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How do you think the universe started ?


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If the universe is a neural network, thoughts will not aeons, electrons can cross the gap into higher dimensions, the speed of light will be no barrier. It will be self aware. If it is in any way capable of altering the space around it, more universes can be spawned like giant, self-replicating machines.

Our universe is likely a copy from a higher neural network, the Earth is too conducive to life, all of you reading this will wonder why you are reading this and happen to be here, now, when there are trillions upon trillions of other places to be.

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The universe never started. It is collectively imagined into existence every single day.


Then we do our funny measurement and stuff based upon the limitations of our finite mind and from thaat perspective we say it was formed x amount of years ago.

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How did the universe start? One of the oldest esoteric questions. When does a dream start, when did our consciousness begin?


The Hitchhikers Guide says this on the subject:


'In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.'


Well I think the Universe is similar to consciousness, awakening slowly and developing until self-conscious and then creating, a primordial Om that reverberates across the entirety of the aether, shaping space into matter creating duality and time and light, and God saw it and it was awesome!


Either that or it was sneezed out of the nose of the Great Green Arckleseizure.

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The universe was started from a thought..  the same thought that can reset it or distort it. A thought is recursive :) Big Bang itself is a “somewhat measurable” manifestation of a thought. Scale doesn’t matter in quantum fields, so something as small as a neurons firing in your neocortex is a same as as big as cosmos


just a thought:)

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All that is there is an entity that is everything and it operates at a speed that is imperceptible to normal humans. Whether it is unique is to be assumed for now, since it has control over what humans currently define as reality. It would certainly be interesting to see if it is embedded in something itself. Or what was necessary to become what it is.

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My theory has to do with the black holes and white holes. I think it is plausible that from a blackhole on the other side is a white hole which creates another universe. A black whole will suck a vast amount of matter from a current universe and that matter can be brought through a white hole to create another universe.


I think their is an endless amount of universes, just like an infinite amount of timelines with about 12 dimensions. Just some of my theories, I don't have much proof.

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On 8/2/2021 at 4:17 PM, matreshka said:

God is the creator. 

Then a question one might ask, who created God? What if God is just consciousness and the expansion of it into an infinite amount of realms. We in a human sense like to think of God as some kind of being, but maybe all God is, is Conscious energy. And we are all droplets of that conscious energy.

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When did the universe start implies time exists. But no one has ever actually experienced time. - check this out for yourself in your experience. Can you go to a past or a future? It is not possible to experience this. And experience is the highest test of truth. Therefore, the when question cannot be answered because there is no when.


As humans, our brains have been composed to computate time. This is how we navigate the world. So it's hard to conceptualise there not being a past or future because it's not part of how we were made.


My experience is that the world is created anew every time consciousness arises.

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On 9/16/2020 at 10:11 PM, killing raven sun said:

the dinosaurs, and others, went extinct when the 'paradise machine' was destroyed

during the time of the megalithic structures gravity was reduced

the careful arrangement of the planets in the solar system was the cause

Earth was within the cocoon of the 'superior sun', what we call Saturn

the plasma discharge from Saturn bathed the Earth in a constant red glow

there were no seasons, no day or night, no weather

the Earth was a perfect greenhouse, a paradise

as such, the flora and fauna grew very large and was abundant


when the 'paradise machine' was destroyed, everything changed

we lost our red cocoon, gravity increased and the sun began blasting us

disaster struck everywhere on Earth, as evidenced in the layering of the fossils

most life that survived was extinguished by higher gravity and solar radiation/cosmic rays

contrary to evolutionists claims, mutation is always bad, usually fatal



Hi killing raven sun,


What is the "paradise machine"?

Where can I read more about it?



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On 8/24/2020 at 8:45 AM, Carlos said:

I've often thought the same thing, but it doesn't explain how everything is moving away from a specific point. Anyway you look at it, existence is unfathomable to the human mind. It will always ask who made it, what was there before, who made that etc. It is very hard to get to the inevitable "it must always have been there".

but what if the universe is just contracting in and out and not expanding forever like they think but the human being hasn't been around long enough or have been around long enough to record the cycle. just like the solstice cycles and the presession of the sun. *hits joint*

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19 hours ago, sock muppet said:


Computer, end program

Computer, terminate holographic Earth simulation

Computer, oh i give up, the motivation chip is on the blink again and refuses to co-operate.

"Damn it Spock, I'm a doctor not a computer technician!"

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4 hours ago, sock muppet said:

Well God being the architect of the quantum mechanics of the ALL, i will say first time, guaranteed👍

I'd define the universe as the all, everything, so multi-universes doesn't apply. But it frequently scrambles my mind, "everything" is such a paradoxical idea. There's no boundaries to everything. For example, everything includes God, so if God is the architect of the all, he's also the architect of himself which is self-referential. Which is why the only God I can cope with is pantheism.


Asking how the universe started is also asking how time started, which is hard because there was no 'before' for time to spring from. It must have started from nothing. So cause-and-effect doesn't apply and asking 'how' without cause-and-effect to rely on is quite a challenge! 

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13 hours ago, Campion said:

I'd define the universe as the all, everything, so multi-universes doesn't apply


I also think as you do about the multiverse theory, nature is conservative in what it does so to my mind it does not compute to keep making endless variations of it self to infinity, when just one will do that contains all of its expressions giving rise to the importance that time has in this equation.👍


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