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New Netflix Movie Celebrates 11-Year-Old Girls Twerking


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Some of the Netflix employees appear to be  paedophiles and really fucked up ... the evidence was removed but it appeared in an RT news article yesterday.
Today that RT article has been removed from the frontpage, and new article has been put up by RT with all the details about the Netflix employees removed.  (Twitter also removed the material to disguise who works at Netflix)

The original article is here:




Here is some of the material from the Netflix employees, who I believe have also had their genitals surgically removed.  Fucked up people.





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So the Obamas have made a multi-year deal with NETFUX, and this film starts getting lots of online attention, the week of the Democrat Conference.

A pop star puts out an obscene pornographic pop video encouraging children to be whores, writhing around with snakes and satanic imagery, over 100 million views on Youtube, and almost the next day does an interview with Joe Biden.
Is this the real manifesto they are putting out, the week of the DNC, one of darkness, signalling their real agenda?
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When I heard the Obamas had taken up positions in a multi-year deal with Netflix (NET FUX) the sense of foreboding was immense - essentially anything that channel put out they'd get away with. with such powerful people at the helm. And normalising all sorts of abuse, satanism, pedophilia would have a free reign. Now here we are and its happening. And this is what they have created after the failure of TV, and the demise of freedom of speech on the internet, so all off to Netflix as planned, which I hear most stuff on there is of a violent and satanic agenda. Theyve cornered their messaging on mainstream media, as planned. And now comes the arty films and videos, all in the name of culture, normalising paedophilia, trapping children in a net to f**k them, hence NET FUX.


Purchase power is one of the few powers as citizens we really have, to change things by our choices, because if they dont get our money, they dont exist. Cancel your Net Fux, save the children, make a stand, make a change.

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   Normalizing the sexual view of children is far deeper than obvious movies depicting such things. What you should note about human nature is that what effects a human's sexual interest, is directly linked to what they're exposed to as a child leading up to puberty. Sexual interests develop and it's all dependent on exposure, and TV and especially cartoons play an important role here, in influencing humans to be drawn to such things. This is a phenomena which has been well established, represented very clearly by  the statistics of those who are criminally convicted of sexual acts towards children, and the connection to their own personal past history with being abused as a child themselves, or having witnessed such acts at a young age. What you're left with now is grown men and even women, who have Naturally developed their sexual interests towards the young and underdeveloped, as well as victims of child abuse, giving into the temptations woven into the fabric of their being via exposure. Plain and simple, this is a species that lacks control of themselves and has no ability or common sense of what influences their own children in all forms of divine focus.

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The netflix people should be prosecuted, for doing child porn. This is effectively soft core porn, with children.


Its disgusting, and netflix should be prosecuted for this. Exploitation of children. A society that does not protect children, has no civil society. Netflix should be prosecuted, for showing child porn, on there service, as essentially this is what it is. Imagine how many paedo people, will getting off to this disgusting film.


The normalisation of paedophilia, should never be accepted by people.


All throughout nature, animals, especially all mammals protect there young, against predators.


Clowns like richard dawkins tries to rationalise paedophilia, by using nature. But its bull, all throughout nature, animals protect there young.


If you look at the world, the only civilised places are places where age of consent exists.


Glad i never subbed to netflix, and its disgusting, that such a film is on there, and allowed to be shown. The normalisation of paedophilia, should never be accepted.


There should be some parents out there, who should open a lawsuit against netflix, for doing such a film, and showing it on there service. Soft core child porn, is still porn, and child porn, is supposed to be highly illegal.

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What's more disturbing is the MSM etc supporting this movie.


They think it's just a few crazy right wing church goers who are trying to inflict their views etc.


This is no different  than their upport from the BLM movement


they ALL need to be called out


Trying to normalise pedos

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6 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Yep, thats absolutely insane.


A society that does not protect children, will have no civilised society.


One of the main differences of why 1st world became 1st world, was there ideas of age of consent, and protections of children against predators. In nature, you will see all mammals protect there young, and these are important instincts against the brutal world, that nature is.


So the new yorker is effectively saying natures own survival instincts are some right wing rubbish.


Paedophilia, should never become a normalised sexuality. Adult humans have no right to have sex with kids, or want too. Kids under the age of consent, cannot consent to sex, and sexual stuff, and the kids in this doc, were victims of child exploitation, and the makers of that film should be prosecuted for such things.


This doc, is essentially soft core child porn.


There will be alot of paedos watching this on netflix, getting off to it.


Meaning that netflix is promoting child porn in effect.


Its total insanity that these people try and claim, its some right wing jobs that are anti this. No, all through out nature, mammals protect there young, until they are of age to go it alone. For humans in civilised world, we call this the age of consent. For me the age of consent for heterosexual sex should be 16. Kids, do not understand the dangers and consequences of there actions, until a certain age. Whether people like it or not, that is an absolute fact. This leaves kids open to adults who are paedos, looking to exploit a childs naive ideas, and views on the world.


This film is essentially soft core, child porn, trying to normalise paedophilia.


The kids in this film, were exploited, and had no way of consenting to this stuff, as they knew nothing about what this stuff would do, and the consequences of these actions. The kids in that film, had no right to consent to doing it, and legally they were exploited.


Netflix, should be prosecuted for child exploitation, at the least.

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People don't want to hear the truth it isn't welcome anywhere, it doesn't get you many friends and the ones you do have want to quickly disappear when you start speaking it!


Earth is the surface of the hell realms

Once you understand this, our reality makes a lot more sense


Our reality is an illusion, as if an artificially induced state which sits on a barrier with hell and a relentless cycle of suffering exists here feeding those beasts, while maintaining a careful crafted fantasia over the minds and hearts of mankind, so they don't realise or understand the state of existence we are actually within, but remain hypnotised chasing pursuit of folly.

These peoples behind Globalism and all their agendas of population control, the slaughter of the innocence to take us there, are trying to liberate those parasites within those lower hellish death realms beneath us and they worship them as God's, as they're capable of transmitting information through time they can move into like a domain.


This liberation is by manipulating frequency and the morphic field, to resonate with a frequency which draws those beings into manifestation.

This cannot be done any better than by the use of technology. It has to be built by us within this construct. This is why Nikola Tesla and the use of his technology would have been highly dangerous to the Globalists in the wrong hands and much better, in their hands. 



Apart of this is abuse of children and they're trying to normalise this abuse, so it can become passively acceptable via the sexualisation of Children.
This is only happening because they've been found out by many people and they need to stop this tidal wave of other people realising their perversions and corruption that has existed behind the scenes for thousands of years, well maintained until present day.

This of course sounds completely insane to some people and it is because we have become hypnotised by a fantasia reality, no different to a prisoner in a cell believing that's life. There's nothing beyond this and anyone whom even ventures such notions are mad...


It's all very well and good thinking and saying, life is and can be whatever we each make it.

You could live a life of unbelievable happiness if you wanted to and live your life that way in your own little bubble cocoons. That's the Fantasia.

That ain't going to stop you walking past the homeless on the street. It isn't going to elimate suffering that thrives here for everyone else, unless your bliss is accompanied with ignorance.

As, this state of suffering is derived from the ground of our reality and existence here.

The reason people don't want to hear or accept this is because it sounds deeply negative.

But it's actually very liberating when you start to notice and accept such a state affairs, you stop banging your head against the brick wall 🙏

You start to see why what's what. Why what is is, and that corruption rules this world, instead of having to keep yourself in denial or within a state of ignorance to this fact and moleste your own mind into ignoring so much to trust these people behind the direction of so many lives based on fear based bullshit.


Capital Punishment isn't good enough for these people. It puts the power of the death penalty into the hands of government. The people largely responsible for; aiding, abetting, participating, law making, covering up, normalising...


Mob Justice ⚖ 

I'm a Libra so I know what I'm talking about 😆 believe me!

We should be hanging these people from lamp posts in the street, if only people knew!


(Same goes for governments in many places connected with Global Order!)


But, they're well looked after by their own!

And still, too many people either don't know, don't care or have become passive about this state of affairs..


They tell you, in the movies...



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I just know something's wrong with this but just can't quite put my finger on what it is? 🤔

So, if you want to blame anyone, blame the immigrants, sounds reasonable...
This is the Globalist Agenda of destruction and transformation of culture by creating a clash of cultures, rather than both those cultures calling you out.
This is part of the plan all along.
You create devastation in the Middle East, you open the door for mass waves of immigration, you play off the influx of immigrants who of course bring their own culture with them and play them off against one another in your Cultural Marxist games of division and class it as, "Diversity" and "Liberal".
Meanwhile, that diversity is destorying and attacking the underpinning culture of the host nation, which no one talks about in such a fashion. Not until an air of Extremism is cultivated through the lack of voice people are getting. 
This has been systematically achieved and carefully planned for what we are seeing here.
Wherever it be around the world.
It's systematic and widespread.
Then, you create this NWO Multicultural Ethos of Unity and Global Order, out of the Chaos you created.
I believe that's what we are seeing here.
It's no difference than the BLM scam only this is by exploitation of children, seeking to promote sexualisation of children as an establishment wetdream and mechanism of creating cultural conflict.
I really hope it backfires in their face!
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This movie reminds me of other Hollywood movies that have dark undertones of pedophilia, notably Pan's Labyrinth. Anyone who is familiar with Satanism and the occult knows that “Pan” is the pagan god of sexual fertility, lust, homosexuality, rape and pedophilia. Many statues of Pan display him with an erection. 


“ Pan's Labyrinth' is a fanciful and chilling story set against the backdrop of a fascist regime in 1944 rural Spain. The film centers on Ofelia, a lonely and dreamy child living with her mother and adoptive father; a military officer tasked with ridding the area of rebels. In her loneliness, Ofelia creates a world filled with fantastical creatures and secret destinies. With post-war repression at its height, Ofelia must come to terms with her world through a fable of her own creation.”


The movie's producer has openly stated that one of the works which largely influenced the making of Pan's Labyrinth is the THE GREAT GOD PAN, a novella written by Arthur Machen in 1890.



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