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Let's talk about "Common Purpose" - technocracy and corruption in police, NHS, education, media, civil service etc

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1 hour ago, novymir said:

Interesting stuff. But it's all just metaphor. The Matrix is the dream of untruth(with many layers and levels). It's been operating below the surface, but the Spirit is operating too, too well for the Matrix system to continue without countermeasures. Everything it does is attempting to plug a hole in a dyke that keeps springing leaks, it calculates that by externalizing and materializing the system that it will then have removed the threat to it's existence and dominance(to impose a hylic-like existence, with fake psychic-spiritual features). What it seeks is to fabricate an artificial oneness, a counterfeit/substitution system that supposedly will permanently disconnect humans from the Real Source and awareness of Real Self.

That's impossible. The clock is ticking, down, to the end of time(return to Eternal Now=Reality). And nothing at all, especially illusury ideas or things, can stop It.


All Is OneDivine. There is no real separation.

The collective ego(false-self) is The Matrix. Yin-Yang. Double-minded. Hypocritical. Insane. Full-time, all the time control objective. Robots. Slaves.

Separation, fear, guilt and false judgements is the religion of anti-Christ, conscious and unconscious, in denial of Truth. The imposter "god" of this world.

The nature of ego is predatory-parasitic=unreal. It wears a mask to hide that.


I Am the Truth, I Am Infinitely Greater and More effective than any illusion of false idea. I Am The Truth, and My Name Is Love.


The Truth is the only way out, salvation. How else? There is no other way.

The veil is not The Truth, the "evil" is not The Truth. The "evil" is the veil. The Truth will remove it when I or We accept It.

Principles matter.

Generalizations mean more than details or specifics.







Thanks for the video, I’m sure I’ve seen revolver as I remember the name and I’ve watched all Jason Statham movies but I seriously don’t remember it 🤔 sounds like something I’d like 👍

On the ego, we made up the ego by complying with a system of mind. By not living spontaneously but by living by parameters of social systems, acceptability, cultural norms and through this process of conditioning, we have confused the game with being us and our ultimate reality. It’s a shadow of consciousness and an assimilation of spirit, not spirit.
Say for instance, I have an upmost spiritual experience and insight and I know the meaning of everything by that experience and in the moment I do feel that spiritual urgency and desire to invoke the same unknown in others who can’t see it...

What do you do to present this insight?

It’s like having a psychedelic trip. You can have exactly the same experience of something more real than the physical and if you could bring back any of that experience from the spirit world to the physical world, people would believe you in an instant.

So, you assimilate this experience into ideas and present them to others, you can then create systems around that spiritual context but they still don’t really deliver that insight, only potentially show you to where you may see this...

Unfortunately, Great Deceivers, Tricksters know this all too well and so, present false notions and phoney fables that they then set about ordering people’s principles around. To see what I’m saying, look at how many Freemasons, seem to have “Dawn upon them” the basis of what become a new religion. These are social experimentation at best based upon occult standards.

So, the devil we can say doesn’t exist, it’s all in our minds like our ego.

I would 100% agree not just this but absolutely everything we experience in relationship to the five senses is an illusion or a dream like state.

At the same time, there are people who are completely devoid of the spiritual essence.

They live their lives governed by the master of ego and this physical Fantasia reality, being the be all and end all.

This is fine, this is their problem and their suffering and it’s their own to deal with.

Yet, the master of this realm of existence, believes his construct so blindly, they seek to impose their shadow system of governance and control onto everyone else. Your mind is of course making this up because our whole physical construct reality is an illusion or a dream. That doesn’t change the fact of the experience of this nature...



The ego, the system are shadows, a mirror of consciousness which if you seek to identify as your reality, distorts your view of reality and thus creates an enemy because of this division of consciousness.

Everything in the middle, the game, is the hero’s journey and “the bad guy” paving way towards his own demise, dying by a result of cause and effect, the result of his own actions and ultimately, not mastering duality as good as the true evil behind the illusion that we are talking of as Masters of this Physical Fantasia reality.


This is a Fantasia, but within its finest unadulterated state, it seeks to act as a spiritual metaphor for understanding deeper spiritual, higher meaning and insight. So, the illusion, the fantasy and the dream are not without meaning, they’re a refection of it, like the ego for understanding something else beyond the limitation.

Don’t buy into believing it’s your ultimate you or reality, like confusing the menu with the food or seek to idolise it as these are just creating arbitrary constructs of the mind that don’t really exist in reality beyond our ideas, as they’re not seeking a relationship with spirit and the experience, they’re seeking to create a system and understand it by assimilation, not the here and the now immediate moment. Not spontaneous and unexpected, which is truly scary for the systematised mind.

So, we create the games of one upmanship like chess in that movie, freemasonry and religion.

It’s all about how you can out do your opponent, that’s like a mirror or refection of your own state of consciousness.

It’s about division of the mind and putting people at war with themselves, that is what politics and this whole New World Order is all about, maybe one day it will dawn on more people 😆

The Great Deceivers are masters of the Fantasia duality construct which already hypnotises our minds to make us believe their reality is real and that we are an ego, a role like a character in a movie. All ultimately so we will work towards an organised pattern, thus a pattern of thought and not spontaneously from day to day, it’s so we can be conditioned and controlled by the hypnotisation of our minds, by masters behind the ultimate understanding of this illusion.

Thats, until we seek to fully understand it upon an individual level an involution of perception, not a revolution of the physical. That’s devoid of spirit. So the two can go hand in glove the illusion maintains a constant state of conflict or phoney unity only on their terms of control over your mind.



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Seeing as very few people either know about or want to talk about "Common Purpose", I've taken it upon myself to start this topic here.   I understand that there was a topic on this on the '

@Grumpy Owl     Yes, was rather hoping to see a politician or two being challenged about this.     Interesting, thanks for your thoughts.   Although this is

Here's another article with some very interesting links and sources, https://www.bruceonpolitics.com/2017/08/11/common-purpose-resources/

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On 11/18/2020 at 12:54 AM, DannyUK said:

The lowest base chakra is where low vibrational energies naturally dwell in the individual.

The idea is if possessed by them, only them rising up and transforming the body through the chakra system through suffering, trying to make the body and mind consumed with the negative by the actions of this energy, to transform the soul or life force, not necessarily as an act of rage, but as if your consciousness was trapped within their realm, you’d seek to get out and to do that is to transform a soul, life force energy, by your actions to try and trick the human being into carrying out negative action, like a devil on their shoulder. This energetic state always being a constant that makes up our physical reality, so people shouldn’t seek to change this, be at war with it or fear it if they actually contemplate understanding this.


∴ The Coins ∴

∴ The Coins ∴


Has our reality been hijacked in such a regard, by way of the Saturn, Moon Matrix?


A less obvious, snake on a cross?


Lifeforce 1985

Lifeforce 1985 Part 2


∴ German Order - The Brotherhood of Saturn ∴ 


Dark Forces 

If you’re working with the negative, you seek to use these low vibrational energies to achieve faster or immediate change ⚡️ 
In this sense, they’re not necessarily evil and neither does the action taken by drawing on the negative by the occultist, it’s all about intentionality. This energy can be considered as a state of consciousness, no different to our state of awareness, only it’s trapped within a lower realm seeking to get out, or like trapped energy of abundance to the occultist, he is just tapping and making use out of that which is already present but predominantly overlooked, like exploitation of a natural energies that already exist but no one knows how to tap into them, just as Nikola Tesla performed for scientific and technological means. Making him and his work potentially dangerous “in the wrong hands”.

It’s like a liberation of this lower state of consciousness or like freeing everyone locked up in prison.


This is marked by the lightning in the occult just like the Nazi ⚡️SS ⚡️Who where supposed to be the elite, fast acting and where heavily involved within the occult, as there’s a mass spiritual side of warfare people aren’t really privy.

Today, that Spiritual Warfare is a Constant.



Globalist Death Cult - they’re playing with the lived, trapped low vibrational of which there is abundance here, plus, much more is created by senseless means of ritual war and mass killings...


You seek to act as a gateway for this energy in a parasitic or state of possession, by doing this, believing the energies give you powers, energies or supernatural abilities from various forms or another.

Of course, you get a lot of nut-jobs, charlatan types of healers, medicine men and crazy cat ladies, as oppose to those whom know and genuinely carry out these real methods because they’re kept so secretive amongst secret society’s.

Which is why people believe the whole thing to be a crock.


Other people become possessed without intent or their will and the energetic entity tries to dominate their mind, take it over and the mind resisting this is what creates what people would normally associate with possession.

Whereas, the occultist summoning these entities, they maintain a state of control or equilibrium or so they think or until their energies, their life force, is traded with the realm of these parasitic entities, that individual transforms to a lower realm of consciousness and that parasitic entity can achieve a higher state of consciousness. As from their POV, they’re like man trying to ascend into the heavens and we are their heavenly realm above theirs. Like mankind, entering this state of the heavens, so many people don’t or won’t believe it such is possible. Just as possession or these entities appear so bogus because this doesn’t happen all the time and people don’t know or understand the method behind all of this. Some of which has been deliberately kept obscured to prevent misuse of this knowledge or only misuse by the correct people’s.
An entity that is able to possess someone is rare - or so it seems to many I’m sure, otherwise why would so many not understand this is taking place, when someone loses the nut, it’s a lot easier to target the individual as being the problem - because that means they’re escaping the threshold of their reality, like mankind entering the heavens, such as by a NDE or meditative state.

In fact, you could view the summoning of these spirits as summoning the lived - dead trapped energy. In this sense, to a higher being than us, we may appear as equally, dead trapped energy, in this void of the physical world. So our death created by these higher beings is equally a trade off being made of energy under certain circumstances, to release that life force to be of use in a higher realm of existence.



Lived - Devil - Summoning the Devil is the same or achieved through Summoning the Dead, or is it somehow, the opposite? 🤔

Maybe it’s a play on words to indicate, the devil is the master of the lived, the dead.

Invoking Dead Energies or trapped energies within lower realms of existence, lower realms of consciousness, shadows of consciousness - The Ninth Gate of the Kingdom of Shadows - shadow entities.
Where might you yourself be “Summoned” to appear?🤔

Are you treated like the living or the lived?

The dead, by those carrying out the devil’s work?

Do they think they’re occultists, or is this because occult forces have symbolically and ritualistically crested this state of affairs imposition upon the human soul/life force energies, feeding the beast system?
Dead - Dæd Old English: ·action, deed, event, exploit





I’d assume energetically, these parasitic forces try to break through the doorway of whatever is weakest chakra system like the Globalist Death Cult, shooting fish in a barrel during war. It’s the only war they know and fight.

Just like if you was trapped in a hallway with say seven doors, you’d try opening one and couldn’t pass through, you wouldn’t just stay their, you’d seek out the weakest one you may possibly be able to get through.

Like sentinels from The Matrix, A.I. machines seeking out weaknesses to exploit to feed off human energies etc



The Seven Deadly Sins - Gateways or weaknesses, for these parasitic energies to transform human life force - the seven chakra system - Breakdown and transformation of the soul, these can be a guide to understand this occurring 



I believe Dark Occult Forces have weaponised this lower state of consciousness by way of technological means and are seeking to influence mankind through their blind obedient acceptance, being led to walk into the devil’s mouth effectively.


Mouth of Madness here...


Just how Nikola Tesla adapted technology to feed off the abundance of energy around us, occultists have and do research exactly the same thing for all things imaginable to do with energetic changes of consciousness, this one of which is the use of feeding lower realms of consciousness, into mans consciousness more effectively like a parasite by way of technology.


Essentially, they’re seeking a means to engineer humanity more effectively for these lower state of consciousness to possess the human mind without mankind performing the rites and rituals they perform and this is also, so they will get the power and influence on a mass scale, over all these lower states of consciousness by controlling them through technological means and by placing them within man, thus be able to control and influence human life force by way of engineering this parasitic state of affairs and tangling them together, like a spiders web...




So is the hope I imagine and be able, to directly manage the will of mankind in this regard by way of a hive mind mentality, rather than all the prolonged means of which mankind has to be influenced towards their own demise now.




These technological means, seek to attack the assemblage point more effectively and direct, pin point, like a “bastardisation of acupuncture” gone mad, you might say, by attacking the cross over of many energetic lines within the human body to more negativity and effectively, attack the life force, centrally, to stimulate, trigger and maintain all those lower vibrational emotions. To drain you of energy.


 'Jack the Ripper' by Aleister Crowley





Missed from the post above 

Lifeforce 1985 Part 3



Think our full phoney legal system, of contractual law by a bunch of people who know the right handshakes, you’ll understand. Of which, Common Purpose operates as a Charity upon these back door channels created by the pretext and imposition of this phoney spiders web apparatus acting as the backbone of a corrupt mesh infrastructure driving all Global Corruption.

While, they’ve actually mimicked Natural Laws that do exist and have basically set up humanity against the laws of their own nature, so we are going nowhere fast and this control can be maintained.

These also help understand this from another angle.

This is good for general consensus background 


More info on this here...

This is a very good analysis and breakdown of the interference with mankind by the Anunnaki and us being left with basically demigod or hybrids, fallen beings basically Lucifer or Prometheus depending on your poison, we have numerous expressions of this which I want to make a post about in its own soon, ruling the roost via ancient bloodlines predominantly royal 👑 or operate around such corporations from the unseen. It is these beings which have orchestrated society in such a phoney, counterspirit, artificial imitation of life and top down hierarchical designed in a ruthless manner.




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On 8/23/2020 at 4:31 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

Seeing as very few people either know about or want to talk about "Common Purpose", I've taken it upon myself to start this topic here.


I understand that there was a topic on this on the 'old' DI Forum, but as that is now lost, lets start again from scratch.


First of all, I'll start off with a 'primer' that I wrote on my own website earlier this year.



‘Common Purpose’ and the Technocracy we now live in

There’s probably a very good chance that if I ask you if you’ve ever heard of the organisation “Common Purpose”, the answer is likely “no”.

Who/what is “Common Purpose”?

On the surface, the statement made on their website seems fairly well-intentioned.


The rest of the homepage contains all the usual Newspeak ‘buzzwords’ such as ‘robust’, ‘diverse’, ‘stakeholder’ etc.

So what’s so bad about this then? The Common Purpose Exposed website explains in detail:


Sounding pretty sinister so far?


The above image is from the Stop Common Purpose website and shows how Common Purpose (CP) sits itself at the centre of a web, with its tentacles everywhere.


So that’s the basic gist, and both websites linked to above contain lots of further information about how this organisation operates, though to be fair both are a little outdated, and haven’t been updated for some time.

I’ll just add at this point that the UK Column website has a series of articles covering ‘The Common Purpose Effect‘ which are also valuable reading.


What’s this about ‘technocracy’ then?

From Wikipedia:


Again, on the surface, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Wouldn’t it be great if the Minister For Health was actually someone with a professional medical background, or if the Minister For Education was some ex-teacher or headmaster?

The downside…

Well, there’s always a ‘but’…

… what if these ‘experts’ have their own ideological agenda that they wish to see carried out?

Or, what if these ‘experts’ are carrying out someone else’s ideological agenda?

“Leaders without boundaries”

Making sense yet?

Who is running this country? Our ‘democratically-elected’ leaders? Or the unelected ‘experts’ who are ‘advising’ them on policy?

We already know that the UK Government (and other governments around the world) have had ‘climate policies’ dictated to them by ‘climate change scientists’, sorry, ‘advised’ by climate scientists. (You know, the 97% of scientists that are in complete agreement?)

The current ‘lockdown’ situation in response to the ‘coronavirus’ Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ is also as a result of ‘advice’ from public health ‘experts’.

I know of at least one person who wrote to their MP with concerns about the current UK lockdown due to this ‘pandemic’ and provided well-resourced information which contradicts the ‘mainstream’ narrative, and received a response which basically said “the Government is acting on advice from public health experts”.

Who’s In Control?

So it seems we are already living in a technocracy, where the Government is ‘acting on advice’ from ‘experts’.

Who exactly are these ‘experts’?

It stands a very good chance that these ‘experts’ are Common Purpose graduates themselves, or have been programmed/conditioned by other Common Purpose members.

As per the links provided earlier, Common Purpose graduates/members are everywhere – within the NHS, police service, Civil Service, local government, charities, media outlets, educational establishments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), consultancies, and various other organisations.




If you’ve ever wondered why things just don’t make any sense anymore, join the dots and understand that there is a common thread linking everything together: Common Purpose.

Nobody elected these ‘experts’. No-one seems to question their judgement or ‘advice’.

They may be right, they may be wrong. But should we be so beholden to these ‘experts’ that we dare not question their own motives or agenda?

The technocracy is already here, we just don’t know it yet, because we still ‘trust’ our elected officials to be doing “what’s best for us all”.



I like your style a lot. The Police are not true to their own beliefs and are lost in their own personal agendas. Unfortunately led by the global regime. If 500 police in one county took a stand to not marshal protesters but to join them and take their masks off then we might be able to change the tip of the iceberg. So in turn all other “Common Purposes” might follow suit. Just takes one BBC member to blow out his thoughts and stand up to the lies on MSM. However they do have them by the short and curlies as they need their jobs to keep their children/families safe and happy. 

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Over the years, The Hong Kong Police College has consistently sent its high ranking officers to participate in Common Purpose global programmes for senior leaders.


This is what they want you to believe.



Over the years, The Hong Kong Police College has consistently sent its high ranking officers to participate in Common Purpose global programmes for senior leaders. The aim is that, after this programme, they will be even more open minded and persuasive while handling counterparts from different backgrounds.

“At Hong Kong Police, we do problem solving every day within our own context. We try to broaden our horizons but our work environment is primarily limited to our own city. It is therefore not easy to expand people’s mindsets to look at problems around the world, or even listen to what other people are facing.

“What sets the programme apart is the environment and context that Common Purpose creates – an environment in which diverse people come together to examine a common question that is so pressing in today’s world. Rarely in my experience have we attended a programme that brings that level of diversity – that of culture, sector, background and countries in the room.

“They certainly become better leaders after participating in the programme – it is an eye-opening experience for them. We may not immediately see or realize all the benefits of the programme in the individual, but the impact is far reaching. Every now and then, we can relate back to our experience and that helps us to make better decisions, be more open-minded and navigate uncertainties much better.”



Hong Kong Police Are Torturing Detained Protesters, Report Claims: 'I Tried to Shout but I Couldn't Breathe'



Officers dressed in full riot gear now routinely use tear gas, pepper spray, batons, water cannons, beanbag rounds and rubber bullets to disperse protesters. The force has also been accused of collaborating with pro-Beijing gangs, allowing armed men to assault activists and bystanders on the city's subway and elsewhere.



Protesters, meanwhile, have armed themselves with face masks, goggles, helmets, makeshift shields, clubs and even Molotov cocktails and other projectiles, and direct violence against police lines has become common. The vast majority of activists, however, have remained peaceful.

But police have also been accused of brutality and sexual assault against detained protesters, even when those arrested are subdued. Nicholas Bequelin, East Asia Director at Amnesty International, said there existed a "plethora of police abuses" away from the front line of the protests.

Security forces have, Bequelin added, "engaged in a disturbing pattern of reckless and unlawful tactics against people during the protests [in an] apparent thirst for retaliation."

Those interviewed reported routine violence, sometimes in response to perceived non-compliance. One man, after refusing to answer an officer's question, was taken into a room and beaten.

"I felt my legs hit with something really hard," he recalled. "Then one [officer] flipped me over and put his knees on my chest. I felt the pain in my bones and couldn't breathe. I tried to shout but I couldn't breathe and couldn't talk."


That is Common Purpose red in tooth and claw.

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Technocracy sux. Digitized, mathematical world SUCKS. Is sh-t! Hahaha! Synthetic, cheap copies, counterfeit, fake pseudo-creation. Inherently WORTHLESS. The only value possibly is to have greater appreciation for The Real, The True, The Genuine, Creation, except in Reality that appreciation is constant and Infinite.


They are not nearly as smart as they think they are. "Artificial intelligence" is an OXYMORON. Thanks, for giving me a truthful "superiority complex". It's ALL a hoax. Pretend.


Forgive me if I don't play along anymore.

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Interesting name for the programme linked to the NZ youth recruitment drive. Also curious they're heavily endorsing it via the "Commonwealth" as opposed to any EU connection.










Cultural intelligence the new indicator for business success, expert says

Tao Lin14:09, Mar 11 2016
Based in London, Julia Middleton is the founder of Common Purpose UK, an international charity that runs leadership development programmes around the world.
Based in London, Julia Middleton is the founder of Common Purpose UK, an international charity that runs leadership development programmes around the world.

Auckland's diversity puts the city's businesses ahead of the competition, according to a visiting leadership expert.

Julia Middleton is the founder of London-based Common Purpose UK, an international charity that runs leadership development programmes around the world.

At a Superdiversity Centre conference, Middleton spoke about how New Zealand can develop cultural intelligence to lift its economic and social performance.

Middleton defined cultural intelligence as the ability to cross different cultures, whether that involved different generations, geographies, heritages, faith, gender, organisation or sector.


Transcending borders meant working together more effectively and as the world got smaller, that was becoming increasingly more important.

"The advantage is that you're ahead. As we know, 75 per cent of the world's population will soon be based in cities so those will be cities where the talent of the world will converge," Middleton said.

"Some of those cities have dominant cultures that don't allow new cultures to come in and some of them are still quite parochial.

"Whereas Auckland's been bi-cultural for a very long time … and you're increasingly multicultural, so basically you're ahead of the game."


More linking to the "Commonwealth"


CSCLeaders was a programme for Commonwealth leaders that ran between 2013 and 2019. It was run by Common Purpose in partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences (UK Fund). 

As of 2019, the programme is no longer active



NZ is heavily infiltrated by the Masons, I'd need to do more digging but wouldn't be surprised if CP has weaselled its way in here too.


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On 8/24/2020 at 12:18 AM, rideforever said:

"Creating Leaders" ?  What the fk does that mean ... teaching people how to lie ?  How to manipulate and use the media ?
Soulless indeed.

Another one of those things is "Life Coaching", some soulless idiot tells you that you can deserve everything ... when you don't, and that you don't need to do any soul searching or make any effort ... instead just remove beliefs and everything drops into your lap.  Because you are entitled.

These people are soulless.

In psychotherapy at least people made an effort to understand themselves.

... not while ago i realized that book libraries are leaded  by people which never wrote a book,  those so called  leaders  of dealing other peoples work declared  themselves  of bigger  importance than writers of all  books in their libraries , you can imagine when you meet that kind of leader interviewing you at   job audition  and its you who is writer   ,....

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