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Are these tinkering aliens immortal, if not what is their lifespan in human years. Did they limit our mortality to say 75 years with a built in ending self destruct button aka Blade Runner Roy Batty. Do we have a life before this one and after or are we just alien bots. Toys  To be discarded a grim picture indeed folks. Hmmm. A slave race deliberately kept in ignorance and unknowing, kept in check by our 5 sense limitations. Sixth sense transcendence mystical experiences precognitive dreams. Lucid dreaming where you can feel the wind in your hair, smell taste fly. Ecstatic wonder and awe at this creation. Beyond the 5 senses  God Mode. All is imagination it is what we are it creates the 5 sense illusion. Synethesia to see with the cells of your body. To realize that thoughts are real eternal cannot be destroyed like a ripple in a pond  Went off on one there don't know what came over me. LOL Kelvin.

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so ... the aliens who tinkered with us are the Annunaki (not the  reps) through tech they have extended their lives to around a million years ...


They , like us were created by Creator ...they have a soul .... like us they die and go to the divine realm  where they become very nice and have a right thinking "Divine" attitude .... then are born again ... The problem is because they only go to the divine realm every million years they lose the divine perspective ... become very mean and nasty .... but long life makes them very intelligent 


They limited our life to 70 years to keep us stupid ... but frequent visits to the light make us very sweet , moral and divine creatures ...


They also messed with our mental component splitting our minds into unconscious /conscious  for ease of Mind control .. both psychic and technological ...


Nothing wrong with only 5 senses they deliver more than enough data to process .... 

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there are some that operate outside of our notion of time or they just could be really fast or have the ability to operate tremendously quick (though that doesnt dispute the first suggestion of operating outside our notion of time)

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what i have come to understand



reality consists of the physical universe, the astral planes, and hyperspace. there are aliens, extraterrestrials, and spirits. these life forms are positive and negative but as far as we are concerned, the earth, it is negative forces that are in control. angelic spirits are in the upper astral plane and demonic spirits are in the lower astral plane. aliens are physical; extraterrestrials are simultaneously physical and nonphysical.


this is a simplification.


the earth races are a long-running genetic experiment. karl mollison tells us that 4%-5% of people have an alien implant. alien abductees number in the millions.





stewart swerdlow
karl mollison

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