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Fury erupts outside Buckingham Palace as enraged crowds scream 'paedophile' at gates


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18 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

All part of the agenda in my opinion. The royals probably welcome it. They have served their purpose in the old world order and probably need to step down for one new world monarch to rule the world (Antichrist).

This makes sense. 

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Infowars is covering this now .....

"A large gathering of protesters yelled “pedophiles” at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London, the home of the royal family.

So far, major mainstream outlets – particularly BBC and Sky News – have been silent on covering the incident.

“Just thought I’d share what is happening in London outside Buckingham palace since you won’t see this on the news because the first news channel that shares this will be sacked!” said one Twitter user.

The event was reportedly organized on Facebook by the anti-child trafficking group ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London.’

The march began Saturday afternoon around 1:30 and also included a rally at Parliament Square.

Attendees were encouraged to wear white T-shirts to show solidarity and similar protests were held in Liverpool and Manchester...."

The footage has been viewed by millions despite the mainstream media not reporting on the protest."

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This is wonderful to see. If only more people did this, like everyone, then the end of their BS would end instantly, such is the indoctrination of the masses, it's hard to see if enough of us will awaken for us to take out sovereignty back. I suppose faith and hope are not necessarily exclusive from each other. What is apparent is that we are in a war of the mind and waking up is going to be extremely painful for some people, so much so that it may even send some people crazy. TPTB have done an excellent job of making sure we have all been well and truly MKULTRA'D. Still, we must hope that break these chains of slavery and rise up to what we were truly meant to be. 

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This is stupid.  The Royal Family are not paedophiles, they are just bored and have nothing to do ... so Harry and Andrew went over to the US and screwed some girls.  You see it a lot with people in high positions who are expected to be eunuchs.

This week 2 young England footballers were disciplined for inviting some Swedish girls back to their hotel room ... it's a scandal.

Epstein liked to invite all sorts of powerful people to his house for some screwing, but that doesn't mean they are all like him.


It's an NWO dream that people start to destroy the foundations of their society.

The NWO are just waiting to arrive after it falls apart just like the EU did.

Of course fools think they are going to "get their sovereignty back" ... or become infinite love consciousness.

Because of course making an effort to create something or learn something or build something is not something leeches want to do.

Anyone who has built something ... they hate, destroy it burn it the ground ... only that pleases the baying crowd.

This certainly will improve nothing.


The reason society is in such a state is because the newspapers whisper conspiracies.

These people took something from you ... attack them !

Those people over there took your freedom from you ... attack them !

And the sheep of the world just read all this and rush around attacking everything, they get to be in a stupid movie.

The journalists and commentators on society know how to get the crowd to froth at the mouth, they are cunning.

What a crazy world.


You see these Royals walking around slowly, they are not "dangerous" people, plenty of weirdos in Brighton much more dangerous ... 
Even in that photo of Prince Andrew and that girl he just looks like a drunk schoolboy who got lots of sweets.
It's Epstein and Ghislaine who look like the cunning enemy.


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