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The Path Towards Transhumanism Masks - SMART Masks?

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Persons  are masks

Society comprises of persons

Personaes is derived from the greek word for mask

The world, the symbolic , requires the death of people by the literal manifestation of mask


Work isnt enough influence in our lives

The world seeks to devour the private


The mask is representing people abandoning themself for the world. 

Full disclosure has occurred, the contract is sealed by way of wearing the mask

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You can also have the neuralink chip upgrade from Elon Musk:


Lets you control a computer with your brain......or was it the other way round?




Here is a link to the Japanese smart mask, which performs translation (today)...in the future it might be able to listen to what you say and then edit (censor it) in accordance with NWO orthodoxy!



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15 hours ago, zArk said:


The mask is representing people abandoning themself for the world. 


I think that's very true.

Another example of that is the protest movements, the NGO, the global conspiracies .... people no longer feel themselves to be individuals, they are part of one river of sludge or another.  But they are all the same.  It is the loss of an indiependent trajectory born out of this world.

A loss of the sense of the Reality of the world and your own self-actualization.  Everything is a conspiracy trying to get you.  Rather than this world I make.

Diversity and Choice are two words that are popular simply because they are dying.  Real diversity and choice is dying due to the monoculture world.

And with so many people on the planet, and the internet and phone technologies, you are continuously bombarded with the idiotic output of the insect world which leaves you no time to develop yourself.

Previously you would have long hours and winter evenings to reflect on life and make choices.  Plus with the guild / apprentice type of world that existed in blue collar white collar and aristocracy ... knowledge was passed down privately in groups, like the master and apprentice.  They hidden 'lineages' kept within society vast knowledge.

Bright lights and big cities convince people to make unwise choices, selling their souls for plastic.

Eventually people become very unhappy and wish to destroy their face or the face of others, or other people's children taking revenge through the 'education system' and forcing upon the children of others you darkest fantasies ... it is revenge pure and simple ... for something that didn't happen.

The misery of turning people against their nature allows the leakage of large amounts of human soul energy that is fed off by the dark world.

If you understand these things then the thing to do is very clear.


Knowledge requires effort, learning is not just repeating words or emotional words on the internet.  The internet has brought to a halt the development of people's minds and they are unravelling.

Knowledge requires privacy.

In the internet world anything that is developed new is instantly copied by people who see it ... who encourage you to "share" ... and once you share it is copied and copied badly until there are so many copies and so much crap that its impossible to find the original.

It is a world of parasites stealing from each other.  Youtube works just like a bank, other people provide all the work, they produce the content and these days subscribers paid for the content so youtube doesn't even have to pay the providers ... clever eh ... and then youtube takes a cut.  Like any casino or bank.   Corporations are the same, they are designed for owners to make money with no effort and no risk.  It is a world of parasites who do not wish to use their hands to make a living.

The media is the same they turn everyone against everyone, lie about everything, and take a cut.

What a disastrous scene.


Nonduality, the electric universe and we are consciousness ... these ideas are all reflections of people losing their reality and disappearing into the background.



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I live in the wilderness and do not work except for myself and my wife. Kids arent happening here as they are the life choice that divides consciousness. No way back from that one and if u have kids u will repeat this existence as u wanted to..! The quest for immortality fs oneself and traps them on this plane.

Find a good soulmate and live in the woods like we do. My wife still works from home for a big corporation but we are working to be off grid and with no dividing consciousness we will get there.

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On 8/29/2020 at 8:32 AM, OFgreatKNOWledge said:

I live in the wilderness and do not work except for myself and my wife. Kids arent happening here as they are the life choice that divides consciousness. No way back from that one and if u have kids u will repeat this existence as u wanted to..! The quest for immortality fs oneself and traps them on this plane.

Find a good soulmate and live in the woods like we do. My wife still works from home for a big corporation but we are working to be off grid and with no dividing consciousness we will get there.

This is just fascinating, kids dividing consciousness and all.  Care to expound?  I’m confused. 

So is the goal of consciousness to become one?  Cause if that’s the case I can’t do it I don’t like cramped spaces.  

Is everything consciousness like trees too?  If so, we’re gonna have a huge problem on our hands come fall. 

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If "you" divide ur conscious by seeking immortality i.e having children , "you" cannot undo that."you" will be trapped until "you" allow a full cycle of life death to be fulfilled by spiritual guidance that "one" will know as it occurs in the now

Consciousness is one all is one ..alone (ALLone) is where one finds that "they" are all and cease the need for resistance, attachment

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  • 7 months later...

Similar to the theme of the video now removed from YT Link Above in OP



Yes you did just read that and yes, this is real đŸ„±

SMART Mask đŸ˜· as described earlier, now fronted by a Black Eyed Peanut! - Mockery of the Black Eyed Evil MFs roaming this earth!

Never let a good crisis go to waste, make some cash and exploit everyone!

 X - X


Notice the X

Rapper will.i.am is selling a smart mask for $299

Rapper will.i.am wants to make face masks a high-end, high-tech statement.

The Black Eyed Peas member announced this week he is teaming up with Honeywell to launch XUPERMASK, a $299 mask with a ton of bells and whistles.

In addition to dual three-speed fans and HEPA filters, a type of mechanical air filter, it features Bluetooth connectivity, LED day glow lights, noise canceling audio and microphone capabilities, seven hours of battery life and a magnetic earbud docking system. It also comes with adjustable straps.


will.i.am Debuts Innovative Face Technology Concept, XUPERMASK, in Partnership with Honeywell



Foreshadowing mask, faceless/dehumanised tech state of Transhumanism

 Basically shown as an extension to tech and as part of a “mental condition” - Watchdogs 2, Wrench

X Marks the spot, dehumanising, removal of the soul, death ☠ symbol - Cartoon X over eyes = dead 💀 X - X 

X - The symbolism of transformation 

Transforming mankind into a new creature like “X-Men” mutation, mutation via medical technocracy, vaccine medical tyranny to Transhumanism.

X = 6


Transgender to Transhumanism - Same Objective


I suppose Will I Am if challenged can always get on the BLM soapbox, I guess that’s the only reason anyone would  be against this type of thing or him fronting this Transhumanism bollocks! 🙄

Nah, I don’t think so🖕🏿 

666 - X X X


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Do everything you used to do, only now in a “SMART” Mask.

For those that don’t follow đŸ„± Wow that cracked me up. Really? Are you sure about that?

So those who don’t follow are going to just come along of their own accord, their own free will, government imposition or no government imposition and buy this absolute crock of shit fronted by another celeb exploiting a loop hole on behalf of some scummy low life corporate maters of that I’m sure?

No actually. Only dead head, follow the leader retards with no brains of their own are going to follow like sheep and buy the new fashion accessory, as “Well, I was going to purchase earphones anyway and so, now I need a mask so why not buy these?” đŸ€€Â Be the new kid on the block.
It won’t be long until other celebrities are fronting this type of crap or using the same tech we see here.

This is low and obviously about transformation of this “crisis” towards Transhumanism as stated in the title of this O.P.

It even shows you the advert in a technological smog, a distorted type energy effect, frequencies, with big satellites 📡 in the background đŸ˜”





That face you make when you can’t believe how low you’ve sank and what absolute shite you’re shovelling!

For when YT Delete it...


Comment Section 


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23 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Well yeah of course and it’s coming to the rest of the world. It’s what allows society to adapt to cultural norms of living within a technocracy. A state totally controlled by technology. While these getups can be applied to work better with tracking surveillance and ID and so on, putting tech in absolutely any and everything. Eventually, normalising technologies from wearables to edibles and of course, injectables. It couldn’t be any more obvious and this is why society is being psychologically conditioned, “NUDGED” into editing/changing the cultures of our society from technological, COVID, cancel culture or the changes inspired from BLM to Terrorism which seek to justify these preconceived ideals and goals!

While, these scum fucks pretend nothing of the sort was predestined, they act ignorant or that people speaking out are just haters, racist and antisemitic. Those old chestnuts 🌰!

This is totally about the technocracy surveillance state while using cultural and psychological to achieve these desired changes. Only desired because of a desire for that surveillance state technocracy!

Nothing to do with health or anything else but to do with control via technology. That’s it that underlines everything here, ultimately seeking to change/transform the human condition as we know it, further pushing and eradicating social/cultural norms.



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11 minutes ago, DannyUK said:

While, these scum fucks pretend nothing of the sort was predestined, they act ignorant or that people speaking out are just haters, racist and antisemitic. Those old chestnuts 🌰!


So true.


There was a whistleblower years ago that talked about certain families that have a stake in the future of the earth, one name that was mentioned was the Honeywell CEO, the folks partnering with Will.I.Am for those high tech masks. So typical.


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14 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


Said aesthetic won't transfer to the UK/US as out teenagers/young adults are morbidly obese after more than a year of lockdown and eating junk food.

It will if you sell such a health crisis and have a method of how technology can help out in that department. Not that I know anything but don’t doubt they’ll use all such psychological means of ensuring acceptance of the new Transhumanism era. We talking about injectables and consumables, where you don’t have to do anything the technology does it. Nanotechnology etc

Even many of those who do know what we are talking about will be reached by such means into accepting Transhumanism...

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1 hour ago, Mr Chinnery said:

I actually wonder if they are priming us for something else - such as 'fallout'


I wear filtration masks for work such as dealing with plaster dust.


HEPA is for particles not viruses.

Yes I’ve been wondering the same but on the fence, speculation etc


Don’t know her for Adam to cast judgment.
But, with this symbolism and the type of masks with the đŸ˜”symbolism of transformation, death and the death of Prince Philip and how he wants to reincarnate as a virus to help with “overpopulation”...

Many people won’t get or understand that something like that could easily be scripted as could his death ☠ at this particular time, as the globalist agenda desires to carry this out themselves as a form of psychological stunt. Not by accident or coincidence but by design. I know it was the first quote of his that came straight to my mind when I heard he died. I thought straight way, this couldn’t possibly mean they’re planning on intensifying this COVID BS with mutation and so on...?

It’s anything to depopulate and put fear into the masses for compliance for survival, which is easily done by crashing the economic system, trade and delivery of goods. It’s quite obvious to anyone what’s happening with any business other than mass conglomerate organisations who have actually earned through this crisis, are being setup for termination. So small organisations come under the thumb of those mass owned conglomerate organisations. People would have to comply to eat. The US acts as a symbol of the destruction of the old system within this regard, or simulating the fall of Babylon which will in turn destroy the EU system which is why they’ve symbolised themselves as they have, presenting the idea that some sort of other event alongside COVID and the perception of COVID getting out of hand and uncontrollable because of these other style of events, Terrorist or “accidental” into a Fire Sale type event.  Again, people will hear the collapse of the EU, think no way they wouldn’t do that. But this is orchestrated from the start and from the ashes of the Phoenix, the idea is they come back better and stronger “build back better” by way of a globalised EU typed system which people will be encouraged to get behind as if it’s even revolutionary. 
Where the globalists come from the shadows out into the open without anything said about the conspiracy theorists who have been suggesting this is the way things are all along and that we already have such a state of affairs in the shadows right now.

They’re just seeking to justify themselves.

Such an event is the blowing up of the Hoover dam for example as precursor warnings seem to suggest this is planned at some point whenever those behind it are ready to do so to reach a crisis/breaking point.


For sure at some point the Globalist agenda is some sort of nuclear attack even if simulated, in America to transform America as described in Agenda 21 - This is of course what the bastards behind it want to achieve. There doesn’t seem to be many other ways of justifying this, even if it’s just the idea of nuclear fallout, just like we have now with the idea of COVID...




The movie Oblivion is pretty apt for showing these concentrated zones of where you can and can’t go etc symbolically even but it’s largely as a means to depopulate - the “War” - and so all the population that is left in can be put into mega city structures - SMART Cities - Dredd - which is another aspect of this agenda.
As, why would you just go and volunteer for this and how/why would people accept the above?



You’ll also notice something?

The “X” again?


The mask thing as it stands now maybe foreshadowing such events by how they’re being delivered but it’s atm about creating a trend, a fashion which is depersonalisation of the individual designed to lead further down the rabbit hole of Transhumanism and not stop here. So culturally, technological intervention into the human body is concerned more acceptable and not met with as much hesitance if any. Psychological browbeating society while even still, there are some people within society that can’t even see of contemplate this is even happening. If so, it will be mostly because those are the ones that have accepted this with open arms and have been psychologically influenced into this state.

Time loop - Past, Present & Future - Trinity

Apart of me recently has been feeling there’s a reason we live in this simulated reality.

This was because the old world this reality is imitating was destroyed and then this simulated time loop was created or it could have been destroyed just by the nature of creating this reality. Who knows...

But people have forgotten about this, almost don’t want to remember so they can be happy here and remain within ignorance.

That as time passes here circumstances are scripted to reoccur and it’s only a matter of timing and they can’t be totally avoided, maybe some force behind this believes certain circumstances can be changed and that they’re not inevitable and that’s the big idea to bypass certain circumstances they don’t feel have to reoccur, or can’t understand why and how it is that they do occur no matter what.

That this is a game of some other form of intelligence we are caught up within cycles.

Those behind this in the know, are aware of these things reoccurring because of the nature of this simulation which they’re aware of and that’s one reason they know about these realities in advance and carry out their own various agendas around them to try and control the nature of these happenings and reoccurrences, but this is just speculation. I haven’t fully understood this yet, but I certainly have the feeling recently that even with efforts of many people caught up within whatever they’re caught up within, no matter how hard they try, certain outcomes are preordained but we’d rather pretend they’re not so we can be content in doing what we doing without it otherwise feeling worthless, what’s the point and so depressing. That a certain form of wishful thinking can blind us from such a perception, even if such is is undoubtedly the case. That we are basically living within our sensation of time in the past from the POV of this intelligence, moving through time here within this simulation, until we enter into certain events that some people already know have or are going to occurmand their game is to alter them or bypass them, create certain or differing outcomes/realities and we remain oblivious. Or we remain shocked when certain prophecies are fulfilled and can’t understand that if you did know the nature of this game and it is how I’m suggesting, you’d basically right down what the script is set to occur and another intelligence seeks to change or control the direction of these realities towards certain outcome. Something within this regard.
But I know this sounds like Sci-Fi 😆 as I say, I’m still working with my understanding.



Use Netherlands VPN, should work may not on UK IP

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Normalising SMART Masks and their path towards Transhumanism - Dehumanising, Transformation 
"Smart" masks now, that they are promoting to stop all the mask pollution.
So, if they can't suffocate people to death with masks, they're going to try radiating people to death with Smart masks, I guess. This is ALL part of their 5G Internet of Things plan. They're really going full speed ahead with all of their depopulation tactics. And sadly, the maskers will probably think this is a great idea too. - Jamie

RT - April 7, 2021 

‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users
The World Economic Forum is at it again. The globalist titans behind ‘the Great Reset’ are now promoting a “smart face mask” that tracks every breath its wearer takes. The masks received a frosty reception online.

Here’s the link you’ll here the pitch by Will Lange - Honeywell, within the first 3 minutes or so on how masks will be becoming a steadfast part of our society as a way of cultural norms “once it’s been adopted as trainers 👟 have, while people wear them whilst doing a whole host of activities not limited to training or sports and people consider such normal” the same is expected with masks, as it is basically within China and other Asia countries. You’ll hear Will.I.am expressing such sentiments within such videos of his promoting these masks. While this idea of his was given birth to 3 years ago, so 2 years before any pandemic crisis as this is really about psychologically reframing society and Will.I.am is quite obviously a front man asset, being used by those behind such psychological agendas of this globalist death cult ☠ Death to Cult-ure - Cancel Culture - Cultural Transformation being, Transhumanism
So this crisis couldn’t have come at a more perfect time to launch this mask of course, once people had become accustomed to forced imposition of face nappies, what a great and fortunate coincidence, even if it is on the back of so many’s misery 😆 yeah yeah. I don’t believe it. Yet so many other gullible fools will and be exploited by this psychological “trend” agenda setting operation - Psy-Op

I also find this very strange that all involved here seem to be a variation on the name Bill as in “Bill” Gates of course - William.
They’re really taking the piss out of us to the extreme here I’m sure!

A method of showing us, at least on the surface how more agendas of the Globalist by the asset that Bill Gates is, has behind the scenes been backed and lobbying these effort for SMART masks, or just particularly with funding of Honeywell and XUPERMASK or I’m just stretching?

It would be interesting to see for sure what Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money - if any - is actually involved within Honeywell for damn sure!

It would surprise me more if he doesn’t crop up!


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I come not to bring peace, but a sword to divide the freak from the chaff. If you want to look like a twat then go head, wear a mask. I never have and never will, I simply say 'I'm exempt', my exemption is common sense, pride and self respect.....also balls not to cave into social pressure by Covidiots, they are the Covidiots.


But take heed, those vaccinated probably won't reproduce.


God hates ugly.

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Increasing CO2 levels by rebreathing their exhaled air repeatedly, it makes you anxious and decreases cognitive ability, in other words it makes you dumb and scared.


'I Can't Breath', they yell, through face masks, they must be ignorant or devoid of a sense of irony.

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