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Some tips about your Cyber safety and privacy


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1.In general try not to use closed source software as much as possible.

2.Never use Windows or OSX(macintosh) operating system, its a big sin, instead use LINUX, I recommend Ubuntu linux (https://ubuntu.com/). Linux is much faster, safer and open source. The code has been reviewed and checked by thousands of developers and hackers, its safe, you can study coding and read the code yourself. Games working on windows will not work in linux, stop playing games and do something useful like reading history, religions and Tim wallace books. Watch this for more info (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH3v41JmyIg).

3.Use a password manager for creating and saving your password, i highly recommend Buttercup, its open source and has amazing interface (https://buttercup.pw/).

4.Do not use Gmail, its a big sin, use instead an email service that does not require a phone number, like protonmail (https://mail.protonmail.com/login) or tutanota (https://www.tutanota.com/), they are free and respect user privacy.

5.Stop using Messenger, whatsapp, telegram, signal. Use element(Best option) and discord instead, they support texting and voice calls.

6.Be aware of files and link thats sent to you from unknown sources, do not run any code on your pc unless you know what it is, you can scan the file or code using virustotal(https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home). Note that even after scanning the code, it can still be a virus and the antivirus could not detect it cuz its obfuscated.

7.Use firefox instead of google chrome or any other closed source browser.

8.Always keep in your mind that the big tech companies became big cuz they agreed to cooperate with the bankers and worlds leaders, who are psycho satanists, and the satanists are using the tech companies to pass and full-fill their agenda.

thanks for reading, if i remembered anything else i will add it, oh i cant, i dont know why david ikes forum does not allow editing after a short time.   

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