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I was just reading that in the US 50% of single adults are not interested in relationships and aren't looking, probably porn has something to do with it.


The big lie is that sexualising society leads to sex.  It does not, it leads to fantasy and masturbation.

It is not really sexualising society but fantasi-ing society.


Practicing Catholics and those in other traditions who have regular contact with the higher reality and have guidance and wisdom in this world can rest easy.  They know that you must just do your best, and God will do the best.  They can enter into relationships and relax and enjoy life without the stress of fighting the world.  They are already on the journey home and a kind of existential security that is not possible anywhere else.


And because they are somewhat ascetic in their view of life they have highly charged batteries so that when they are in the bedroom there is energy there, they haven't completely drained their batteries stressing about material things.



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