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Enki is on twitter

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Ok, i'm intrigued, but still not 100% sure, but the info posted on that account matches up. I've read a lot and listened a lot and we live in an incredible time on earth, where it seems that earth is the last planet in our solar system that needs to evolve, because our entire galaxy will go through a monumental energy/consciousness shift in the future, and all the ascended masters have apparently returned to be part of it. They inhabit human bodies, and are communicating with humans using various platforms, twitter being one of course.


Here is the account:



He usually ends his messages with #EnkiTeaches


Make of it what you will.


I follow him, and he follows me. I will say though. I did have a real experience with Enki once. I once wrote to him. Just some thoughts i started putting down on paper, and i could feel a strong energy presence behind me and i knew it was him. 

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Thanks for this, I saw this yesterday and I have looked through their twatter feed. Very interesting indeed. Nice to see Graham Hancock on there as well, love his work. 


Whether it is actually Enki or not I am not sure, but could well be. My only issue with such types is they make a comment in a post that states:

"I cannot interfere I'm only here to teach" 

That is fine, but when people ask them for explanations they're still cryptic and explain nothing. This is also a hate of mine with new age religions, full of so called advice without any profound meaning to it. 

If you're going to claim to teach then fine, but teach so everyone can understand and not for the benefit of those that can understand the encryption. In essence I am 50/50 to the possibility of this actually being a deity. Good post though and I am very interested to what else is posted. 👍🏻

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