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400 Years of Falling

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I read that in the last 400 years or so there has been a major decline in spirituality around the world, and that even 400 years ago there was vibrant debate and progress but then suddenly ceased and it all started declining ... that information comes from big sources.

And I wonder why that happened.


One thing is that in about 1600 Shakespeare wrote the Merchant of Venice, in that he points out Shylock a Jewish moneylender who is evil ... so at that point in time the Christian world seemed to hold inside it a knowledge of usury banking in the popular culture.  Strange how things have changed.




British Colonialism was also going through a powerful period around then, a period of expansion that demonstrated power within British Culture.  I think much of the criticism of Colonialism is incorrect actually, because it represented a well structured and efficient spirit within the culture, a golden age.


Today's criticism of British Colonialism I believe is a transposed criticism ... what people wish to criticize is not Britain's past, but how they are now ... how weak and cowardly Britain is now ... and they do that by criticizing the nation's past.




Anyway, I am not sure if the Colonial period destroyed something - some underlying spiritual contact - that heralded an era of damaged spirituality, or perhaps the damage happened mid-way through Colonialism when the Christians started to doubt themselves and feel guilty (as if anyone would do anything different).




Or it could be some celestial forces, the shifting of the planets ... or even just a cyclical rise in cynical materialism ... that has changed things on the planet ... at about the 400 years ago point.






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