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Guest Gone Fishing...
4 minutes ago, Ethel said:


If that manages to go ahead I will be shocked.


Considering his objection to masks on the IoW ferry, l'm expecting a live stream on a big screen..

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1 hour ago, Ethel said:


Still though, Trafalgar Square. It's getting quite exciting.

Expect the unexpected.


I'm not going, I'm covering a shop so the owners can go. I have asked them to be careful, look for agent provocateurs and be as anonymous as they can.


Don't take a phone, if you're driving stop as far out as you can and then walk or bus in (I walked from Paddington to Aldgate for work several times when the tubes were fucked a decade ago), be alert (we need more lerts) and don't let your emotions think for you if anything kicks off.


Good luck to all going.

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2 hours ago, Jack said:

hhm i wonder if this gets the ball rolling for it to be cancelled, just like Berlin, would hate to be proved wrong though


I don't know... if you can cancel a protest then surely it's not a protest. I thought the whole point of a protest was to stand up against something that's detrimental to the health and well being of a people, group, or society, etc.

It's like a bully saying "I've banned your right to defend yourself, now give me 50p", at which point you smack him in the mouth and then get a couple of good ones in when he's down for good measure.

Are they going to cancel any BLM "protests" I wonder?


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