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Brilliant Quote About Geniuses Who Are "Stopped", Like Nikola Tesla


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7 hours ago, QuodHumana said:

I don't recall the Cabal being against Elon Musk at any time. Unless i missed a lot.

Yeah but the very doubtful human that is robot-fucking* elon-Musk is a fake fucktard financed by his rich daddy and his elite ultra-zionist friends.(with so-called 'new' technology that has been held back for many years - drip-fed to the population when they feel like it - and it's all shit anyway)

*creepy elon musk with baby:  (surely this can't be an actual human?)  (both of them)


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3 hours ago, eddy64 said:

from what i've read Tesla was great at coming up with ideas but was terrible at follow through and making them into tangible items.


Tesla was constantly obstructed by very powerful men like J.P.Morgan/Thomas Edison because they were afraid that Tesla would RUIN entire industries with his innovations.


Tesla's laboratory burned to the ground twice, Wardenclyffe Tower was dynamited by the U.S. Military, Tesla never got the funding he needed from big banks or Wall Street, and Tesla's only real financial backer - George Westinghouse - got into deep financial trouble and simply couldn't support Tesla anymore.


Tesla was so poor and pennyless at the end of his life that he was basically sustaining himself on crackers and milk.


Tesla constantly wrote letters to financiers and the U.S. Government begging for financial support. He never got ANY support.


They destroyed Tesla. He died alone and broken.







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