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Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I?


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Copied and edited from a comment for anyone interested...


 "Have you watched Enter the Void?


The full movie is here for now on YT if you can ignore the subtitles.


It's definitely not for everyone, many people will either not understand it nor want to but, it's very insightful and based on something real of consciousness, life after death, or the transformation of consciousness indefinitely, which is combined with psychedelic experiences and particularly based on the bardo state from The Tibetan Book of the Dead.



This is a movie about the cyclic nature of life and death if you're consumed by this material existence, you'll come back to it, the cycle of suffering grasping and clinging to a certain form reality.

Ultimately, it is a conditioned form of the mind.

You come back to that state of conditioning or can wake up from that conditioning by way of analysis, awareness and opening of your mind to possibilities beyond the limitation your mind has been imprisoned within, so your mind can be controlled, without you even seeing that initial state of conditioning as control, but believing it to be of your own mind and just the way thing's are.

You must first identify a state of conditioned reality has taken place.

Just as if a simple subconscious thought had been planted within your mind, what if, the whole web of your mind, your facilities of decision making had all been initially wired via trigger events and imposition?

You wouldn't know unless your dropped the ego mind.


"Energy flows where attention goes."



This reality is paraded over by demonic entities feeding off the energy of this reality, particularly, low vibrational energy, fear, anxiety, stress and suffering.
This has to be identified on a personal level by the individual, no amount of information from any source or individual is enough for a person to understand this, only potential lead.

Like any experience, it can never be truly fully assimilated. It always leaves something out, the very nature of assimilation is to systematise that which won't be systematised, to say, this is it.

Only, what was "it", no longer exists within the system that is created, specifically to deliver that insight, that information to someone else.



To leave this cyclic reality state of induced suffering, you'll go through what many would describe as a hell realm or have to pass demonic entities, as was referenced within many different groups and cultures around the world, while the west have presented this as you go there, you're going to hell or, you be good and follow the system of thing's, you're going to heaven - You follow the system and you're likely to be coming back here over and over again and so on, repeatedly, until you wake up to the trap, the game that exists this way to keep you indefinitely cycled energy to trawl upon.


The surface fantasia of the hell realm, the bad copy, the artificial induced state of consciousness, which has manipulated, or hijacked a true form of consciousness to create a conditioned repeative reality we believe to be real, "The Matrix".


Lifeforce 1985


Do you see it?

The Moon - what is referenced is actually about, the moon...

The Prism Reality - The Hologram 



It would be symbolically, as if you confuse the map with the territory, the menu with the food, the geometry with the source of the ground of being which is measured.
Like confusing the symbol with the reality, the label with that which has been labelled, so you don't see anything else beyond that label consciousness.



That's how the illusion of the system is rigged and to keep as many people as possible in ignorance of anything beyond the impermanent material, physical world, which is full of our ideas but that are ultimately all empty and devoid of substance beyond the fantasia of our ideas - beyond the substance we give the illusion.

The Trap - The Mask - The Ego - The Mutually Exclusive "I"



The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, only they haven't realised this a rabbit hole yet, they think it's real, they think it's permanent. 
They don't know how they have fallen."


Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 



I'd like to point out I am by no means religious or follow any particular group or institution.

This is just me sharing my views I believe to be the most accurate for people to understand the state of existence I believe we are experiencing, which I feel to have credibility which needs attention from more people, which maybe able to help others identify certain unseen realities that can form a direction of research and personal insight.




These same "intermediary" beings, are those which the Globalist Death Cult Worship as "God's", while in reality, they're in fact a necessary parasite for this realm of existence to exist as it does now.




"You can't fight an enemy you don't see"


But, this is not your enemy, it's your reasoning to identify the need for liberation beyond this fantasia of their control system and manipulation by not becoming conditioned by their barriers and ladders of attainment.


Tongue in cheek - Do you notice emphasis on something?



Or the alternative, to worship the beast, advertently or inadvertently.




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LSD - But, this goes for many different Psychedelics...



"It can't be spoken about, can it 😁
It tells you that actually, nothing can be spoken about and anything that is, is a complete lie and deception.
In this reality, it just has to be.
As really, this reality has just as much lucidity, we just believe it to be more real because we've been conditioned to a certain sense of reality like some maybe conditioned to a drug.
They just don't see that the nature of clinging to a certain reality, is born out of a cultivation for comfort, security and is no more, no less a drug, than an actual "drug".

Everyone chasing money, status, ego, possessions as are actually Chasing the Dragon and their minds have become possessed by a systematic train of thought, which is repeated steadfast ad nauseam.
It's the norm, it's the conditioning.
It's the true virus!"


^ Here it is again 😆

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2 hours ago, OFgreatKNOWledge said:

"I" am there as described. Which doesnt exist (me)



The mirrors of our minds, say "I" and we are constantly paving the way towards the creation of our own demise until we realise this. This perpetuates the cycle we are within, the "Phantom Self".


Which is real and which is an inversion, a copy an imitation we may otherwise believe to be real?



The Battle of Evermore.

"Destory the image and you will break the enemy"

You will awaken to the reality, the shadows of your own mind, your own creation.

Symbolically, destorying the image and illusions of your mind, the mirrors are a visual interpretation of that as are the two videos above, symbolically a visual interpretation of "the real" and the bad copy, some people believe to be real.

That's what creates the problem...




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Another example Entering the Void Horn...


Full movie here perhaps consider trying an ad blocker first, the movie does play eventually if you keep clearing the ads, or movie play box app on android, you'd only need to hear the introduction to hear this sound yet again...


While the movie is focusing on NDE - Near Death Experiences accompanying a Spiritual Awakening alongside the counterpart of being possessed I guess, a parasite upon consciousness. Similar to the Thirteenth Floor.




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The Loophole is they have to inform you, even in subtitle ways about what they're doing or trying to achieve. They groom and indoctrinate people into making it happening, by making people desire such a state of affairs that wouldn't be able to be achieved if we witnessed this Loophole, this bamboozlment and woke up to the Great Deception of this Mind Parasite, which has made people accept a certain reality that they believe, such is simply just how the world is, that's the way things are. That's what has driven a phoney sense of identity and reality, thus far. It ironically has many people feeling empty and of low self worth to the point of committing suicide.


Rather, identity this emptiness as the nature of reality your mind is trying to wake you up to perceiving the nature of your own ideas you believed once held substance which they didn't live upto.

Destory the phoney ideas and reality you believed to be true not yourself.

This happens because of the confusion, the bamboozlment.

The misunderstanding between the symbolic and that which is symbolised.

Like confusing the map with the territory the menu with the food.

Ideas with reality.

Ideas are where the bamboozlment, the structure of the symbolic system placed over reality is born out of.

It's an attempt to assimilate reality and when it does, it is always indefinitely a bad copy, because it always leaves something out.

To perceive that, you must look past ideas and label consciousness.

The constant chatter within the skull, restless and always striving to be master over mind and body mind, to make or break, must be silenced and understood why it's important this must take place in the first instance.

Otherwise, you'll be inevitable guided by this indefinitely, unless like so many other people you find yourself within a state of despair and crisis point. You'll then perhaps seek this out and not understand the significance until such an incident occurs, usually bringing about an awakening or you'll feel you're going insane and likely to commit suicide out of the confusion.

Like a Trip...



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That look you make after some great deception. Or anal sex - according to Sigmund Freud 👀


I reckon this is a cover to try and explain and overlook the fact some form of genetic engineering has taken place.

How can it be explained that all of a sudden humans lost so much hair all over their body and had to start wearing clothes? 🤔

That's like a step backwards.

If we evolved passed the need for so much hair, we wouldn't need to wear clothes and thus should still have the hair or not need the clothes because we had evolved passed the need for it.


But, it's like because of this genetic tinkering a part of us is devoid from nature because a part of us is artificial, while apart of us is from nature. This genetic engineering can be seen to have taken place in ancient history from Egypt to Sumeria. Yet, no one seems to identify with it beyond myth apart from the occult groups and secret societys etc


Don't tell Bill Gates! 
RNA-DNA Manipulation?

The Elites Age of the Great Work...


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1 hour ago, Eliot said:

I know our identities have been mind destroyed,  but what is our identity in your opinion? 


Our identity via the flesh is fleeting and limited. 

It's designed to be a limited trap via the cultivation of ego until eventually you die and so, what was that all about?

By that time, if we go with it, we don't realise or see that this is an illusion...


Our true identity can only be experienced individually by choosing to see past this limitation, this illusion. This revolution is a revolution of perception, an Involution - Internal.

The Awakening.


This is the closest I've come to assimilating it so far, but don't confuse this with any absolutes, this is only supposed to trigger something, you either see and feel it or you don't...


Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 


It starts with synchronicity


Our true identity can't really be spoken only potentially perceived.

Language is an attempt to assimilate something, like you could argue our ego is attempt to assimilate us, but it does a poor job as it always inevitably leaves something out and so, we confuse labels and language with what we are trying to symbolise.

That's where the confusion is.

Like confusing the menu with the food.


It's in this sense religion is defunct in many ways when we perceive it incorrectly or it is used against us as a control system.

True religion is an attempt to assimilate spiritual revelation into a system in which others can potentially understand something significant that can't always be put into logical terms, but are supposed to show patterns or trigger a revelation in perspective so you see something differently than you did previously and lead you to the door of that spiritual essence.

As religion inevitably leaves out the essence of spirituality by it's very conversion to religion.

Just as our ego leaves out the true essence of ourselves.

Religion is a system of thought.

Thats like trying to turn spontaneity into a rigid structure.

It should only be a guide to the spiritual revelation, yet, instead it has been designed to keep people going around within circles and never achieving that insight because our power has been taken away from us, to be trawled as energy. This is our true purpose to the system if we are trapped by our egos pedestalising a system of thought in our minds chasing the illusion fleeting nature we strive to get ahold of, without realising we can't get ahold of it, that's the trap, the scam, the bamboozlment.


Our energy is being misdirected instead of our energy being directed by ourselves.

This is because we have devalued intentionality and have become very close to automatons.

We need to understand the nature of this trap and why and how we should wake up to it, to even start to perceive our true nature.

Start by acknowledging the illusion 👌

To confront the image you mistaken, that will send you on the internal search for understanding.


Our illusive reality, confusing people between what's what, is just like this hall of mirrors, for our minds.


How do you inform someone how to recover their senses?

You need to recover them for yourself.

Then you can see what is you and what is an illusion, a projection, of the mind.

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1 hour ago, Eliot said:

Thank you for your answer 


No Problem 😇



One is Order the other Chaos.

Or, ones your friend, the other your enemy.


These are extreme illusions, we need something between them, but, the control system never allows any middle ground.

It will give their game away.

Their control will be lost 👌

As for them, extremes of Order and Chaos how they see it, are mutually necessary for their illusion of control to continue to exist. That's why we ought to see through that illusion. Otherwise, our persona will become the expression of a barcode, a number, or else sure starvation.

But if people identify with self differently and seek to understand for themselves and on their own terms, I'm sure this couldn't happen. It only can happen because so many are indoctrinated to maintain the same or similar beliefs and fear what other's who have been through the same process will think of them if they express themselves differently to the crowd. The "Normal". That should have well and truly gone out the window of people's minds by now but still, it hasn't for some people.

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