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Nothing new or revelatory here, I just like to look at the Guardian to keep an eye on what they are preaching to the liberal elite in the UK. The MSM is how most people access their 'news' and the Guardian is a peach when it comes to  bullshit , so I like to see what they are slowly dripping into the minds of their readership.


Article in the Guardian today! .clearly saying "many of the 57,000 people who have died FROM Coronavirus in the UK will have been grandparents"


...Hang on...57,000!?!


It's a bloody free for all with everything about this virus. The symptoms.. there isn't a symptom that can't be Covid anymore. The science... masks were 'useless' in the depth of the 'pandemic' and now they magically protect us? 


This is all nothing less than the obliteration of objective fact, spreading subtly and slowly in the MSM and into the subconscious of the great unwashed until the truth is a distant, vague, nebulous spectre in the general publics mind. If normies can't see that all these subtle errors and contradictions are intentional and at least feel that something doesn't add up.....





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