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Christchurch New Zealand shooting faked (I photographed unseen rooms in video)

Haunted Universe

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I see that 'Brenton Tarrant' has been given a life sentence without parole. The patsy will probably be sneaked back to Israel with a large bank account-https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8668723/Brenton-Tarrant-jailed-LIFE-no-possibility-parole-Christchurch-shooting.html


I lived in Christchurch New Zealand for over a decade and my house is 5 mins away from the Al Noor Mosque. I visited the mosque 5 months after the shooting and covertly took photos (while being watched by staff) of rooms NOT shown in the shooting video, and which Tarrant conveniently declines to even enter, despite walking out of the mosque and coming back to only shoot at people point blank with his fake little air gun in the main prayer room only. Why did he not go into the TWO large rooms that I encountered, as well as the male and female toilets? Theres also a little store room with a kitchenette in between the two rooms. If anyone doubts my photos, if you ever get a chance to visit the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch. you will know my photos are 100% legit.


Before I show the photos, I'll briefly explain why the video of the shooting is filled with blatant fakery and discrepancies.(If you haven't watched the video,  do so, but YOU MUST USE A VPN if you are in New Zealand or Aussie, as Jacinda Adern has threatened up to 14 years imprisonment for anyone who watches, shares or downloads.) And we all know why don't we Jacinda?


Police Drills were also conveniently taken place that very morning-https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/03/hell-of-a-coincidence-officers-who-took-down-alleged-christchurch-gunman-were-at-training-exercise.html


1) Silver car by mosque door entrance registered to an intelligence agency (I ran a plate check) mysteriously disappears half way through video knocking over a road cone put in place, and has NEVER been mentioned by the media, police etc since. If this was a member of the public etc, where is their story??? This should have been a main story. Instead, its swept under the carpet.


2) A magazine clip for Tarrants gun is conveniently waiting for him in the hallway of the mosque before he even enters, which he later picks up and uses (or pretends to use it as its not real bullets). This is game over for me straight away, its obviously a live drill they have fucked up big time because Kiwis are the biggest amateurs on the planet. No wonder the video is banned with threats of hefty prison time.


3) As Tarrant enters the main prayer room, bodies are already piled up dead each opposite end of the room before he even shoots them. Including a guy under a bench. Apparently on one side a door wouldnt open because an electrician installed an electric locking system "days before the attack", yet in the shooting video you can clearly see the switch in NOT there. More lies.-https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/111632051/it-doesnt-open-christchurch-mosque-survivors-describe-terror-at-the-door


On the other end, not ONE person went through an OPEN doorway which led to one of the unseen rooms that i took a photo of. This unseen room enables you to exit the mosque by the side. This makes no sense at all. You will see a guy run at Tarrant and get shot at point blank range and theres zero evidence of him actually getting shot. Just more lame acting.


4) Tarrant shoots at NO ONE in the street at one point  in the video, and ejecting shell casings can clearly be seen vanishing into thin air. Clearly CGI casings, lack of smoke and recoil. I spent a while wondering why he was standing on the sidewalk shooting at absolutely no one, then realised he was waiting for the silver car to leave, then he goes back into the mosque. As hes walking back you can see the silver car is gone.


5) Shoots shotgun several times into his car windscreen from inside his car, (why?)  making zero damage, but police photographs show bullet holes from the outside. He then shoots passenger window and it breaks.


6) People are shot at point blank range against a white wall by an AR-15, no blood, brain matter etc and all you see is some guys hat fly off after getting a bullet to the head. 


EDIT-New Zealand citizens were de-fanged after the fake shooting. It was a gun grab amongst other things.  New Zealand is now becoming a safe haven for the richest people in the world setting up their bunkers, and they don' want any resistance. The NWO planned this knowing the Covid bullshit was coming next.


I'll leave it there for now. Read more here-https://jamesfetzer.org/2019/03/dr-eowyn-how-we-know-new-zealand-mosque-shooting-video-is-a-cgi-fake/



Heres 2 pics of the room that the muslims would have entered had they gone through the open doorway (door was held open at the time) in the main prayer room in the video. As you can see, its a clear exit. 









This is the room on the right that the woman ran into on the video  as Tarrant enters the mosque turning to shoot at her. He never goes in there.




Heres the open doorway side of the prayer room where bodies were piled up. I saw zero evidence of a new paint job on the wall or evidence of bullet holes that had been filled in. By the way, those giant windows are all single pane and piss easy to break.





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Other interesting stuff about the Christchurch shooting:




John Podesta Was In New Zealand Days Prior To The Mosque Terror Attacks-https://cloverchronicle.com/2019/03/17/john-podesta-was-in-new-zealand-days-prior-to-the-mosque-terror-attacks/


Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks-http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/03/evidence-indicates-link-between-north-korean-embassy-break-in-and-christchurch-attacks/


New Zealand mosque shooting suspect reportedly visited Israel in 2016-https://www.timesofisrael.com/new-zealand-mosque-shooting-suspect-reportedly-visited-israel-in-2016/






Former CIA Officer: Christchurch Shooting Smells like a ‘False Flag’-https://newspunch.com/cia-officer-christchurch-shooting-false-flag/


Jacinda Adern worked for Tony Blair after Iraq Invasion-https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/96123508/jacinda-ardern-i-didnt-want-to-work-for-tony-blair



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They ran many of those controlled mass shootings here in the States too. All of which failed to achieve what the elites wanted, or did they really fail?.  The Las Vegas one had so many holes in the official story that it disappeared from the controlled media's news cycle in mere days.  

If you watch the video, you will note that the ejected brass cartridges from the weapon do not make a tingling sound when they hit the pavement and do not collect there either.  They just disappear into thin air and are obvious CGI work(Point #4- This was the first one I found as I know the sound of brass hitting pavement).   There are even loaded magazines strategically placed and waiting for him(Point #2).  Every time I view that video I find new discrepancies.   The guy who passed through a window like it was some UFO abduction was sort of weird too.  I can see why they banned it so aggressively down there.  If you're in Australia or New Zealand, heed his advice. 

Another discrepancy was a photo in the NZ media after the, ever so late to arrive, Christchurch police pulled the pit maneuver on his car had three holes in the car's windscreen that were Photoshopped(Point #5).   Car glass is made of safety glass so it would have shattered not left three clean holes.  The video never had any holes in the windscreen when he was firing the shotgun in the car which sounded like blanks to me.

Very interesting work, Haunted, a man who was on site after the fact for real.   You were in a very unique position to have had that opportunity.  

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Haha yeh I remember that. A guy is crawling on his knees and ghosts through the window. A body also magically pops up during Tarrants point blank range shooting.


As Im familiar with video editing and compositing, you can see masking squares on closer observation when shells eject from Tarrants shotgun as he shoots at the entrance.  Very sloppy work.


Note how all Tarrants guns are covered in white signia to obviously cover up how fake the guns look. 





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On closer inspection, (to anyone has seen the video), the woman who Tarrant shoots with precision aim, is running out the gate with another person who magically vanishes. Tarrant then makes his way out to go shoot her at point blank, and there is somebody standing against the wall as he leaves the car park.


The woman being shot looks unconvincing with what looks like a blood bag coming out her wrist area with a delayed set off. 


My guess is Tarrant is using an air gun and possible blanks. No way in hell he is using real guns. They sound nothing like real guns and lack smoke and recoil. As noted by someone else, Tarrants go pro camera does not react to gunfire recoil. 

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Bro, remove this. Max Igan has an article debunking this BUT I can debunk it myself.


I attend that mosque and have done for 10 years plus.


I lost multiple friends in that shooting. Where did they go? Why did we pray salaatul janaazah over them? Are the brothers who washed their dead bodies lying?


If they didn't die and it was "staged" then where are they? Where are the brothers??! 

Are you telling me 50 Muslims went missing from our community??! Are they all on an island somewhere?




Remove this. Its fradulent. SubhaanAllah.


If you want to discuss other people involved then that is another discusson. It seems obvious that Tarrant wasn't a lone wolf and the fact he went to Israel for 6 days is super suspect but the shootings are real. 


And yes  it WAS a gun grab but they didn't need to fake the shootings for that to happen! Tarrant was obviously trained up and so on. Even if the government did  have no involvement then they STILL could use this to ban semi-automatics.


Also I don't get your point about that room. Tarrant never entered that room. Its a back room. I know the layout of the mosque very well. Its easy to get trapped in that room. It wouldn't have been wise for him to go there cos easy for someone to sneak up on him. Just don't undertstand what the proves. PM me if you want to discuss this further because yeah you are wrong bro.

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Theres nothing fraudulent about it. If people died, why is the shooting video filled with blatant fakery?  Why fake a video if real people died? Max is a well known bullshit artist and you know that.  Nothing has been debunked about the Christchurch shooting video and the 14 years maximum jail sentence for even watching it in New Zealand is because they know its such a hack job. 


Also, explain the video of the Linwood mosque where people pretend to be dead, then get up and walk around?


You said you can debunk the video? I'm listening. And I'm not wrong. One only has to watch the video several times to see what I am pointing out. 









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'Do I have to go to the masjid on Sunday and take a photo to prove I live here? If so, I will. Max Igan debunked this shit already. I am really pissed off bro because I lost friends and they were shot and your telling me its a hoax! Not EVERYTHING is a red flag bro. Sheesh. I also attended the funeral.

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1 minute ago, deprogrammed48 said:

'Do I have to go to the masjid on Sunday and take a photo to prove I live here? If so, I will. Max Igan debunked this shit already. I am really pissed off bro because I lost friends and they were shot and your telling me its a hoax! Not EVERYTHING is a red flag bro. Sheesh. I also attended the funeral.



Well they didn't die in the video, so where did they die?

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Whoever is reading this thread then I advise you to contact the admins and remove this trolls post as it is clear he is a liar and just wants attention. I live in Christchurch and attend the mosque here and knew many of the victims who died. If anyone thinks I am talking nonsnese then PM me and we can talk face to face. 

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