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Disastrous Psychological Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic Hoax


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I'd like to see a panel of Experts "Discuss" the Disastrous and Crippling Psychological Effects of the Covid-19 Lockdowns !  Common situations where People,especially Old People have been So Scared and Traumatized by the Government and their Media's Covid-19 Pandemic "Fear Mongering" that many People were Scared to Death to  Leave their Houses and Apartments or to even Socialize with Friends or Family Members.The Physical Trauma on Old People who felt "Forced" to Wear a Mask anywhere they went or even in their own Homes ...and these "Mandatory" Masks were Cutting Off Their Oxygen and Choking Them.How many Old and Sick People have taken Strokes or Heart Attacks or Blacked Out and Fell and Hurt Themselves as a Result of Constantly Having to Wear these Choking,Suffocating Masks !  This Calculated and Criminal Psychological and Physical Trauma and Victimization of People of All Ages Due to of this Covid-19 "HOAX" Pandemic, Needs to Be Explored and Discussed Thoroughly and In-Depth !  Also what needs to be discussed are any and all of the the "Legal Recourses" that are available under the Law to Compensate the Victims and to Penalize and Punish the Perpetrators of this Monstrously Damaging and Criminal Covid-19 Pandemic Hoax !  

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I have already posted about this in the coronavirus megathread but it is also seems relevant to this suggestion.


For anyone in the UK concerned about the effects of the authoritarian response to the "virus", it may be worth participating in the Keep Britain Free survey which will be fed into a House of Lords consultation concerning 'Life Beyond Covid'. They are seeking to represent views of people in the UK who want to challenge measures taken by the government in the past 6 months. The survey specifically asks participants how they and their families have been affected by Covid-19 and the government's response to it.


Anyone is welcome to take part and it is anonymous. Here is the link:



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