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MIGA Qanon Zio psyop shillfest.

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On 8/21/2020 at 5:01 PM, oddsnsods said:

Trumps biggest donor.






Exactly thank you, Odds, like I have been saying about Trump being in with the cabal. Adelson helps the mafia run Vegas. With Bronfman liquor racketeers and the alcohol industry retail stores who were NOT required to shut down during all of this corona crap. Which reminds me...


I go into the grocery store today and saw one lady not wearing a mask. I called to her, "Miss, miss", she looked back over her shoulder and saw me without a mask smiling at her. She stopped her brisk walk and turned to me and smiled big and said, no mask. I complimented her nice smile and said it was nice to see a person smiling back. She asked me if I knew of "Q" and if was a Q fan, she caught me off guard. I said yes even though I think Q is a shill but I didn't want to wreck her happy mood she was in. She seemed in a hurry though or I might have tried to talk longer with her.


Then I get to the check out around the corner and this clown older man, wearing a mask, comes walking up holding a giant bottle of whiskey. I'm thinking, this guy is destroying his liver and kidneys but he thinks wearing a disposable mask is protecting him from a virus. Lol. Facepalm.wow/sigh


Solidarity with Palestine! Israel government can suck deez [brass] nuts! 🌰

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