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THE END OF THE US CONSTITUTION: The Trump Oligarchy, Alex Jones + The downfall of Steve Bannon


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@MatchaLove Yeah, not to be a cynical person or anything but i'm not sure anyone can do much about this situation anymore. People are so brainwashed and naive that they honestly don't believe a new world order is coming, its laughable really. The majority of people either think everything will go back to the way it was or they believe this is all a smokescreen for human trafficking (it isn't lol). Like a magician, look at this hand so you never see what the other is doing...


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In order to go thru with any NWO plans, they were freaking out recently, you need a flourishing economy. You need people happy and on their medicines and into consumerism. 


They for whatever reason forgot or overlooked that part with their corona mess, and were freaking out about it. I am not saying its fake entirely, its a real virus, I am saying that the means in which people are dying --- like with poisons and already compromised immunity wouldn't be the first time, especially for minorities!!!! In fact, with GMOs which eventually give any person cancer, that is also a slow poison. Roundup is the same company I believe, so your consuming poison prayed produce/grains that are GMOs!!! So, they were experimenting with faster poisons. ITS NOT NEW NEWS!!! Its sad but its true!!!


Too many people talking and watching them now!!! 


Differences in factions and agendas. So, now a lot of them are turning on each other. Its not all gun and roses!!!


Now, like 2007/09, in times of great need is when they get sneaky with wanting to implement new laws like Obama did that take away our rights, BUT b/c this is so BIG no EYES are off them now!!!! They cant do anything, without having a whole bunch of unemployed people looking at the TV screens and actually having time to read the news paper. 

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