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The Ritual Sacrifice - Satanic Hollywood Exposed

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Good post. This article goes more indept into the satanist cult wich is Hollywood. https://www.jtrue.com/blog/hollywood-is-satanism 


"Hollywood is not infected with pedophilia. It is a necessary function of its existence."

" A golden industry created decades ago by a cartel of psychotic bankers. When money is meaningless, you trade in the fetish of adrenaline."

"This is why YOU are so dangerous awakened. You trust your own morality."


From David Icke's book; The Perception Deception:


"The name Hollywood is derived from the holy or holly wood. This is a reference to the holly wood wand decorated with hieroglyphs used by Celtic Druids for their ritual 'magic'. Holly is considered the sacred plant of Saturn and was an essential part of the Roman Festival of Saturnalia wich became our Christmas - hence holly (Saturn) is dispayed at Christmas. The Queen's official residence in Edinburgh, Scotland, is called the Palace of Holyrodhouse and this has the same origin and symbolism. The palace stands at one end of the so-called 'Royal Mile' wich leads to Edinburgh. Castle and the palace takes its name from the adjacent Holyrood Abbey. The official explanation is that Holyrood means 'holy rod' (yes, it does, the Druid holly wand); but we are told, ludicrously, that this 'holy rod' refers to the cross on wich Jesus was (not) crucified.


"All our knowledge has its origin in our perception." - Leonardo Da Vinci - 

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