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New Netflix Movie Celebrates 11-Year-Old Girls Twerking

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As of right now, a full 88 percent of critics approve of Cuties, Netflix's piece of soft-core child pornography, while only three percent of the audience agree.

That's not a typo.

Three percent.

Over the years, I've seen some wide gulfs between audience and critic at Rotten Tomatoes, but that probably takes the cake and the pie and the whole enchilada.

Keep in mind, Rotten Tomatoes has worked hard to game these scores to protect its Hollywood masters, and still it's 88 to three.

So, despite what the fake media are telling you about criticism of Cuties coming only from the close-minded and unenlightened political right, Cuties is not proving to be at all divisive, at least not among real people. A full 1,047 audience members voted on Cuties, which means 1,047 of everyday people took the time to log an opinion, and only three percent gave it a thumbs up. That works out to a terrible approval score of less than one percent — 0.69 percent, to be precise.

So where are all the enlightened and sophisticated Biden voters voting Cuties up?


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I find the whole "pedophelia" thing a twisted perverted witch-hunting abuse cult that has its origins in the bold new media of the early eu using the diabolical accusation against the media personalities, politicians and church figures whose reputations they deliberated to destroy with the nw buzzword "pedophile".


Prior to this the word was an obscure socialogic term contra-indicative of child abusive. A pedophile in the pre-90s unbastardised meaning of the obscure word would be ideal priests, teachers, social workers, childrens entertainers etc because they would be the least likely to engage in child abuse since they could form phelial relationships with children that government robots could not. Phelial love in the places such terms are not obscure is held to be distinct from erotic love and agape love. The brave new media character assasinated any who may be opposed to their new international regime with a misnomer suggesting erotic attraction to children.


A culture of bullies calling the virtuous a bunch of gay boys.


27 years, 4 wars, a expansive surveillance state, abolished sovereignties and seriously degraded human rights later and emotional, psychological and physical child abuse goes on unabated as everyone focusses on concerns that Prince Andrew might have shagged a 17 year old while Luke Rudowsky is emailed kiddie porn. We hear so much about Rolf Harrises caught with compromising pictures of children on their computer but we hear very little about who takes those pictures and who publishes them and whether is lawful excuse in pictures being taken (Julia Somerville) and pictures being held (evidence of physical abuse versus blackmail gangs). That these practices can be ascertained to be going on while the police chase whatever wild goose the brave new media feed them, the state is visibly powerless in the face of sophisticated criminal gangs where public order is a smokescreen for the surveillance state ruling over an anti-democratic farce where the public are deprived of human rights while the priveleged pretend its a mental illness for anyone to notice.


How convenient it is that I kill no cow when I buy minced beef from ASDA but when the desperate are seeking organs and the overpopulated are seeking abortions in a world which intends an electronic policeman for everybodies phone, where are the pedophiles? Who is who in a twisted world of lies turning children into obedient blinded slaves while pushing sensational slander against anyone who stands in their way. Where are these innocent weapons of war in the hands of blackmailers who have no concept of right and wrong?


Were you a child used for sex pictures in the past 27 years? Where are you? Wheres the evidence?

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