the expanding universe theory has been falsified many times, there is no evidence for an expanding universe, read some Halton Arp before posting any nonsense about redshift

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6 minutes ago, Wayfaring Stranger said:

is because the universe is a ball of mass


May I ask what you consider is outside of this ball of mass?


1 minute ago, killing raven sun said:



Is it correct that that word means single verse? Thus there are more verses?

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1 minute ago, Odie Hatzcats said:

Is it correct that that word means single verse? Thus there are more verses?

a leap without a chasm


it means there is only one verse, no wiggle room, it takes forever to understand this singular creation, then you can worry about "the other"

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A black hole, where the universe is spread so thin matter cannot form anything big enough to emit light (heat in this comment)  The speed is past the regathering so it need to meed matter coming from the direction they are headed as in a multi verse pattern. Two large bodies collide an you have a big bang. Or take NASA's version where all matter that exists today was created from 'nothing'. . . . cough.

The musical version:


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I got a load of shit on facebook from a Howard Lipman who was the admin for the thunderbolts page .. i was bringing up Heisenberg's pixelated spacetime theory in relation to something and he kept harrasing me saying I had mental problems and I believed in Scientism .. all the men on there that obviously spent hours and hours a day finding stuff and posting seemed very dogmatic almost in a flat earthers kind of way..😂  It put me off for a while but there's lots of stuff from The Electric Universe theory that resonates and contributes to understanding just wtf is going on .. As I am convinced we find ourselves in a virtual reality there are  explanation s within the E U T  that help me understand it more .

I liked the video on time and the basic concept that time is a side effect or by product of the first four dimensions is explained very similarly elsewhere which compounds it's truth ..

So in my humble opinion it's one way of looking at it but not as Howard Lipman thinks the only way.

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The Universes four gross elements are created out of the Spirit or Aether. The Aether is spiritual energy, radiation, electricity, magnetism etc. The idea of arranging the Pentagram upside down as in the Satanic/Femenine wisdom is to represent the gross elements of the physical world and the human body as being above the spiritual forces, thus degrading God and spirit under man and the physical realm of elements. The universe is etheric and yes electric in nature.

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