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Space Aliens, Fake News, NWO

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What to make of some within the ufological community or hierophants at the fringes of it who seem to reveal their true colors whenever the topic of Fake News is raised?


I refer to those who claim to be marginalized by the MSM due to their paranormal beliefs, yet who nevertheless take to twistedly identifying proverbial Alice's looking-glass as being in reference -- not to the intelligent mockingbirds who control the topsy-turvy mirrors from the shadows of the Fourth and Fifth Estates -- but to the "Fake News" supposedly propagated by the conspiracy theorist subculture itself.


This, a shocking distortion of truth if there ever was one!


In instances such as these, what might explain this: self-delusion, or a light-masquerading mouthpiece of a benighted muse?


Q: Do you think there exists cultural fringe-dwellers whose covert assignment is to acclimate their following to the idea of a global utopia, via a paranormal narrative -- say, to be ushered in by "spiritually evolved" and "environmentally conscious" ETs? In other words, might the concept of a NW(O) be taught within certain ufological circles, by either ideological sell-outs or possibly outright wolves in sheep's wool?

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It's of interest to note that back in the days of the Contactee movement, certain elements within the U.S. intelligence communities had kept a close watch on what some of these Contactees were saying, about messages pertaining to nuclear disarmament and the environment, as these could be seen not to originate from altruistic spacemen from another planet with a curious interest in our own, but possibly instead from fifth columnists or from saucer enthusiasts under the psychological influence of otherworldly messengers of deception. The cosmopolitan appeal or veneer of these supposed aliens from outer space was enough to set off alarm bells in the minds of federal dossier-keepers, with an interest in protecting democratic national sovereignty.

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