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The Milgram experiments on obedience to (fake) authority figures!


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This video highlights the psychology of obedience in light of the current lockdowns with particular focus on the 1961 Milgram experiment. With an authority figure taking responsibility for the obvious harms being committed on others, most study participants were prepared to continue administering electric shocks and to fully obey the instructions they were given.



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Really sorry for my previous reply and I asked for it to get deleted. Hadn't checked the second post…


I guess it all has something to do with replacing individual consciousness by collective faith and guilt over media myths and symbols… once rooted into the collective mind they're immutable things upon which one may count and speculate, so the COVID mask and related restrictions are the final stage of it : the 'treatment' by which media fantasy's supposed to overshadow and replace reality…


By the way check the real COVID timeline and you'll see that no matter if the seminal myth was supposed to have happened in China, Operation COVID-19 itself was actually started in the USA where it was all planned before to spread to Europe…


I guess it's not good enough to make-up for my goof but anyway… I may not be seen around for a while cause I'm 'busy'… : |



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