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You're prompted this at your first visit of a website or at each visit if you don't store cookies in your computer, which rightly is what the pop-up window is intended to dissuade you from doing by harassing you into recurrently clicking these boxes while browsing the Web, so it made me think of the following in connection to COVID-19…


Lockdown can now be used for one-time and local policing, as you'd say 'surgical repression' in the form of a disguised curfew… yes it's illegal so WHAT ?!


Now it's different regarding social distancing and mandatory mask wear that are the most vicious means to make the processed reality broadcast by our mainstream fake news media literally and physically SPILL OVER the real world and pervade our daily reality…


These COVID 'rules' and 'new normal' are a means for the media propaganda to reach and contaminate by force those indifferent or too busy for watching TV or even caring about news, so it equates the same kind of invasive technique to spread mind conditioning as needles are to spread disease, while until then the method used was non-invasive by allowing the public the choice of watching the news or not.


It's a new era we've now entered : one more step into full dictatorship because it no longer takes but to change the words for today's reality to appear 'unmasked' as it really is…


sanitary lockdown -> curfew… 'new normal' -> martial law… 'pandemic' -> dictatorship…



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Now that's called being 'paranoid'… :classic_laugh: 


One thing I guess we may stay sure about is that we're on the way to an imminent and major conflict between the East and the West on the basis of a US war on China, and not just a 'trade war'… because the USA can't stand to see anything that's not been 'processed' by them, they can't let anything be on Earth without interfering in their own and exclusive interest…




China fires missiles into South China Sea in warning to US

August 27, 2020


The Chinese Communist Party launched four missiles into the South China Sea as a warning to the US military amid their presence in the region, further escalating tensions between the two nuclear-armed powers.

The People’s Liberation Army fired four medium-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday as Beijing held military exercises in the waterway, Bloomberg News reported, citing a US defense official.





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There seems to be NO ongoing US trade war on China despite Trump's 'bullying' before the media…



What Trade War? US Imports From China Are Booming

Benzinga August 26, 2020


Remember all the media coverage just a few months ago about Chinese manufacturers poised to collapse due to lack of overseas buyers? It didn't happen. Chinese factories are booming. Chinese goods are flooding into U.S. ports.


Ironically, the virus that started in China and caused severe economic damage to the U.S. has spurred an increase in American business purchases from China, to the benefit of Chinese manufacturers.




Second reality maybe explaining why Australia might currently be under scrutiny… While as well Russia or China could beat the USA of their own, what does America expect as a result by being teasing BOTH of them in the South China Sea ?



The US could no longer win a war against China

China’s navy has just completed a mission that has left US officials terrified – and it has serious implications for Australia’s security.

MAY 25, 202011:05AM


The United States just lost a battle to save Taiwan from a Chinese invasion and it’s not the first time.


A series of intensive war-games are revealing deep-set flaws in its fighting ability.








When the US expand their network by securing checkpoints and roads on foreign territories it's to spread 'freedom & democracy'… When any other nation tries to do the same it's an 'invasion'…



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