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The 1918 “Spanish Flu”: Only The Vaccinated Died


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Key Guidelines in Developing a Pre-Emptive COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Promotion Strategy


















This paper makes the case for immediate planning for a COVID-19 vaccination uptake strategy in advance of vaccine availability for two reasons: first, the need to build a consensus about the order in which groups of the population will get access to the vaccine; second, to reduce any fear and concerns that exist in relation to vaccination and to create demand for vaccines. A key part of this strategy is to counter the anti-vaccination movement that is already promoting hesitancy and resistance. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a tsunami of misinformation and conspiracy theories that have the potential to reduce vaccine uptake. To make matters worse, sections of populations in many countries display low trust in governments and official information about the pandemic and how the officials are tackling it. This paper aims to set out in short form critical guidelines that governments and regional bodies should take to enhance the impact of a COVID-19 vaccination strategy. We base our recommendations on a review of existing best practice guidance. This paper aims to assist those responsible for promoting COVID-19 vaccine uptake to digest the mass of guidance that exists and formulate an effective locally relevant strategy. A summary of key guidelines is presented based on best practice guidance.




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Great article .....


Regarding Covid , It seems the controllers didn't wan't to release a real plague (Yet)  ... because they would  lose control ... and they are control freaks ....


If a real plague was released , police , military and doctors could catch it and die , and they need these people (for the moment) to implement the "new normal"... So much easier to let the vaccine kill people ... and it's such a joke to them cos people willingly roll up their sleeve ....


You won't drop dead on the spot . I expect there will be a wide variety of toxins and pathogens sprinkled around , one batch of vaccine won't have all the same , this way people won't catch on ....


So if you're family went to your doctor all together , one might be injected with a cancer causing virus which will manifest as cancer after 6 months .... another might get a toxin that debilitates and leaves you with no energy , another something that attracts the liver , death within a year  ..... and another could  just get the nano chips injected , no physical symptoms , but used for more complete mind control with 5G


Those who willingly serve the control grid , like police and nurses will get their jab while at work , this way the controllers can make sure their vaccine is clean. 

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