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On this page are 22 audio book chapters from David Icke, download them all.

They have similar material  to the new book The Answer.




Download interview clips

A number of clips from this groundbreaking interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today!

1. I Refuse To Acquiesce
2. I Will Go Out And I Will Not Wear A Mask
3. The Symbol Of A Mask
4. Stop Cooperating With The Authorities
5. The Winter Is Coming
6. This Happens When You Invent A Virus
7. We Are Consciousness
8. The Elections In This Pandemic
9. Censorship
10. Censorship Out Of Desperation
11. Choices And Consequences
12. The Plan For Universal Basic Income
13. It Will Be A DNA Changing Vaccine
14. I Can Predict The Future
15. AI
16. What Future Is There For Our Children
17. Masks Are Causing Respiratory Diseases
18. This Is How 2022 Looks Like
19. The Outcome Is No Surprise To Me
20. Are You Optimistic About The Future
21. The Heart Will Never Acquiesce
22. All There Is, Has Been And Ever Can Be

Download promotional assets

Spread the word about ROSE/ICKE V and defend our human rights: grab these promos today!

1. I Have the Intention of Bringing This Nonsense Down
2. People Are Starting To Build an Alternative Communication Network
3. Who Benefits From Me Accepting Social Distance?
4. There’s Method in the Madness
5. They Want to Create Chaos, Fear, Upheaval
6. It’s Just a Numbers Game

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