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Let's talk about "Common Purpose" - technocracy and corruption in police, NHS, education, media, civil service etc

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Meanwhile in Birmingham, which is currently in the grip of technocrats looking to sell off assets and increase council tax burden in order to balance the books, new local news outlet the Birmingham Dispatch has today produced the first of what should be a 'revealing' look into what went wrong.


Again, they won't mention the "Common Purpose effect" but it all sounds eerily familiar:


The ‘pincer manoeuvre’: How secretive leadership and warring staff led Birmingham to the abyss


“There was a lot of mistrust,” recalls Hamilton about the relationship between elected members and the professional officers. She also mentions something that is a prominent theme in Clancy’s story: that members of the cabinet sometimes felt they weren’t getting the full picture from the officers who were supposed to be serving them. Referring to a later bin strike, under Ian Ward’s leadership in 2018, she reveals senior councillors (other than the leader) were kept out of discussions entirely: “We just weren’t told, it’s as simple as that. I can’t say I was lied to because I wasn’t told.”

Clancy is more explicit, telling us that council officers repeatedly covered up problems and withheld crucial information from elected members. Manzie denies this. In a short statement to the Dispatch, she told us: "The allegations made by Mr Clancy are untrue. The circumstances of Mr Clancy's resignation as Leader of Birmingham City Council in 2017 are well documented and in the public domain."

Clancy remembers addressing a large group of council staff at the Hippodrome at one point during his leadership, and reminding them that they work for a political organisation, not a business or a charity. A council is supposed to enact the democratic will of residents, he was saying, and it therefore requires political leadership. 

from: https://www.birminghamdispatch.co.uk/p/the-pincer-manoeuvre-how-secretive


Of course, the Common Purpose stooges will themselves lie and deny all allegations made against them, especially when they have been called out. Under normal circumstances, they can just issue a 'press release' to their fellow stooges in the local or national media, who will of course just parrot said press release without question or scrutiny.



Now, of course, the city is firmly in the hands of technocrats. The commissioners sent in by the government have their hands on the controls, and most of the levers they are pulling will result in drastic cuts. The city is expected to sell £1.25 billion in assets to repay a government loan, and we all face a 21% Council Tax increase. Our street lights will be dimmed, our bins will be collected less often and even the costs of burials will be hiked. 

Naturally, everyone wants someone to blame. But the truth of this city’s calamity is as messy — and hard to pick through — as a pile of rotting bins on a Birmingham street corner. 


My emphasis in bold. Finally, someone gets this!

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It's nice work (for a Common Purpose stooge) if you can get it.


Dudley Council paid £1,000 a day for consultant while planning millions in cuts


Despite strict spending controls Dudley Council coughed-up nearly a quarter of a million pounds on four agency staff in just four months. The authority is currently battling to save £37m in three years to get its finances back on track and has introduced rules limiting spending on services it is not required by law to provide.

Restrictions started in October but by the end of January the bill for four temporary consultants working on regeneration and estates was an eye-watering £223,518. Balvinder Heran, deputy chief executive of Dudley Council, said: “This relates to specialist professionals we are using to work on our important regeneration and estates strategy development programmes.

“Part of their work is to develop and deliver the projects within the levelling up and longer towns fund bids the council was successful in securing over the last 12 months.” The quartet, who were doing non-statutory work, were supplied from two agencies and their day rates ranged from £429 to £1,020."

In January the council stumped up the lowest monthly figure of £47,207 for the four while in December they trousered a total of £75,611. Dudley Council leader, Cllr Patrick Harley says the consultants played a vital role in securing some big regeneration projects and the cash to pay them came in grants from the West Midlands Combined Authority.

from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/dudley-council-paid-1000-day-28906769


In a nutshell:


Dudley MBC needs to 'save' £37m over three years to get it's spending/finances 'on-track'


Four agency (ie outsourced) staff have been paid nearly a quarter of a million pounds in four months.


In a bit of a surprise turn-around:


Labour’s finance spokesperson, Cllr Shaukat Ali, was scathing, he said: “We have got our own officers who are highly paid, what is it these people bring that can’t be done by our own officers? “We can’t keep doing away with staff and relying on consultants, which we can see are an expensive resource.”


For context, Dudley MBC is Conservative-controlled, so Labour are the 'opposition' there. But their councillor makes a very good and valid point here.


Councils already employ well-paid executives, managers and other 'paid' civil service roles. Why are they unable to sit down and sort their financial problems out for themselves?


Because any organisation that is funded by public (ie taxpayers) money, is ripe for exploitation by those gravy-train freeloaders, who will ensure that their Common Purpose/freemason buddies get 'awarded' these contracts to 'deliver services' etc.



This kind of "spend money to save money" attitude has been going on for years in local authorities, and I make no apologies for referring readers back to this now-old BBC documentary:




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