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The wickedest man in the world: Aleister Crowley documentary

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3 minutes ago, MarpatV2 said:

But when people say that about freemasonry and how people abuse it as a cover you dont want to know. That door doesnt seem to swing both ways for you people.




Which 'You people' are you referring to?



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@rideforever I'm not gonna call anything this man has spawned as good. He is pure evil incarnate who inspired generations of more evil. He also ate his own shit...

Anyone who reveres Crowley or even finds him 'intriguing' or interesting is a different form of humanity to myself and healthy sane people.   The problem is some people just don't have a fra

He did screw himself up pretty badly ... however in some of his books there are actually a few good passages. He spent too much time criticizing others.

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Right that's it, this topic has gotten out of hand, and a line is drawn here.


Mods will decide if this topic gets open for debate again, in the meantime, have a break to 'cool off'

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