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Jacob Blake


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Moron of the day


so hes on the ground, then gets up, Police clearly have weapons pointed at him... shouting at him ..... he goes to car door, opens it, reaches in,





paranoid police think????


a. hes trying to get his packet of crisps

b. hes getting his mask to stop the spread of corona

c. hes gonna to grab his gun and shoot me


answers on a postcard


WTF!!! The guy is a moron and anyone rioting is a moron





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Guest Gone Fishing...
52 minutes ago, zArk said:

ffs what was jacob blake thinking opening his car door?

He had a criminal history with an outstanding warrant......ignoring armed police my going into his car.
His kids were in the car FFS....what was he thinking ? He wasn't thinking, was he  :O( 


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