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How do you think the universe started ?

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I think the universe was always just there, no creator, no big bang. It was just always there. And will always be there.

The thing about matter as it is labelled is that nothing that makes it up is solid. None of the atoms or the subatomic particles including - quarks, leptons, fermions etc. have anything within them ex

I think it all started, when Awareness became Aware of itself o.O

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If the universe is a neural network, thoughts will not aeons, electrons can cross the gap into higher dimensions, the speed of light will be no barrier. It will be self aware. If it is in any way capable of altering the space around it, more universes can be spawned like giant, self-replicating machines.

Our universe is likely a copy from a higher neural network, the Earth is too conducive to life, all of you reading this will wonder why you are reading this and happen to be here, now, when there are trillions upon trillions of other places to be.

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