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Vermin of the Earth


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I'll tell you something about "people" ... when they die, on that last day lying on their back, they all die with a smirk on the face.  A smirk because they spend their entire lives destroying anything good. 


When they see something good ... they think ... oh I can get something out of this.  And they are interested in it and try it out.


But later on seeing something good they have a sense of insecurity.  It makes them feel a bit bad, because ... because here is somebody who isn't a complete mess.  Here is somebody making an effort.  Here is something honest, here is someone earnest.
And they hate it.

They loathe it .... they loathe honesty ... because it makes them feel insecure.
They hate good people, it makes them feel a little weird inside.

Then they start with their little tricks, whispering bad things in the background, making little jokes and digs, undermining it ... because they can't stand it.

Soon a few them get on the act and make a little team, blaming this thing or person ... blaming it and they build up a little crew.

They try to get into positions of authority and then open the door to all sorts of assholes that will help them with what they are trying to do.

And one day it all comes crumbling down, destroyed.

And this little band of "people" walk away smirking.

Yeah, they are laughing on the way out.

Another good thing that they snuff ... so they don't feel insecure, so they feel ... "safe".


Once what is good is destroyed and wiped from the Earth, the "people" feel better again, they don't feel insecure any more.

They are all equal.


Sometimes they came with big ideas, saying they are going to "sort it out", "fix things" ... but they have a little plan in their back pocket.

Soon they are up to their tricks and bringing their friends and bringing it down again.


And that's what mankind is.  The entire species is like that.

Vermin of the Earth.
Only 1 in a million is worth something more than that.

Only 1 in a million is able to restrain his inner shitness and make some small effort to be a worthwhile creature.

They always complain that "someone else" is doing it ... "somebody bad" is doing it, causing all the problems.

But they don't care, they don't really care who is causing any problems ... they just want to kill anything good ... that's what they really want.

They have such a high opinion of the world of chaos of shit that they have made ... they walk around clucking about other "bad people".

They don't care about bad people it's just another opportunity to ... gawk, to talk, to argue, and to imagine they are doing something useful.

Everyone has a "bad people" they complain about.

Of course ... it's never you, is it.

It's never them because they have such a high opinion of themselves.


That is what mankind is, truth be told.

Destroyers of anything good.

And very very few are willing or able to be anything more than that.


If you give someone a problem, a bad man doubles it, a good man halves it.

After they murdered that guy Jesus, one of the Roman guards said that "he was the son of God" ... because the Roman had seen him die with dignity.

Maybe after they kill everything good a little regret creeps in.

But not for long, they'll be pissing on his grave and having a good ol jolly knees up again.

And talking about the "bad people" who are causing problems.

Nudge nudge wink wink.


If we see anyone who thinks they are cleverer than us ... one of them do-gooders ... we know what to do with them, don't we.

We know what to do with those kind of people.

We get rid of them ... so things can be back to normal.

Just how we like it.


They are in effect agents of evil.

Jesus said, if you are not with me then in fact you are against me.

You are against me, and against your self.


Make no mistake "people" die smirking.

And if they have prevented you from experiencing anything good, then their smirk all the more.

One day no more "people" will breathe on this planet.


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I heard this story once whilst on a Buddhist retreat.


The Story of the Son of Mahadhana

While residing at the Migadaya wood, the Buddha uttered Verses (155) and (156) of this book, with reference to the son of Mahadhana, a rich man from Baranasi.


The son of Mahadhana did not study while he was young; when he came of age he married the daughter of a rich man, who, like him, also had no education. When the parents on both sides died, they inherited eighty crores from each side and so were very rich. But both of them were ignorant and knew only how to spend money and not how to keep it or to make it grow. They just ate and drank and had a good time, squandering their money. When they had spent all, they sold their fields and gardens and finally their house. Thus, they became very poor and helpless; and because they did not know how to earn a living they had to go begging. One day, the Buddha saw the rich man's son leaning against a wall of the monastery, taking the leftovers given him by the samaneras; seeing him, the Buddha smiled.


The Venerable Ananda asked the Buddha why he smiled, and the Buddha replied, "Ananda, look at this son of a very rich man; he had lived a useless life, an aimless life of pleasure. If he had learnt to look after his riches in the first stage of his life he would have been a top-ranking rich man; or if he had become a bhikkhu, he could have been an arahat, and his wife could have been an anagami. If he had learnt to look after his riches in the second stage of his life he would have been a second rank rich man, or if he had become a bhikkhu he could have been an anagami, and his wife could have been a sakadagami. If he had learnt to look after his riches in the third stage of his life he would have been a third rank rich man, or if he had become a bhikkhu he could have been a sakadagami, and his wife could have been a sotapanna. However, because he had done nothing in all the three stages of his life he had lost all his worldly riches, he had also lost all opportunities of attaining any of the Maggas and Phalas."


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An interesting thing about the cough "spiritual path" is that it's not that difficult.

The difficult thing is, living in this kind of "world" with these kinds of people, the difficult thing is coming up with a reason why you wouldn't want it to end.  I suppose most people cannot come up with anything.


Many families are at war with each other, simmering grievances go on for decades.

It's not that way with other people though.

Only because you don't know them.


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A lot of truth ride forever and very rarely has being a good honest person been for my benefit.


I discussed this with somebody recently a fellow honest virtuous person and we can't understand why the pack want to tear us down all the time despite this we will never change our behaviour toward others.

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Monkeys are what "people" are.

They have invented all sorts of long words that they use to impress each other.  Than the others gawk and imagine one is more "smart" than the other.  And then they start brown nosing.  Brown nosing is their favourite game.

If you could see inside "people" you would see that they are monkeys, people-monkeys and the game would be over.

And you could understand "the world" that they have made, and how it all runs.

All the bullshit they invent is to disguise themselves, and to take turns at having the most popular backside.

That is why people talk of Buddha 2000 years ago, because it is rare indeed that any of these brown-nosed-dumpster-eaters can make a jump upwards.

Their "intelligence" is so low that they kill anything that is different from themselves, it's the only reaction they have, sniffing each other's bottoms or murder, they don't know anything else..




If they could bring themselves to feel a sense of shame for how they live they would have a chance, but they are taught from their parents to lie about what  they actually think and feel that they no longer think and feel anything.  They just fit in with the crowd of fools, and say good morning to their neighbours in a phoney voice ... once they fit in with the walking dead around them, then they are at peace.  They are equally dead to their neighbours, and when they grow up they will teach their children to lie about who and what they are, then they can be "happy" which they all want to be ... "happy" actually means to be a soulless liar that lives through destruction.

It is good that they don't go to church any more, otherwise the building would have to be disinfected all the time.

Existence watches them without interest.




BoJo made himself "sick" in order that he could avoid his responsibilities ... afterwards things were much easier for him, he could hide in his bed pretending to really care and disguise his cowardliness.  Then he could hold his head up and pull down his pants, which makes him feel relieved.   It's not just the rainbow people who have emasculated themselves because life is easier that way.




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Another "interesting" thing about human monkey people is that they seem to be equipped with several higher faculties that they don't use.  How is that possible that they have higher faculties inside them?  If you could imagine a group of eagles that no longer used their wings and hoped about pecking at garbage, that's the sort of situation.


That's the meaning of the fall of mankind.  In the distant past it seems the species had deserved and earned the right to have higher faculties ... but over time somehow they have come to betray them and return to the animal kingdom, and these higher faculties are like vestigial functions that they no longer recognize.  In fact "people" hate their higher faculties and attack anyone who uses them.


It is thought by some in the esoteric world that nature is currently reorganising the "people", downwards, nature has given up with "people" and is removing the faculties and dropping the species down into the animal kingdom, which is why there are so many of them now and why the population is exploding.  When creatures are low down you can have a lot of them, like insects.  Higher creatures you only need a few because they transmit so much energy you don't need many, but once they have become useless then you need to generate lots of them.


It's quite interesting how nature does her business, she's not wanting to meteorite the whole planet ... everyone gets a life more or less, but the volume is being turned down on humans, less effort is being spent to assist them, in a century or two they will have lost the need to have clothes and will be another type of ape in whatever remains of the earth.



Another "interesting" thing about "people" ... they often say that everything should be shared, a free-flow of information ... sounds nice doesn't it.  But they are up to their old tricks again.  They have no interest in learning something, they use this idea of "sharing information" ... they use it to look into your pockets ... and if they find anything they will kill you for it.

Because nobody should have anything they don't have.

The don't even care what's in your pockets, they just want to make sure you don't have anything better than they have, because it makes them feel insecure.

Why should they, we're all equal aren't we, nobody is better than me.

So they slyly invite people to share what's in their pockets ... but the monkey people are scanning you, scanning inside your pockets to see if you've got anything different ... if you have anything of your own.

Nobody should have anything of their own, because nobody is better than me.

Yes they are really interested in you sharing with them.


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And another interesting  not-interesting thing ... on the spiritual path you are often told to be meek and kind and peaceful.  In fact this is not actually true, you are simply meant to be real and reality has many things in it, not just peace.  Just be real.   So why then is that message of meekness and kindness and peacefulness put about, what is the reason for it.  Well there are several reasons; firstly it is a message to society in general to stop being violent, it's not a message to spiritual people who have the higher goal of being real ... it is a message to the wider community.  


But there is another reason; the vermin of the Earth long ago learnt that any criticism of their evil can be suppressed by the cynical appeal ... to be nice, to be tolerant ... they have learnt that if you use these words people stop criticising the shambolic and exloitative way you go about your life ... and so you can carry on regardless.  Good trick isn't it.


One of the main confusing aspects of spirituality is this wall of messages put out about always being really "nice", and the strange imagery that comes with it .... mostly of insincere people talking about things they do not do themselves.   And this makes spirituality extremely hard to understand.   Are you supposed to understand to be as fake and insensitive as ... them?  Is that what spirituality is about?   This confusion you have to get beyond.

It's just a consequence of the lying and cynical nature of the monkey humans.   Whatever is left of their "higher faculties" they use cynically to manipulate each other and disguise their low nature.


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Monkey humans long ago began using their own children as means to exploit society and getting status on the brown-nosing ladder.

Once you have a baby, nobody can say anything to you ... you made it, it's a bit like winning the lottery.

And as it slowly dawns on you that the holy grail of babydom hasn't fixed all your inner problems and that person you lie next to every night ... then you start using your pram as a weapon on the street.

But I'm a mother !   I've got one of every colour !

If it'll help you climb on the brown nosing status ladder, cut their genitals off ... or sack the husband and get someone more 50 shades of grey.

The big question is how can I use this unfortunate child to feel less insecure.




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Pretty dark thread isn't it. That's not a disagreement though


I once suggested that my soul mate ought to get a pushchair and a dolly so that she didn't need to dodge and weave so much in the high street. She was one of those types who put everyone else before her, dodging and weaving. She didn't have the balls to do it. It was said, what if they look in?


I said, who cares they'll never get in your way again!! 😄



EDIT: Morpheus has a pram. Neo.. could do with one




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Spiritual teachings continued ... spiritual teachers have told people to follow moral rules and be good ...  as a way to manipulate them  knowing full well that this wasn't really the truth at all.  But when the "people" are so cynical so used to twisting things, then the only way to create any functioning spiritual school is through manipulation and a misrepresentation of truth.




More than that, on Earth most spiritual people are forced to develop a sort of bent kind of spirituality ... because the conditions so dire, that it's impossible to really develop normally.  You have to conceal your light you have to grin and bear it, you have to live in the shit human world and still make at least some progress by whatever means, grow in any possible direction ... all without revealing it to those evil people around you who will feel offended if they ever learn about it.


Jesus said sell everything you have and follow me.  Because the "people" will strip you bear and stab you in the night if they think you have one atom on you that they don't have.  But, in fact there is nothing wrong or un-divine about human life, nothing ... it should be experienced as an immortal holy life ... but such is the state of the "people" that you have to sacrifice this incarnation, you have to cut it down, in order to protect your soul ... as Jesus did when he walked into his own execution.   It is the only way to deal with the "world" .... conceal your truth.  It is better that you look and dress and talk exactly as those people around you, even inventing some vices you can pretend to have ... only then will they leave you alone.  And late at night you can secretly do the work.


Almost all spiritual traditions therefore do not include the awakening of the personal part of the soul, the human part,... instead they are based on the awakening of the impersonal part that is "out there" ... that is much safer.  In many spiritual traditions like Buddhism the heart is specifically not opened because this world is too dangerous.  That is why Buddhists talk about "loving kindness" and compassion, this is a way of touching the edge of the heart energy without actually opening it directly like through the Anahata Chakra.  This isn't the kind of place you want to open your heart, or at least if you do, do it privately and later on after other parts are awakened.  It is better to open the Solar Plexus that is below the heart, this is safer, the SP has emotional energy in it but not quite so close to the heart.


Today it is very evident that all spiritual traditions are being invaded by legions of insect people who enter those traditions with only one thing in mind, to totally destroy any light on the Earth, because it offends them.  And I have seen and I see it, I see them doing it.  On youtube one example is "BibleHub" that is seeking to create an income stream out of the Bible such is the total loss of shame of these "people" ... they have passes of the Bible read out by materialist atheist readers, and illustrate it with cartoons where all the people look like insects.  Surely, any young person who encounters the Bible this way will have all his exits destroyed before he even reached maturity ... which is exactly what the evil in this world wants.  Nobody to leave.

But, on a positive note the one recourse you always have is to shut all your senses and sit quietly on your own, remove the entire world from your field of experience.  Nobody can take that away from you ... yet.


Diogenese, an Ancient Greek Philosopher, walked through the market square with a lamp in broad daylight ... when questioned he said ... "I am looking for an honest man".




It's funny that the most popular topic of conversation that "people" have is who is it that is doing the bad thing.


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Middle Class Hydra
When you say "good morning Mr Jones" as you pass your neighbour on the way to work, you aren't actually speaking to "Mr Jones".  You are speaking to the same person you speak to when you speak to anyone on the planet (or almost anyone).   There are not 9 Billion people.  There is only one "person".
It is a Hydra, a beast with many heads. 
The heads channel the same Hydra, and although they give themselves different names like Mr Jones or Ms Smith ... it is just the same beast.
Look closely into the eyes and you will recognize what it is, when the soul is not there ... who is it that is inside the carcass?


The Spoiled (Royal) Family

The Queen's sister married a sodomite and had babies with him, and that kind of degeneracy runs right through the Royal Family, after WW2 all the strong men were killed in Britain.  And the women, as is usual for women, thought that their wildest sex dreams were going to come true with the newfound "freedom".

The Queen herself managed to marry a Greek man, a strong man ... but never let him out, it would get in the way of her giant ego.

After WW2 the men who were left who were largely cowards and weaklings became Yin, the feminine part of the relationship, and the women Yang.  A reversal, an inversion, unnatural.  This kind of thing happens just before society dies.  




Charles got it right second time round.  But no doubt obeying the signal to be a weak victim from his mother, married the princess of victimhood and had two victimy sons.  The older one through some sense of duty ended up with another Yang woman who at least has some strength to prop up victim son #1, and the second son has arrived at the home of degeneracy, Hollywood.


Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the most degenerate British of them all ?
The middle class of course.  Meaning the office slaves.

Is it not the rainbow degenerates ?
No, not really they at least still feel something is terribly wrong ... and then damage themselves, but at least they feel something.

The office slave class has sold their soul to the devil ... they had opportunity but chose to go dark.

The working class are also like that these days, even the old stock with the old family businesses have long sinced ceased making any effort.  They know they can rape the  middle class toffs with  estimates ending in three zeroes without any effort or explanation.  Just make sure to hoover up after you and wink, after all everyone is in it together.


I know many tradesmen down here in Brighton, and out of the many of them, and through a great deal of investigation and cups of tea ... I did find 3 men who are honest.  Honest not to me, but to themselves.  I like talking to them, it's rare.  They are individualistic people, not fancy people, just people who don't covet material and take pride in their lives at some level.  You could say they are holy people, because that's what it really means.

HMS Hood
Bad day at the office.



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That's quite the assortment of pessimistic thoughts and conclusions. I have felt somewhat what you're describing a couple of times during my life so to a certain point I can emphatise.


However, I am not going to "debunk" what you say and what I don't agree with point by point, I feel that you must have met a lot of abusive, selfish and arrogant people to come to the conclusions you posted in this thread. Despite your negative view on humanity as a whole, there are more loving, selfless and caring people out in the world than the ones you describe. The problem is that the psychopaths and degenerates often shout out above all else. It's the only way anyone listens to them. 


To be honest, I can emphatise again with you if the madness we are currently living in, and have bin as a whole for eons, makes you want to shout out all the anger and sadness you experience. You obviously put a lot of work in this thread and I commend you for being so brutally honest. But I don't feel that you truly believe any of the above, I think your emotional state right now comes from integrity, a sense of feeling alone and a fear of the future. 


Well you are not alone! And you, like all people, have the ability to better the world we all live in. Most won't bother out of being taught from day one what they can and cannot do, in what way and what time. So people become dormant, obedient audience members who statisfying themselves with the comforting thoughts giving by their "sources" of information. Google immidiately comes to my mind.


To finish this reply, and I know yes it's a cliche, if you cannot love yourself you cannot love others and the other way around. We all are connected as human beings, both spiritually as in scientific fact. If you live with your heart the bad stuff won't initimidate or anger you anymore, it is just part of the experience as you perceive it right now. But if you carry these negative experiences with you, you unconsciously are going to black out the good experiences. And good experiences are always there, for free, without judgement carried by people who truly care like you, me and many many others. 


"Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science.

Develop your senses - especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo da Vinci



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Yes thanks for your thoughts.
Yes I am angry.  And I am right about all the above, there are no flippant observations above, only concrete and you'll see it yourself if you look ... does it apply to everyone?  No - a few escape.
All people are nice actually.  They can't be blamed.  It just is what it is.
Who knows why it is like this.
Who can blame anyone born here.

And it is the same when people are thrown into the hole in the ground.

There is no blame and for sure nobody gets angry ... no, people don't care enough to get angry.
They've forgotten how.

It's a strange place, and in the final analysis ... what is the point and upshot of all these descriptions?
What is to be done?  How should one respond to the situation as it actually is?

Yes there is an answer to that too.


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U-Turn Gurus Who Tell The Truth

Another little snippet of knowledge is this ... many of the biggest spiritual teachers on the planet began teaching with open arms, welcoming everyone with joy and positivity.

But after a few years of teaching they changed.
You can see this clearly if you read the quotes of their sayings at the beginning, and compare them with the end.

They had expected that "people" would respond well to their teachings and guidance ... but by the end they knew better.  They started telling the truth about many things, and their popularity dwindled. 

Because students only come along if you lie to them.

If you tell them the truth, if you are honest then .... they don't have any shame. 

Human beings don't really feel shame any more, for some reason, they have lost that ability.

This was the case with Osho, with J Krishnamurti and UG Krishnamurti, with Nisargadatta, even with Jesus, and with many others I could name.  I studied their lives, their words carefully.
They because with open arms, patiently teaching, but after several years of meeting the most insincere and cynical "people", they began to see how rare their self-realisation actually was, and how low the human is.

And that there is no way in hell you can teach openly if you want to live.

And many spiritual teachers said that the moment they die, all sorts of charlatans would hijack their teachings .... they literally said that .. and then after they died it happened exactly like that.  Sometimes, in some specific cases, it happened as they were dying, once the teacher was too weak to stand up ... then the wolves dressed as students moved in.

That was why Jesus "gave them parables so that they do not understand".



And another interesting thing about gurus.  Many of them have teachings that simply do not work.  They wish to help their students but don't know how because for many of the classic gurus they sort of drifted into their self-realisation with no real plan.  So they don't actually know what they are doing.   So they teach a bit of yoga, a few breathing exercises ... hoping that it will help people, but truthfully they have no idea.


Other gurus as they get older reveal themselves as the sheep of the sheep ... they ... perhaps after a little health scare, they reveal themselves as terrified automatons of the culture who aren't really spiritual at all.


What a sight to see all of this.  What a performance.  This whole planet is like a theatre of the absurd.


Nevertheless there are real teachers out there ... it's not really that hard to find them.  They usually sit almost alone with no crowds, and just a few students who are willing to learn.


And nobody is coming to save you.  For whatever reason "existence" ... the force behind this place doesn't seem to care much .... if you don't care.  It leaves you in "peace" ... "peace" for human beings is a highly exciting self imposed chaos-flavoured misery.


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Evil Human Strategies

Human beings have perfected certain rituals here on planet chaos.

One of them is to attack you viciously ... and watch how you react ... if you do react then they point the finger at you and say "look what he's doing" ... and then they smash your face in.

First they act like total tuncs towards you ... and ... you better not react, otherwise they use it as a pretext do really fk you up.

Just like when the USA bombs the Middle East for oil security and then when the local population react the USA calls them terrorists and bombs the shit out of them and calls the locals "violent" or "insane".

This strategy must be pretty ancient and even your neighbours know how to use it.

Of course not everyone has an aircraft carrier, but in their own small way humans know this strategy.

But probably the main strategy is that everything is somebody else's fault, that is #1.


And now for some entertainment on the weekend, bring the whole family and watch another person being "quartered".




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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm not a Buddhist as such but I have studied many Buddhist teachings mainly from the Tibetan traditions and the Pali canon. I used to practice chakra healing and opening, kundalini, transcendental meditation and practices from Hinduism, China, Japan etc. With regards to opening the heart I found the Brahma Vihara practices including loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity very special. During these practices I've found myself flooded with tears of joy as I've experienced my heart fill with light and the warm glow of compassion bathe my entire body. I've also felt the white light of loving kindness emit from my heart sending rays of love for all beings everywhere. Very moving experiences and deeply touching. Although many people refer to these practices as awakening the heart rather than opening it I feel the heart opens fully with joy and love for all beings. I feel the same with the Tibetan practice of tonglen. Again I've felt the heart flow with love and the power of it as a tool of transformation. The connection between heart, mind and body with clarity of mind, insight, tranquility, the softening of my body into a relaxed state of ease and the power of love in the heart at the centre of it all.

I'm not an expert in these matters nor do I believe anyone is. We are constantly changing, evolving, and learning. Even the most learned of people are always learning through the journey of life. 

I am very disenchanted with what I see with regards to spiritual and religious groups in the world today. 

I see the mindfulness "cult" popping up everywhere in books, self help, hospitals, therapy, mental health organisations, schools etc. Where they have taken one core teaching from Buddhism and disregarded the entirety of all the other teachings and westernised the whole thing as a means of helping people with depression, anxiety, physical illness etc. It's like taking the ball out of tennis. You're left with only part of what you need to achieve any long lasting benefits. 

Also I look at leaders like the Dalai Lama in his own words "a simple buddhist monk". A man who is surrounded by wealth in the form of material gains, who mingles with the elite, who travels round the world at great expense, who charges large amounts of money for people to hear him speak and worst of all sat in the mountains of India and watched the destruction of Tibet and it's people and to this day has never returned there. Had he done so the effect on the Tibetans would have been so powerful and the world may well have awakened to the plight of this truly remarkable country and people. Instead he was having dinner with Bill Clinton in the Whitehouse.

Another example is Thich Nhat Hanh. I truly love this man's writing and message he puts out there of peace and universal love. But again, you see the contradictions. He runs (or is the figurehead for) centres around the world particularly Plum Village in France and these places are money making machines. Hundreds of pounds for a weekend retreat where very often you won't even be taught by the main people. 

Surely as it was in days gone by the teachings of the "masters" should be free to all. How can you put a price on sharing wisdom and love from your heart.....

Sorry for the long winded complaint.... but it's better out than in lol 🙂

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59 minutes ago, Moonlight said:

Buddhism is not so much a Religion.....its more a state of mind 🤭



I think it's both.

In the East, millions of people worship the Buddha almost as a godhead and it's very religious with regards to the rituals, forms of worship, deities, Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas. The power of prayer is an integral part of daily life and temples, shrines and religious sites are testament to this.

In the West it is more seen as spiritual, a state of mind as you said. A way of learning the mind, body, heart connection and expanding your awareness, consciousness and living with kindness and doing no harm to others. 

In both cases it is undoubtedly a way of life, a way of being.

I see it as a gentle, helping hand to guide me through the journey of life and prepare me for the passing over into a new realm of existence.

I like the film Little Buddha btw. Although I'm not sure Keanu Reeves fits the role as Buddha. A bit like Mel Gibson portraying William Wallace in Braveheart. 🙂

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1 hour ago, rideforever said:


Yes interesting example ... 


Let me ask you as you have done a variety of practices, how would you compare Buddhist loving kindness or Tonglen ... vs practices of Anahatta Chakra?


Well for me I'd say they are actually very similar. That is loving kindness and anahata chakra practices. They both generate positive energy and deepen your awareness of the heart as the centre of our being, the connection between the upper consciousness realms and lower realms of our physical self. Personally I'd lean towards loving kindhess as I find it transforms your perception of others in a positive way as well as opening the heart to develop a deeper acceptance and love of yourself. They both help generate high frequency vibrations.

Tonglen for me is even more powerful. It's not a practice to be taken lightly though as it can bring out a lot of negative energy if you're not prepared for it. It's often referred to as giving and receiving and there are many different versions. I was taught to go slowly and learn tranquility, insight and compassion practices first. The method I use of drawing in the suffering and pain of others as a dark gritty smoke then transforming that smoke through the heart centre into a warm bright shining light directed to that being can often be hard work but also very rewarding in a sense of helping to ease the suffering of others. If you're not ready you can be overwhelmed by the emotions it triggers. 

Like all things in life I guess it's down to individual choice 😊

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