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Weird Weather - Lightning 🌩 Storms - Fires


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Quite a coincidence that I recently watched a video about hurricane Erin. Not too many people are aware of it (neither was I until I watched this video) but  apparently hurricane Erin was heading directly to NY city on the morning of 9/11/01 and veered out to sea in an unusual way once close to NY waters. Makes you wonder if Haarp was involved in that scenario. 

Here is the video in question.


And one about Haarp


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It makes you wonder what else they might have done, like maybe creating major drought restricting farmers from producing crop thus ending up with food shortages or in wars like it's been speculated to benefit their own army or the enemy.  

Only God knows how sick they are... 

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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars.PDF



Understanding Our Matrix Free Your Mind PART1



Understanding Our Matrix Free Your Mind PART2



Understanding Our Matrix Free Your Mind PART3


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It certainly has been a very unusual august to say the least,infact I`ve never seen a month like it before for extreme weather from the continuous thunder for 3 hours straight and amazing lightning for 3 nights in a row,and near nonstop lightning from clouds to the east and no thunder and the stars were mostly all out,and very humidity with that.

Its gone from drought to floods in such a short space of time,this week we had record windspeeds for august 75mph gusts from 30c to today 12c high.

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