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3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

they are not being good christians then that is an influence on their mind that might otherwise skew their thinking

that is it,they are "obedient",playing by the rules, any capabilty of critical thinking if used on a latest soccer match and that's it......


fear,fear,fear.....the elite doesn't need other tool for control 

fear is perfect and most powerful



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3 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

that is it,they are "obedient",playing by the rules, any capabilty of critical thinking if used on a latest soccer match and that's it......


fear,fear,fear.....the elite doesn't need other tool for control 

fear is perfect and most powerful


Its a giving over of the individual mind to a hive mind....scary to watch

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Are the government seeking to recruit psychopaths from all walks of life to carry out their MASS vaccination agenda?

Covid vaccine: Volunteers with no medical experience will be trained to give out jab 

St John Ambulance will deliver training so volunteers can inject patients, according to leaked plans

By Telegraph Reporters 17 November 2020 • 1:48am

Thousands of volunteers with no medical background at all could be trained up to administer the coronavirus vaccine in a bid to deliver the Government's mass immunisation plans. St John Ambulance will be one of the organisations delivering training to those who sign up, a representative for the charity confirmed on Monday evening. In plans leaked to the Daily Mail, St John Ambulance said future vaccine volunteers would "be trained to deliver the actual injection to patients". They would also have to "potentially react to any immediate adverse reactions".



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Covid 19 A Review Part 22

Rishi Sunak refuses to disclose whether he will profit from Moderna vaccine

Tuesday 17 November 2020 5:44 pm

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in Moderna’s share price, after the US biotech firm yesterday announced its coronavirus vaccine proved almost 95 per cent effective in trials. Sunak was a founding partner of London-based hedge fund Theleme Partners — a major investor in Moderna — before leaving in 2013 to enter a career in British politics. Stock market filings show Theleme has a $500m (£377m) investment in Moderna, which accounts for around 20 per cent of the total $2.5bn-worth of shares it manages. It is unclear whether the chancellor maintained any investment in the hedge fund following his departure. The company is registered in the Cayman Islands — a tax haven which does not require companies to make their accounts public. Sunak last year declared in a list of ministers’ interests that he was the beneficiary of a blind trust, the contents of which have not been disclosed. But Sunak today refused to disclose whether his investments included a stake in either Theleme’s fund or Moderna when his blind trust was created.


Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will "Lead To Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, & Biological Identity"

Tue, 11/17/2020

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “The Great Reset” when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.

As we highlighted earlier, “The Great Reset” is attracting a deluge of fresh attention in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said was an “opportunity for a reset.”


The agenda is primarily based around dismantling the current capitalist system in favor of greater centralized technocrat rule which will lead to lower living standards, less fuel consumption, fewer civil liberties and the accelerated automation of jobs.

However, another key aspect to “The Great Reset,” or the “fourth industrial revolution” as Schwab calls it, is merging man with machine.

“What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” Schwab told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

KLAUS SCHWAB: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity" #TheGreatReset #4IR pic.


— Robin Monotti Graziadei (@robinmonotti) November 8, 2020

Schwab went on to explain how his book, ‘Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, was particularly popular in China, South Korea and Japan, with the South Korean military alone purchasing 16,000 copies.


In the book, Schwab explains with excitement how upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”

He goes on to predict that this will provide an incentive for law enforcement to implement Minority Report-style pre-crime programs.

“As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase,” writes Schwab. “Even crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”

Schwab also waxes lyrical about the transhumanist utopian dream shared by all elitists which will ultimately lead to the creation of human cyborgs.

“Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us—they will become part of us,” writes Schwab.

“Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains.”

Schwab also openly endorses something the media still claims is solely a domain of discussion for conspiracy theorists, namely “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies.”

The globalist hails the arrival of “implanted devices (that) will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.”

So in other words, the “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” relates to the transhumanist singularity and a future where people have their every movement tracked and every thought read by an implantable microchip.

It isn’t a “conspiracy theory” when they’re openly telling you what they want to do.





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On 11/8/2020 at 4:25 PM, Macnamara said:

Molecular Mimicry


Molecular Mimicry—Understanding the Link between Vaccines and Autoimmune Disease
March 20, 2018
By the World Mercury Project Team

Autoimmune diseases have become increasingly common in the United States and other high-income countries over the past several decades and now affect an estimated 5%-10% of the population in those countries. The broad category of “autoimmune disease” comprises over 100 different rheumatic, endocrinological, gastrointestinal and neurological conditions that ensue when the body’s immune responses get misdirected against itself. Researchers generally agree that environmental factors (including drugs and chemicals) are strongly to blame for the rise in autoimmune disorders, possibly in conjunction with genetic and epigenetic influences—and studies dating back to the mid-1990s indicate that vaccines, with their unique configuration of viral or bacterial antigens and adjuvants, are a biologically plausible trigger.

The pathogenic hallmark of autoimmune disease is the production of proteins called autoantibodies, whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own organs, tissues and cells instead of fighting external pathogens. Vaccines can prompt autoantibody production through a mechanism called “molecular mimicry.”


Consider that countries hard hit by covid have also had previous vaccination programmes for example roll outs of the flu vaccines that could then through molecular mimicry create autoantibodies:


New Cause of COVID-19 Blood Clots Identified

November 02, 2020 2:00 PM

A new study reveals the virus triggers production of antibodies circulating through the blood, causing clots in people hospitalized with the disease.

Blood clots continue to wreak havoc for patients with severe COVID-19 infection, and a new study explains what may spark them in up to half of patients.

The culprit: an autoimmune antibody that’s circulating in the blood, attacking the cells and triggering clots in arteries, veins, and microscopic vessels. Blood clots can cause life-threatening events like strokes. And, in COVID-19, microscopic clots may restrict blood flow in the lungs, impairing oxygen exchange.

Outside of novel coronavirus infection, these clot-causing antibodies are typically seen in patients who have the autoimmune disease antiphospholipid syndrome. The connection between autoantibodies and COVID-19 was unexpected, says co-corresponding author Yogen Kanthi, M.D., an assistant professor at the Michigan Medicine Frankel Cardiovascular Center and a Lasker Investigator at the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

“In patients with COVID-19, we continue to see a relentless, self-amplifying cycle of inflammation and clotting in the body,” Kanthi says. “Now we’re learning that autoantibodies could be a culprit in this loop of clotting and inflammation that makes people who were already struggling even sicker.”

‘Some of the worst clotting we’ve ever seen’

Co-corresponding author Jason Knight, M.D., Ph.D., a rheumatologist at Michigan Medicine, has been studying antiphospholipid syndrome antibodies in the general population for years.

“Half of the patients hospitalized with COVID-19 were positive for at least one of the autoantibodies, which was quite a surprise,” says Knight, also an associate professor of internal medicine and a leading expert on diseases caused by autoantibodies.

In the new Science Translational Medicine publication, they found about half of the patients who were very sick with COVID-19 were exhibiting a combination of high levels of both the dangerous antibodies and super-activated neutrophils, which are destructive, exploding white blood cells. In April, the team was the first to report that patients hospitalized for severe COVID-19 had higher levels of neutrophil extracellular traps in their blood.


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From the article in the post above:


“We don’t yet know what is triggering the body to produce these antibodies, so the next step would be additional research to identify the triggers and the targets of the antibodies,” Knight adds.


Well i suggest you consider the following study:

Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Vaccines

  • May 2015
  • In book: Vaccines and Autoimmunity (pp.141-146)


Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is an autoimmune multisystemic disease associated with recurrent fetal loss, thromboembolic phenomena, thrombocytopenia, and neurological, cardiac, and dermatological involvement. APS is characterized by the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies, which bind negatively charged phospholipids, mainly through β2-glycoprotein I (β2GPI). Tetanus toxoid (TTd) is a potent exotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. DNA hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination was given to 85 healthy students and, 1 month post-vaccination, a minority of individuals showed changes in IgG or IgM anticardiolipin and anti-β2GPI antibodies or lupus anticoagulant. Toplak et al. reported the presence of anti-β2GPI antibodies in 15% of 92 healthy medical workers up to 6 months post-influenza vaccination. Molecular mimicry has been proposed as one of the mechanisms by which experimental APS can occur in association with pathogens.
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Free speech over vaccine dangers


Britains top counter terrorism police officer has called for ''a debate for society to have about free speech and responsibility and people who are spreading misinformation that could cost people’s lives... whether that is the correct thing for this society to allow to happen” in the mainstream media for example the following newspaper article:



Well mate i've got news for you: we are already having that debate! That's right we, the general public, are already discussing these matters in the only place we can which is online. We are not allowed to gather in pubs or in each others houses or in public spaces so we speak to each other ONLINE.


DEMOCRACY began in greece where the public met in the public AGORA to discuss matters of public importance and today our agora is ONLINE on social media including forums such as this one.


Its a public space and we know you are listening so nothing is being hidden here from anyone. We are simply exercising our democratic right to discuss matters of public importance. We are doing this because we believe in our right to freedom of speech.


Now lets consider the next part of your proposed debate which is whether or not misinformation can cost peoples lives and whether or not its right for us to let that happen.


We believe that the missinformation given by the government and its advisors like neil fergusson in order to justify a lockdown has been incorrect and that it has indeed cost lives. Now being peace loving people we don't really know what to do about that. We haven't picked up pitch forks and flaming torches and stormed the parliament, no we have quietly and calmly and in a very british way gone to the public space (the online agora of social media) to voice our outrage at government actions that we disagree with


Unlike the government we haven't killed anyone.


So the answer to your question of whether or not we should allow that kind of misinformation to be spread is that no we shouldn't which is why we are online correcting the governments lies. The corporate media has challenged some of those lies but have also shamelessly pushed some of them too and the answer to what we do about them is that we are using their media less and less and instead using the independent media which is less beholden to special interests so that we can get unfiltered information with which to make informed choices


There are very valid questions being asked about the vaccines and also about the conflicts of interests of key advisors to the government such as patrick vallance and chris whitty and whether or not they stand to make money out of the vaccine roll outs and there are even questions over politicians such as rishi sunak who it appears has links to a hedge fund called theleme that will profit from the moderna vaccine


So we have some very reasonable and justifiable concerns and we are exercising our democratic freedom of speech rights to come together in a public agora in order to discuss these matters


Unfortunately I suspect that what you mean when you say there should be a discussion is that a stage-managed and scripted discussion should take place involving the systems hand picked talking heads who should then dictate down to the rest of us what the accepted views are to have on these issues. No doubt the general public will be entirely frozen out of that 'debate'.


Now i'll put another charge to you which is that despite being an anti-terror chief, i would say that your comments which appear to threaten our democratic rights can and will cause terror in the british public and that you are causing the very thing your job title claims you are supposed to be preventing.

Edited by Macnamara
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Covid 19 A Review Part 23


The Medical-political Complex

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

Politicians and governments are suppressing science.

Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health.1 Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science.



''Pfizer’s history of being fined billions for illegal marketing and for bribing government officials to help them cover up an illegal drug trial that killed eleven children (among other crimes) has gone unmentioned by most mass media outlets, which instead have celebrated the apparently imminent approval of the company’s COVID vaccine without questioning the company’s history or that the mRNA technology used in the vaccine has sped through normal safety trial protocols and has never been approved for human use. Also unmentioned is that the head of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Patrizia Cavazzoni, is the former Pfizer vice president for product safety who covered up the connection of one of its products to birth defects.''


'SAGE was put on a pedestal... but their models clearly didn’t reflect reality': Tory MP slams scientific advisers as damning documentary reveals they relied on WIKIPEDIA data and wrongly predicted virus would peak in June

  • SAGE admitted early virus modelling based on figures from online encyclopedia
  • Committee of scientists advising PM also had no expert on human coronavirus 
  • Dubious data formed the basis for the group's calls for first national lockdown
  • Experts predicted that the peak would be in June - but it actually came in April  
  • Impact of care home staff spreading Covid by working in multiple sites not considered 
  • Lockdown 1.0 – Following the Science? airs on BBC Two tonight at 9pm

By Connor Boyd, Assistant Health Editor and Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter For Mailonline

Published: 00:01, 19 November 2020 | Updated: 11:42, 19 November 2020

No10's scientific advisers relied on dubious data from Wikipedia to help steer Britain through the spring's coronavirus crisis and wrongly predicted the peak of the first wave by two months, an explosive new documentary has claimed. Members of the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) admitted early virus modelling was based on unverified figures from the online encyclopedia, which can be edited and managed by members of the public. Tory MP Steve Baker, who has refused to support the Prime Minister’s second lockdown, told MailOnline: ‘Some of those claiming to be “following the science” seem not to understand the meaning of the word. SAGE has been put on a pedestal as if they are able to produce a single version of the truth. It’s not possible. ‘We were given terrifying 500,000 death figures predicted by modelling that was completely flawed and scientists will no longer defend them. It was the same with NHS overcrowding – and yet that hasn’t happened. ‘We cannot go on like this any longer. The public deserve better than this. We cannot go on with public policy based on models that clearly didn’t reflect reality’. One prominent Oxford University scientist told MailOnline using Wikipedia to guide Britain through the crisis was 'absolutely unacceptable', describing it as a 'damning reflection of our lack of preparedness'.   


Rishi Sunak refuses to disclose whether he will profit from Moderna vaccine

Tuesday 17 November 2020 5:44 pm

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in Moderna’s share price, after the US biotech firm yesterday announced its coronavirus vaccine proved almost 95 per cent effective in trials. Sunak was a founding partner of London-based hedge fund Theleme Partners — a major investor in Moderna — before leaving in 2013 to enter a career in British politics. Stock market filings show Theleme has a $500m (£377m) investment in Moderna, which accounts for around 20 per cent of the total $2.5bn-worth of shares it manages. It is unclear whether the chancellor maintained any investment in the hedge fund following his departure. The company is registered in the Cayman Islands — a tax haven which does not require companies to make their accounts public. Sunak last year declared in a list of ministers’ interests that he was the beneficiary of a blind trust, the contents of which have not been disclosed. But Sunak today refused to disclose whether his investments included a stake in either Theleme’s fund or Moderna when his blind trust was created.


Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

November 18, 2020

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.

The court stated, the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used and the viral load present. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court concludes that

“if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”

The court further notes that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown.

The threshold cycles used in PCR tests in India is between 37 and 40, which makes the reliability of the PCR test less than 3% and the false positive rate as high as 97%.



Immune Enhancement


''Normally, researchers would take months to test for the possibility of vaccine enhancement in animals. Given the urgency to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, some drugmakers are moving straight into small-scale human tests, without waiting for the completion of such animal tests.

“I understand the importance of accelerating timelines for vaccines in general, but from everything I know, this is not the vaccine to be doing it with,” Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told Reuters.

Hotez worked on development of a vaccine for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the coronavirus behind a major 2003 outbreak, and found that some vaccinated animals developed more severe disease compared with unvaccinated animals when they were exposed to the virus.

“There is a risk of immune enhancement,” said Hotez. “The way you reduce that risk is first you show it does not occur in laboratory animals.”''


Edited just now by Macnamara

Edited by Macnamara
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“People know how traumatic the RSV experience was,” said Dr Johan Van Hoof, global head of Janssen Vaccines, J&J’s vaccine unit. “When you see signals in animals like this, we should not ignore them.”

As pressure for coronavirus vaccine mounts, scientists debate risks of accelerated testing

By Julie Steenhuysen

March 11, 202011:07

Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a coronavirus vaccine.

Normally, researchers would take months to test for the possibility of vaccine enhancement in animals. Given the urgency to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, some drugmakers are moving straight into small-scale human tests, without waiting for the completion of such animal tests.

“I understand the importance of accelerating timelines for vaccines in general, but from everything I know, this is not the vaccine to be doing it with,” Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told Reuters.

Hotez worked on development of a vaccine for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the coronavirus behind a major 2003 outbreak, and found that some vaccinated animals developed more severe disease compared with unvaccinated animals when they were exposed to the virus.

“There is a risk of immune enhancement,” said Hotez. “The way you reduce that risk is first you show it does not occur in laboratory animals.”

Hotez testified last week before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology about the need for sustained funding for vaccine research. There remains no vaccine for any of the new coronaviruses that have caused outbreaks in the past 20 years.


Tragic lessons from other vaccines and prior work on coronaviruses have raised some warning flags for developers.

The best-known example occurred in a U.S. trial in the 1960s of a vaccine created by the NIH and licensed to Pfizer Inc to fight respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes pneumonia in infants. The vast majority of babies who received the vaccine developed more severe disease, and two toddlers died. A more recent example occurred in the Philippines, where some 800,000 children were vaccinated with Sanofi’s dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia. Only afterward did the company learn that it could increase the risk of more severe disease in a small percentage of individuals.

Research, including that conducted by Hotez, has shown that coronaviruses in particular have the potential to produce this kind of response. But testing for the risk of vaccine enhancement is time-consuming because it requires scientists to breed mice that are genetically altered to respond to the virus like humans. Work on these and other animal models is just getting under way in several laboratories around the world.

Moderna, Inovio and several other vaccine developers are not waiting for that process to be completed and are planning to launch human trials in record time for a virus that was only discovered in December.

Both Moderna and Inovio say their vaccines are likely to have a lower risk of vaccine enhancement because they are made using newer technology that focuses on specific genes on the outer ‘spike’ portion of the virus. Coronavirus vaccines that caused vaccine enhancement were typically made using an inactivated version of the entire virus. Neither company has produced a licensed vaccine to date.

J&J said it is developing animal models to test for vaccine enhancement and hopes to have a vaccine candidate ready for human trials in October. A Sanofi spokeswoman said the company will examine this risk before testing the vaccine in clinical trials.

“People know how traumatic the RSV experience was,” said Dr Johan Van Hoof, global head of Janssen Vaccines, J&J’s vaccine unit. “When you see signals in animals like this, we should not ignore them.”

Reporting by Julie Steenhuysen in Chicago; Additional reporting by Michael Erman in New York; Editing by Michele Gershberg and Bill Rigby


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Ok so the Daily Mail actually did some proper journalism and made an article critiquing the governments figures on the hole covid-flu-hysteria thing and the government then attacked them for it!...so first I'll post some bits from the original piece and then below that I'll post the follow up piece they did about the governments response....we need more of this kind of work from the media so that we can bring some proportionality, perspective and sanity back to our country and to our lives:

What they DON'T tell you about Covid: Fewer beds taken up than last year, deaths a fraction of the grim forecasts, 95% of fatalities had underlying causes... and how the facts can be twisted to strike fear in our hearts

  • Despite the fearmongering, the number of Covid-19 deaths is significantly lower than the peak back in April 
  • Latest ONS estimate shows that in the week ending November 14, new infections were already levelling off 
  • GCHQ has embedded a team in Downing Street to provide Boris Johnson with real-time updates of Covid-19
  • Analysts will sift through vast amounts of data to ensure Boris Johnson has the most up-to-date information

With the nation’s health at stake, it was revealed this week that GCHQ has embedded a team in Downing Street to provide Boris Johnson with real-time updates to combat the ‘emerging and changing threat’ posed by Covid-19.

The intelligence analysts will sift through vast amounts of data to ensure the Prime Minister has the most up-to-date information on the spread of the virus.

But what exactly should Mr Johnson be looking for? Here, ROSS CLARK reveals what he should be asking…

How accurate were the Government’s grim predictions?

The short answer is: not very. In a July report commissioned by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, scientists estimated that there could be 119,000 deaths if a second spike coincided with a peak of winter flu. Yesterday, that figure stood at 54,286 – less than half that.

In fact, the second peak seems to have passed – over the past week there has been an average of 22,287 new infections a day, down from 24,430 the week before.

In mid-September, Sir Patrick made the terrifying claim that the UK could see 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day by mid-October unless more draconian restrictions were introduced. Yet we have never got near that figure.
read full article here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8973737/Fury-government-uses-Twitter-propaganda-tool-attack-Mails-covid-analysis.html

Big brother fury as the government uses Twitter as a propaganda tool to attack the Mail's coronavirus analysis

  • Anger at attack from Department of Health and Social Care's Twitter
  • Mail article raised questions about government's handling of crisis 
  • Pointed out wildly inaccurate predictions on the number of potential deaths 
  • MPs said 'this is what good journalism is about' and 'open debate is essential'
  • DHSC tried to rubbish article out of hand by calling it 'misleading'  

By Mark Hookham For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 22:23, 21 November 2020 | Updated: 22:56, 21 November 2020

Anger flared last night after the Department of Health and Social Care’s Twitter account was used in an effort to rubbish a report challenging official scaremongering by analysing key facts about the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the headline ‘Covid: What They Don’t Tell You’, a two-page article in yesterday’s Daily Mail raised multiple questions about the manner in which the Government has dealt with the crisis.

It pointed out that Government predictions on the number of the potential deaths from the virus were wildly inaccurate. In a July report commissioned by Chief Medical Officer Sir Patrick Vallance, scientists predicted that there could be 119,000 fatalities if a second wave coincided with a peak of winter flu – but the actual figure has so far turned out to be less than half of that.

The article also pointed out the number of deaths are not far above average for this time of year and that only 31 per cent of intensive care unit beds in hospitals are currently occupied by Covid patients.

But last night a post on the department’s Twitter account declared: ‘This article is misleading.

‘This is a global pandemic – national restrictions have been introduced to keep people safe and save lives. It is vital people follow the rules and continue to stay at home so we can bring the transmission rates back down and get back to normality.’

Last night, leading Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith rebuked the Department of Health – telling it to get on with its job of looking after people’s health and stop criticising newspapers.

The former Tory leader praised the Daily Mail report as ‘good journalism’ and said it was right to look beneath the official figures which ‘ultimately do not help the public understand the nature of the disease.’

 ‘The Daily Mail is right to highlight the problems with the [official] figures that are being produced. It’s what good journalism is about. With respect to the DoH, I really don’t think they should spend their time arguing with newspapers but get on with their job of making sure they are ready to help when patients need it.’ 

He said: ‘The Daily Mail is right to highlight the problems with the [official] figures that are being produced. It’s what good journalism is about.

‘With respect to the DoH, I really don’t think they should spend their time arguing with newspapers but get on with their job of making sure they are ready to help when patients need it.’

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the Tories 1922 backbench committee, signalled that it was not the Department of Health’s job to stifle debate on tackling the virus. ‘Our British tradition is that the people tell government what it can do – not the other way round,’ he said. ‘It’s essential that we have an open, national debate about the best way to tackle Covid-19 and everybody should be free to contribute to that.’

Meanwhile, the Department of Health came under fire itself on Twitter last night. Ex-England footballer Matt le Tissier wrote: ‘Slightly desperate sounding tweet’.

Carol McGiffin, of ITV’s Loose Women tweeted: ‘How? Exactly? No it IS NOT a global pandemic. It has nothing at all to do with ‘keeping people safe and saving lives’ and you know it?!!!’.

Allison Pearson, the Daily Telegraph columnist, remarked: ‘Is this a spoof? I fear it’s the actual Department of Health...’ And Talk Radio presenter Mike Graham said: : ‘Why is it misleading? Are the figures for hospital beds, for death rates all wrong? Are the SAGE predictions not WRONG?’




Edited by Macnamara
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BMJ Sounds the Alarm: COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Cannot Tell Us if They Will Save Lives

By BMJ October 21, 2020

None of the current trials are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospitalizations, intensive care use, or deaths.

Vaccines are being hailed as the solution to the covid-19 pandemic, but the vaccine trials currently underway are not designed to tell us if they will save lives, reports Peter Doshi, Associate Editor at The BMJ today.

Several covid-19 vaccine trials are now in their most advanced (phase 3) stage, but what will it mean exactly when a vaccine is declared “effective”?

Many may assume that successful phase 3 studies will mean we have a proven way of keeping people from getting very sick and dying from covid-19. And a robust way to interrupt viral transmission.

Yet the current phase 3 trials are not actually set up to prove either, says Doshi.

“None of the trials currently underway are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospitalizations, intensive care use, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus,” he writes.

He explains that all ongoing phase 3 trials for which details have been released are evaluating mild, not severe, disease — and they will be able to report final results once around 150 participants develop symptoms.

In Pfizer and Moderna’s trials, for example, individuals with only a cough and positive lab test would bring those trials one event closer to their completion.

Yet Doshi argues that vaccine manufacturers have done little to dispel the notion that severe covid-19 was what was being assessed.

Moderna, for example, called hospitalizations a “key secondary endpoint” in statements to the media. But Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer at Moderna, told The BMJ that their trial lacks adequate statistical power to assess that endpoint.

Part of the reason may be numbers, says Doshi. Because most people with symptomatic covid-19 infections experience only mild symptoms, even trials involving 30,000 or more patients would turn up relatively few cases of severe disease.

“Hospitalisations and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30,000 people,” he adds. “The same is true regarding whether it can save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.”

Zaks confirms that Moderna’s trial will not demonstrate prevention of hospitalization because the size and duration of the trial would need to be vastly increased to collect the necessary data. “Neither of these I think are acceptable in the current public need for knowing expeditiously that a vaccine works,” he told The BMJ.

Moderna’s trial is designed to find out if the vaccine can prevent covid-19 disease, says Zaks. Like Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson, Moderna has designed its study to detect a relative risk reduction of at least 30% in participants developing lab-confirmed covid-19, consistent with FDA and international guidance.

Zaks also points to influenza vaccines, saying they protect against severe disease better than mild disease. “To Moderna, it’s the same for covid-19: if their vaccine is shown to reduce symptomatic covid-19, they will feel confident it also protects against serious outcomes,” Doshi writes.

But Doshi raises another important issue — that few or perhaps none of the current vaccine trials appear to be designed to find out whether there is a benefit in the elderly, despite their obvious vulnerability to covid-19.

If the frail elderly are not enrolled into vaccine trials in sufficient numbers to determine whether there is a reduction in cases in this population, “there can be little basis for assuming any benefit against hospitalization or mortality,” he warns.

Doshi says that we still have time to advocate for changes to ensure the ongoing trials address the questions that most need answering.

For example, why children, immunocompromised people, and pregnant women have largely been excluded; whether the right primary endpoint has been chosen; whether safety is being adequately evaluated; and whether gaps in our understanding of how our immune system responds to covid-19 are being addressed.

“The covid-19 vaccine trials may not have been designed with our input, but it is not too late to have our say and adjust their course. With stakes this high, we need all eyes on deck,” he argues.

Reference: “Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials are not designed to tell us” by Peter Doshi, 22 October 2020, The BMJ.
DOI: 10.1136/bmj.m4037


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New magnetic spray transforms pills into mini robots that can be navigated throughout the body to a targeted area

  • Spray made of polyvinyl alcohol, gluten and iron particles turns objects into robots that can be controlled by magnets 
  • Experts say the innovation could be used to delivery drugs in the body
  • The spray adds a tiny film on the object that is absorbed by the body

By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail.com

Published: 20:17, 23 November 2020 | Updated: 20:46, 23 November 2020

A magnetic spray is capable to turning objects into moving robots, which could be used to navigate drugs throughout the body.

Scientists at the City University in Hong Kong revealed the innovation made of polyvinyl alcohol, gluten and iron particles.

Called ‘M-spray,’ it is capable of sticking on the targeted object and when it activates, allows the object to walk, roll and crawl using a magnetic field.

The team foresees their creation being applied to pills, which doctors to move to a targeted part of the body.

Dr Shen Yajing, who led the research team, told New Atlas: ‘Our idea is that by putting on this ‘magnetic coat’, we can turn any objects into a robot and control their locomotion.’

‘All the raw materials of M-spray, namely PVA, gluten and iron particles, are biocompatible.’

A magnetic spray is capable to turning objects into moving robots, which could be used to navigate drugs throughout the body. Scientists at the City University in Hong Kong revealed the innovation made of polyvinyl alcohol, gluten and iron particles

A film forms after an object when sprayed that is less than a quarter of a millimeter thick, allowing the object to keep its original form.

The spray can also be removed from an objected using an oscillating magnetic field to break it down into a powder – all while leaving the object intact.

Yajing told New Scientist that the powder is then pushed out by the body.



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Covid 19: A review part 24


Wait....air pollution can cause respiratory distress? Whodathunk? Now lets consider the source of the air pollution....could it be that geoengineering programmes that have seen nanoparticulates sprayed from planes into the stratosphere might cause respiratory harm to people?

Thousands of Covid deaths linked to long-term exposure to air pollution

Research estimates around 15% of coronavirus deaths worldwide could be linked to air pollution

More than 6,000 Covid-19 deaths in the UK could be linked to long-term exposure to air pollution, a study suggests. The research estimates that around 15% of deaths worldwide from Covid-19 could be attributed to long-term exposure to tiny particles of pollution known as particulate matter or PM2.5, and in the UK the figure is around 14%. Scientists behind the study, published in the journal Cardiovascular Research, said their figures do not imply that air pollution directly caused deaths from Covid-19 - although it is possible.


As a doctor, people ask me if it’s safe to take a new Covid vaccine. Given that criticism is risky, here’s my very careful answer

24 Nov, 2020

By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his book, 'Doctoring Data – How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense,' is available here.

The type of vaccine being developed against the virus has never – outside of Ebola – been used before. The trials have been extremely rushed & involved testing only small numbers. What could possibly go wrong?

I must admit that I write this article with some caution, because I am acutely aware that the slightest hint of criticism of a vaccine, any vaccine, is risky. 

As I remarked to a friend recently, the moment anyone says ‘vaccine’, the only acceptable response is to leap to your feet and salute, whilst singing Ode to Joy. Followed by fifteen minutes of enthusiastic clapping. Failure to do so, means you are taken out and shot for thought crimes. Doubleplusgood, indeed.

The first thing I want to say here is that the type of vaccine being developed against Covid-19 has never been used before, outside of Ebola. Some people feel that they should not really be called vaccines, because they are completely different from anything that has gone before.

Up to now, vaccination has meant injecting a dead virus (or bacteria), or one that has been weakened and can only poorly replicate, or parts of the virus, or suchlike. Once inside the body, the immune system spots this ‘alien’ material, and creates a response against it, which will hopefully be remembered for years and years. 

The next time the dangerous virus appears, the body will use the immune memory of something very similar, to wipe out the virus (or bacteria) at high speed, giving it no chance to do damage. The first ever ‘vaccine’ worked by using the cowpox virus to immunise against smallpox.

It had been noticed that milkmaids who caught cowpox, a relatively mild disease in humans, did not then get smallpox. It was Edward Jenner who wondered how, or why, this happened. In 1796, he scraped material from cowpox sores, and then scratched it into the skin of people uninfected with smallpox, to see if they would be protected.

His first volunteer was a young boy, who he ‘immunised’ with cowpox scrapings. Jenner then tried to infect the boy with smallpox scrapings. A form of research that would be rather frowned upon today. Luckily, the young boy survived, and vaccination was born. Everything since has been a variation on this theme, of using a less dangerous ‘thing’ to create a defence against a damaging infection. Until now.

Now, we have a thing called a messenger RNA vaccine (mRNA). RNA is, effectively, a single strand of DNA – the double helix that sits within our cells and makes up our genetic code. Many viruses are made up of a single strand of RNA, surrounded by a protein sphere.

They enter the cell, take over the replication systems, make thousands of copies of themselves, then exit the cell. Sometimes killing the cell as they do so, sometimes exiting more gently. Covid19 (Sars-Cov2) is an RNA virus.

Knowing this, rather than attempting to create a weakened virus, which can take years, or break the virus into bits, the vaccine researchers decided to use Sars-Cov2’s RNA against itself. To do this, they isolated the section of RNA which codes for the ‘spike’ protein – which is the thing the virus uses as a ‘key’ to enter cells. 

They then worked out how to insert this small section of RNA, messenger RNA, into the cell, where it takes over a part of the protein replication mechanisms that sit inside all cells. They turn the mechanism into a 3D printer, churning out copies of the spike protein.

These spike proteins then leave the cell – somehow or other, this bit is unclear. The immune system comes across them, recognises them as ‘alien’ and attacks. In doing so, antibodies are created, and the immune memory system kicks into action. If, later on, a Sars-Cov2 virus gets into the body, the immune system fires up and attacks the remembered spike protein. Hopefully killing the entire virus.

This is all, certainly very clever stuff. What, as they say, could possibly go wrong?

The first thing to say is that, with something this new, we don’t really know. It could be that it is absolutely 100 percent safe. We are told that none of the mRNA can get into the nucleus of the cell, where it could become incorporated into the DNA. I hope so. Could it trigger an immune cascade? I hope not.

I know that the researchers will be looking very, very, closely at the novel safety issues that could emerge. If they are not, they damned well should be. However, the timelines here are very short. It normally takes many years to create safe and effective vaccines. Here is it happening in, effectively, weeks.

The early stage human safety studies have been crammed very tightly together. In addition, we will also have very little information on such things as whether or not the vaccine actually reduces serious infections or death, as noted by Professor Haseltine in a recent article: “These [vaccine] protocols do not emphasize the most important ramifications of COVID-19 that people are most interested in preventing: overall infection, hospitalization, and death.”  Prof. Haseltine also argues that the trials have all been “designed to succeed.”

The reality is that we are rushing and rushing. There are very good reasons for this rush, but I advise caution. Should everyone take the vaccine? Probably yes for those at highest risk of serious infection and death, where the potential benefit is high. As for anyone healthy, under the age of sixty, I would wait. As I shall be.

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!


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Coronavirus-induced 'cytokine storm' which can be fatal is triggered by the release of TWO proteins – but antibodies can break the vicious cycle and increase chances of survival

  • TNF-alpha and INF-gamma are the two proteins responsible for cytokine storm 
  • Cause cell death, subsequent inflammation and release of more cytokines  
  • Vicious circle leads to significant damage, with potential organ failure and death
  • But studies in mice found that neutralising antibodies that target the two proteins can prevent death from coronavirus infection 

By Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline

Published: 15:21, 24 November 2020 | Updated: 15:25, 24 November 2020

Severe cases of Covid-19 have been known to lead to a mysterious condition whereby the body's immune system goes haywire and starts attacking healthy cells, rather than just those that are infected. 

This prolonged state of self-sabotage is known as a 'cytokine storm' and can be fatal, but researchers have struggled to understand how it works and how to treat it. 

Now new research has looked at the progression of a coronavirus infection in mice and found the cytokine storm is a vicious cycle, which leads to the overproduction of two signalling proteins called tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha and interferon (INF)-gamma.

They work together to cause the serious condition which can lead to inflammation, organ damage and eventual death. 

But the study on mice found using pre-existing antibodies designed to combat these proteins is an effective way of preventing death in severe cases of Covid-19.


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Covid 19: A review part 25

The REAL cost of Covid-19: RUTH SUNDERLAND's terrifying dossier exploring the full economic damage will make you ask... can we afford to keep the brakes on Britain?

  • National debt more than £2 trillion, equivalent of year’s output by entire country 
  • Borrowing from April to October was £170 billion higher than period in 2019 
  • Bank of England believes unemployment rate will to peak at around 7.75 per cent

By Ruth Sutherland Business Editor For The Daily Mail

Published: 22:24, 22 November 2020 | Updated: 00:15, 23 November 2020

They are the figures that should give any government pause for thought — a terrifying reflection of the catastrophic effect on the economy of the pandemic.

This Mail analysis of the financial cost of the virus — to jobs, the economy, businesses and the public finances — could not be more sobering.

It follows our publication on Saturday of medical data which showed that the Government’s grim predictions charting the course of the pandemic were worse than the reality.

An indication of the true state of the shattered public purse will emerge on Wednesday when Chancellor Rishi Sunak conducts his Spending Review.

Our national debt is more than £2 trillion and counting: the equivalent of a year’s output by the entire country, or £100,000 for every family in the UK (graph showing economic pressure, pictured)

Our national debt is more than £2 trillion and counting: the equivalent of a year’s output by the entire country, or £100,000 for every family in the UK (graph showing economic pressure, pictured) 


COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud

Nov 17, 2020
Iain Davis

COVID 19, and the subsequent governmental responses, appear to be part of an international conspiracy to commit fraud. It seems there is no evidence that a virus called SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called COVID 19.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut. I am not an expert in genetics and, as ever, stand to be corrected. However my attention was drawn to some research published by the Spanish medical journal D-Salud-Discovery. Their advisory board of eminently qualified physicians and scientists lends further credibility to their research. Their claim is astounding.

The genetic primers and probes used in RT-PCR tests to identify SARS-CoV-2 do not target anything specific. I followed the search techniques outlined in this English translation of their report and can corroborate the accuracy of their claims about the nucleotide sequences listed in the World Health Organisations protocols. You can do the same.

D-Salud-Discovery state there are no tests capable of identifying SARS-CoV-2. Consequently, all claims about the alleged impact of COVID 19 on population health are groundless.

The entire official COVID 19 narrative is a deception. Ostensibly, there is no scientific foundation for any part of it.

If these claims are accurate we can state that there is no evidence of a pandemic, merely the illusion of one. We have suffered incalculable loss for no evident reason, other than the ambitions of unscrupulous despots who wish to transform the global economy and our society to suit their purposes.

In doing so this “parasite class” have potentially committed countless crimes. These crimes can and should be investigated and prosecuted in a court of law.

It seems, those who claim we face a pandemic have not provided any evidence to show that a virus called SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called COVID 19. All of the information strongly suggesting this possibility is readily available in the public domain. Anyone can read it.

For there to be a fraud the deceit must be wilful. The intention must be to deliberately deprive others of their rights or injure them in some other way. If there is evidence of collusion between individuals ad/or organisations to commit fraud, then this is a conspiracy (in Common Law jurisdictions) or a Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE) under International Law.

It seems COVID 19 has been deliberately used as a casus belli to wage war on humanity. We have been imprisoned in our own homes, our freedom to roam restricted, freedom of speech and expression eroded, rights to protest curtailed, separated from loved ones, our businesses destroyed, psychologically bombarded, muzzled and terrorised.

Worse still, while there is no evidence of unprecedented all cause mortality, there were unseasonable spikes in deaths. These correlate precisely with Lockdown measures which saw the withdrawal of the health services we pay for and a reorientation of public health services to treat one alleged disease at the exclusion of all others.

Further, it is proposed by those who have forwarded the COVID 19 story, that this alleged disease provides justification for the complete restructuring of the global economy, our political systems, societies, cultures and humanity itself.

To be allowed to participate in their so called “new normal,” which is the wholesale transformation of our entire society without our consent, they insist we submit to their conditions.

These include, but aren’t limited to, bio-metric surveillance of everyone, the centralised control and monitoring of all of our transactions, oppressive business and social restrictions and an effective demand that we have no right to sovereignty over our own bodies. This constitutes the condition of slavery.

There is no doubt that we have been deprived of our rights and injured. In Common Law jurisdictions innocence is presumed, but the evidence that harm has been deliberately caused by an international conspiracy is overwhelming. Destructive policies, enacted by governments across the world, clearly originated among globalist think tanks and supranational institutions long before the emergence of this non existent pandemic.

In Napoleonic Code jurisdictions, guilt is presumed. In order for the accused conspirators to prove their innocence they must show that, despite their immeasurable resources, they have collectively been unable to access or understand any of the freely available evidence suggesting COVID 19 is a myth.

Those responsible for the crime of conspiracy to commit global fraud should be tried. If found guilty they should be imprisoned while the rest of us get on with trying to repair the damage they have already inflicted.

read full article including its breakdown of the science here https://off-guardian.org/2020/11/17/covid19-evidence-of-global-fraud/
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Covid 19: A review part 26

Expert raises flag over the 'shaky science' behind Oxford's Covid jab and claims data behind promising vaccine 'was patched together and doesn't include many over-55s'

  • Hilda Bastian claims data from the two Oxford trials does not hold up scrutiny
  • She said most vulnerable groups to Covid were largely excluded from results 
  • But UK scientist told MailOnline: 'We need to keep the positives in mind'

By Connor Boyd, Assistant Health Editor For Mailonline

Published: 19:01, 25 November 2020 | Updated: 21:38, 25 November 2020

But Hilda Bastian, an accomplished scientist turned writer who blogs for the British Medical Journal (BMJ), claims data from the Oxford trials has been 'patched together' and excludes results from the groups most vulnerable to Covid.

In a piece for Wired, the Australian said the critical flaw was that a dosing error led to a huge boost in the success rate - experts accidentally gave some volunteers one-and-a-half doses of the jab rather than two full doses that people are meant to get. The trials were also never designed to test this hypothesis, which leaves the door open to subconscious biases creeping into the study methods or data, making the study less rigorous. She wrote: 'This week's 'promising' results are nothing like the others that we've been hearing about in November [the studies the results are based on were less rigorous] —and the claims that have been drawn from them are based on very shaky science.

'The problems start with the fact that Monday's announcement did not present results from a single, large-scale, Phase 3 clinical trial, as was the case for earlier bulletins about the BNT-Pfizer and Moderna vaccines...

'The fact that they may have had to combine data from two trials in order to get a strong enough result raises the first red flag.... As far as we know, some of this analysis could hinge on data from just a few sick people.' She said this means the findings could'be a coincidence, or they could be 'biased by other factors'. She added: 'For example, it has since been revealed that the people who received an initial half-dose — and for whom the vaccine was said to have 90-per cent efficacy —included no one over the age of 55.'


What the Leading COVID Vaccine Contenders Still Need to Tell the Public

Given how much we don’t yet know, it’s unclear why those of us asking for more information about the leading COVID vaccines are being marginalised. We’re simply exercising our right to informed consent.


By Rob Verkerk Ph.D

For many people, the problem isn’t just a lack of trust, it’s a lack of data. Scientists like Dr. Tom Jefferson from Cochrane and Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine as well as Dr Peter Doshi, the BMJ associate editor, have long argued for full transparency of trial data to allow clinical trials by vaccine (and drug) makers to be independently analysed.

Demand for transparency is also being called for by Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) which recently warned “… the little information that has been revealed around AstraZeneca’s not-for-profit promises should be a warning sign that pharma cannot be trusted to act in the interest of public health.”

While some vaccine makers have agreed to not profit from the pandemic, AstraZeneca has made clear that it’s limiting its non-profit pledge to Jul. 1, 2021 which it has determined will be the end of the pandemic period.

Clearly they have access to a crystal ball that we don’t!

Vaccine transparency manifesto

In May 2020, together with our colleagues at the British Society for Ecological Medicine, we launched a manifesto for the 10 information criteria we thought should be pre-conditions to providing informed consent for COVID vaccination. These include manufacturers putting raw trial data into the public domain to allow independent analysis, disclosing the full list of ingredients in vaccines and what the state of naturally-acquired immunity is in representative populations prior to vaccination.

The table below shows how the BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna vaccines stack up so far according to our transparency criteria. There is clearly a long way to go before meaningful transparency can be declared.

Table. Current status of transparency on BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna mrna vaccines. Nov. 19, 2020


It’s impossible to give properly informed consent without this information.


A recent study has suggested that herd immunity thresholds that interrupt the progress of transmission might be as low as 10 to 20% from naturally acquired immunity, as compared with over 60% if immunity is to be gained by randomised vaccination. The reality is that it will take many more months to compare the complex pattern of sustained immunity from memory B and T cells, and it may well be that exposure to the real virus elicits a more robust and persistent response than exposure to, for example, endogenously produced spike protein following injection of synthetic messenger RNA sequences.


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Covid 19: A Review part 27



Efficacy vs safety? AstraZeneca vaccine is ‘busted flush’ IF it cannot help elderly – but US jabs may be worse, UK doctor tells RT

26 Nov, 2020 21:17
AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine could be a lost cause if it turns out that it cannot protect the elderly against the disease, Malcolm Kendrick, an NHS GP, told RT. He warned that on the other hand, US vaccines could be dangerous.

“Realistically, it has got to work for the elderly, otherwise it is a busted flush,” the Scottish doctor said, commenting on the recent media reports about the jab’s potential efficacy. Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the vaccine developed by the British-Swedish drug manufacturer might be much less effective for the elderly population than it is for younger people.

The reports came after the company released quite puzzling Phase-III clinical trials data demonstrating diverging results in two different groups of participants. The jab somehow turned out to be much more effective when a half dose was injected and then followed by a full dose a month on.

Bloomberg suggested, citing Moncef Slaou, the head of the US Operation Warp Speed program, that the surprisingly 90-percent effective half-dose regimen was injected to people of younger ages, while another group, which included the elderly, had received two full doses that showed only a 62-percent efficiency.

If Bloomberg’s report turns out to be true, Kendrick says that would mean the vaccine is virtually useless, explaining that the younger population is “remarkably unaffected by the virus itself” and has an extremely low Covid-linked mortality rate. So, it would hardly need as strong protection as people of older age.


COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even Among Medical Professionals

Public health groups, including the World Health Organization, are making a concerted effort to reduce COVID vaccine hesitancy, as many medical professionals and minority groups remain doubtful about safety and efficacy.


By Jeremy Loffredo

Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles’ Karin Fielding School of Public Health surveyed healthcare personnel working in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. As the Washington Post reported, they found that two thirds (66.5%) of healthcare workers “intend to delay vaccination,” meaning they do not intend to get the COVID vaccine when it becomes available. They plan instead on reviewing the data once it’s widely administered and proven safe.

Seventy-six percent of the vaccine-hesitant healthcare workers cited the “fast-tracked vaccine development” as a primary reason for their concerns. Typically, vaccines take between eight to 10 years to develop, Dr. Emily Erbelding, an infectious disease expert at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN in an article titled, “The timetable for a coronavirus vaccine is 18 months. Experts say that’s risky.”

The coronavirus vaccine frontrunners — Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca — are expected to make their debut in January. The pharmaceutical giants have exponentially accelerated the average safety and review timeline for vaccine development and production, to get the vaccines to market in under a year. Erbelding admitted that the accelerated pace will involve “not looking at all the data.”

Susan Bailey, president of the American Medical Association, said in a video that the number of physicians expressing hesitancy was “unprecedented” and “posed a real risk” to public confidence in vaccines.

According to CNBC, during a virtual Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ meeting on Nov. 23, Dr. Sandra Fryhofer told fellow CDC officials that patients need to be aware that the side effects from the COVID vaccines “will not be a walk in the park.” Fryhofer acknowledged that side effects from the vaccines have been reported to mimic symptoms of a mild case of COVID, including muscle pain, fever, chills and headache.

Fryhofer, who explained that both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID vaccines require two doses, worries that her patients might not come back for a second dose after experiencing potentially unpleasant side effects after the first shot.

As a participant of the Moderna vaccine trials noted “it was the sickest I’ve ever been.”




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Covid 19: A Review part 28


A social credit score system is being created in the background, like the one in communist china, under the guise of fighting 'covid':

The Covid data spies paid to know ALL your secrets: Town halls harvest millions of highly personal details including if you're being unfaithful or having unsafe sex

  • A private firm inked deals with local authorities to gather data that can be used to predict who is likely to break lockdown, creating risk analyses for households
  • The system, called Covid OneView, is produced by data analytics firm Xantura
  • Councils said the aim is to help identify those most at risk from coronavirus
  • MPs have said the system lacks transparency and its not clear why so much information about residents' lives was needed

By Tom Kelly For The Mail Investigations Unit

Published: 22:01, 27 November 2020 | Updated: 02:14, 28 November 2020

Town halls are harvesting millions of highly personal details about residents using Covid software, the Daily Mail can reveal today.

A private firm has signed lucrative deals with local authorities to garner the data which can be used to predict who is likely to break lockdown.

The information is culled from council records and includes family debt levels, living arrangements, income, school absences and exclusions. It is fed into a profiling system called Covid OneView to create a risk analysis for households and individuals who are believed to be vulnerable.

Town halls say the aim is to help identify those most at risk from coronavirus. But a council presented slides at a video conference last month showing the information could be used to predict who might break isolation rules.

Our investigation found that the information Covid OneView can gather included notes on:

  • Unfaithful and unsafe sex, emotional health and wellbeing, sleep issues and dangerous pets 
  • Anger management issues and socially unacceptable behaviour
  • Financial details, including debt, low income and tax arrears
  • School attendance, low school commitment and free school meals

MPs and campaigners said the system lacked transparency and it was not clear why so much information was needed about residents' lives.

Jake Hurfurt of Big Brother Watch, a privacy campaigning group, said: 'This underlines the shift toward mass surveillance and data harvesting that has been triggered by the pandemic.

'It's scandalous that councils are using huge amounts of personal information and experimental algorithms to assign people 'risk scores' and predictions behind closed doors. People have a right to know how their data is used and how decisions are made about their lives.'

Xantura, the firm behind the system, said it had worked exclusively for councils for 12 years and 'millions of pieces' of data made its algorithms 'incredibly accurate'. It charges customers £18,000 to use it.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, a joint partner with Xantura in the scheme, said OneView aimed to build on Operation Shield, which identified 1.5million individuals at high risk of Covid.

While Operation Shield was limited to those with high clinical need, OneView aims to help councils identify those most vulnerable to the social and economic impact of the pandemic.

This includes files on housing rent arrears, children's and adult social care and school records. These are used to pick up 'Covid risk factors' which include debt, domestic violence, mental health, and low income.


Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it

27 Nov, 2020 07:58

By Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist and writer based in London. He has a background in life sciences, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in genetics.

Four German holidaymakers who were illegally quarantined in Portugal after one was judged to be positive for Covid-19 have won their case, in a verdict that condemns the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.

Earlier this month, Portuguese judges upheld a decision from a lower court that found the forced quarantine of four holidaymakers to be unlawful. The case centred on the reliability (or lack thereof) of Covid-19 PCR tests.

The verdict, delivered on November 11, followed an appeal against a writ of habeas corpus filed by four Germans against the Azores Regional Health Authority. This body had been appealing a ruling from a lower court which had found in favour of the tourists, who claimed that they were illegally confined to a hotel without their consent. The tourists were ordered to stay in the hotel over the summer after one of them tested positive for coronavirus in a PCR test - the other three were labelled close contacts and therefore made to quarantine as well.

Unreliable, with a strong chance of false positives

The deliberation of the Lisbon Appeal Court is comprehensive and fascinating. It ruled that the Azores Regional Health Authority had violated both Portuguese and international law by confining the Germans to the hotel. The judges also said that only a doctor can “diagnose” someone with a disease, and were critical of the fact that they were apparently never assessed by one.

Read more

They were also scathing about the reliability of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, the most commonly used check for Covid.

The conclusion of their 34-page ruling included the following: “In view of current scientific evidence, this test shows itself to be unable to determine beyond reasonable doubt that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”  

In the eyes of this court, then, a positive test does not correspond to a Covid case. The two most important reasons for this, said the judges, are that, “the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used’’ and that “the test’s reliability depends on the viral load present.’’ In other words, there are simply too many unknowns surrounding PCR testing.

Tested positive? There could be as little as a 3% chance it’s correct 

This is not the first challenge to the credibility of PCR tests. Many people will be aware that their results have a lot to do with the number of amplifications that are performed, or the ‘cycle threshold.’ This number in most American and European labs is 35–40 cycles, but experts have claimed that even 35 cycles is far too many, and that a more reasonable protocol would call for 25–30 cycles. (Each cycle exponentially increases the amount of viral DNA in the sample).

Earlier this year, data from three US states – New York, Nevada and Massachusetts – showed that when the amount of the virus found in a person was taken into account, up to 90 percent of people who tested positive could actually have been negative, as they may have been carrying only tiny amounts of the virus.

The Portuguese judges cited a study conducted by “some of the leading European and world specialists,” which was published by Oxford Academic at the end of September. It showed that if someone tested positive for Covid at a cycle threshold of 35 or higher, the chances of that person actually being infected is less than three percent, and that “the probability of… receiving a false positive is 97% or higher.”

While the judges in this case admitted that the cycle threshold used in Portuguese labs was unknown, they took this as further proof that the detention of the tourists was unlawful. The implication was that the results could not be trusted. Because of this uncertainty, they stated that there was "no way this court would ever be able to determine" whether the tourist who tested positive was indeed a carrier of the virus, or whether the others had been exposed to it.

Read more
Sshhh – don’t tell anyone

It is a sad indictment of our mainstream media that such a landmark ruling, of such obvious and pressing international importance, has been roundly ignored. If one were making (flimsy) excuses for them, one could say that the case escaped the notice of most science editors because it has been published in Portuguese. But there is a full English translation of the appeal, and alternative media managed to pick it up.

And it isn’t as if Portugal is some remote, mysterious nation where news is unreliable or whose judges are suspect – this is a western EU country with a large population and a similar legal system to many other parts of Europe. And it is not the only country whose institutions are clashing with received wisdom on Covid. Finland’s national health authority has disputed the WHO’s recommendation to test as many people as possible for coronavirus, saying it would be a waste of taxpayer’s money, while poorer South East Asian countries are holding off on ordering vaccines, citing an improper use of finite resources. 

Testing, especially PCR testing, is the basis for the entire house of cards of Covid restrictions that are wreaking havoc worldwide. From testing comes case numbers. From case numbers come the ‘R number,’ the rate at which a carrier infects others. From the ‘dreaded’ R number comes the lockdowns and the restrictions, such as England’s new and baffling tiered restrictions that come into force next week. 

The daily barrage of statistics is familiar to us all by this point, but as time goes on the evidence that something may be deeply amiss with the whole foundation of our reaction to this pandemic – the testing regime – continues to mount.


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On 8/18/2020 at 10:55 AM, ink said:

Gene Editing Eugenics in The X Files

X is the female chromosome. 

The XX is rising. 

Time of trouble tribulation means female rival. The Fe male(iron man) 

Xmen X games. 



Hebrew: צרה

Transliteration: tsârâh

Pronunciation: tsaw-raw'

Definition: Feminine of H6862; tightness (that {is} figuratively trouble); transitively a female rival: - {adversary} {adversity} {affliction} {anguish} {distress} {tribulation} trouble.

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Covid 19: A review part 29


TRUE TOLL: Just 0.05% of healthy under-70s with coronavirus will die from it, study claims
  • 16 Oct 2020, 10:54
  • Updated: 16 Oct 2020, 12:26

JUST 0.05 per cent of healthy people under the age of 70 who are infected with coronavirus will die from it, a study has claimed. New research from Stanford University suggests Covid-19 infection-fatality rate (IFR) could be much lower than previously estimated. The estimate by controversial epidemiologist Dr John Ioannidis and published by the World Health Organisation implies just 1 in 2,000 healthy under-70s will die from coronavirus. It's five times lower than his previous estimate which suggests the IFR for all age groups was 0.25 per cent. By comparison, seasonal flu is deadly for around 0.1 per cent of those who catch it.




NHS call handler who quit claiming she did 'f*** all' during the pandemic' and 'it's a load of b*****ks' claims the government has just 'rebranded the flu' as she films 'empty' A&E in London

  • EXCLUSIVE: Louise Hampton resigned from 111 after claiming Covid was a hoax
  • Added doctors and nurses are making pandemic worse by staying silent 
  • Filmed inside two NHS hospitals claiming they were 'empty on a Friday night' 
  • Patients with suspected coronavirus are told call 111 and self-isolate and do not go through A&E

By Jacqui Deevoy For Mailonline

Published: 09:25, 30 November 2020 | Updated: 14:32, 30 November 2020

An NHS worker who went viral when she shared an impromptu Facebook Live back in August declaring the Covid-19 pandemic a 'load of b*****ks', has shared new footage from inside 'empty' London A&E departments. Louise Hampton, 37, who was working at the time for Care UK in Southall, west London as an NHS 111 Health Advisor, was livid in the original five-minute rant, filmed in the driver's seat of her car, fuming: 'Apparently, I worked really hard during COVID... Did I b*****ks?' Waving the certificate she'd been presented with for all her hard work during the pandemic, the single mother seethed: 'That's why this is a certificate of b*****ks. Our service was dead! I did f*** all.' Now, in a new video, the former NHS worker has filmed herself going to NHS A&E departments in London, claiming that they are empty on a Friday night because people are 'afraid to go to hospitals'.  And in her first interview, she exclusively tells FEMAIL she believes doctors and nurses are making the crisis worse by 'staying silent' and that the government has just 'renamed the flu'.


UK Supreme Court Judge Slams ‘Totalitarian’ COVID ‘Control Freaks’ in Government

HAFHAFNovember 23, 2020
A British Supreme Court judge has slammed the UK government as ‘control freaks’ for attempting to control people’s lives under the guise of COVID, and labeled it “morally and constitutionally indefensible” to define what freedoms the public should and shouldn’t have.

by Steve Watson

In an op-ed published Sunday, Lord Sumption noted that the “debate about whether to let us have a family Christmas perfectly sums up what is wrong with this Government’s handling” of the crisis.

Sumption wrote that there are “many different answers to the dilemmas of a Covid Christmas”, yet the crux of the matter is “whether we should be allowed to make the choice for ourselves, instead of having it imposed on us by law.”

“But for the Jacobins of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and the control freaks in the Department of Health, theirs is the only answer,” Sumption urged.


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man overseeing the vaccine roll out in the UK...in with the oiligarchs including a rothschild connection:


Nadhim Zahawi (Arabic: ناظم الزهاوي; born 2 June 1967) is an Iraqi-born British Conservative Party politician who is a junior Minister and has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Stratford-on-Avon since 2010, after the retirement of previous Conservative MP John Maples. Since July 2019 he has served as Minister for Industry at BEIS, under the premiership of Boris Johnson, and on 28 November 2020 Zahawi was given additional responsibility for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment at DHSC.

Registered interests

Zahawi's declarations in the "Register of Members' Interests" include (as of November 2015)[13] the following employment and earnings: non-exec director of the recruitment company SThree (monthly salary £3333) and Chief Strategy Officer of Gulf Keystone Ltd, an Iraqi oil company (monthly salary of £20,125). He is also a 50% shareholder of Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd., and holds shares in SThree and YouGov. In the Register of Members' Interests of 9 February 2015,[29] he also declared shares in Genel Energy plc, an Anglo-Turkish exploration and production company within the oil and gas industry.



Genel Energy plc is an oil company with a registered office in Jersey and field office in Turkey. The company is listed at the London Stock Exchange. It has its exploration and production operations in Northern Iraq with plans to expand its activities into other Middle East and North African countries.[2] The company owns rights in six production sharing contracts, including interests in the Taq Taq, Tawke, and Chia Surkh fields.[3]

Genel Energy was created in 2011 as a result of the reverse acquisition of Turkish Genel Enerji by Tony Hayward-led investment company Vallares.[2] Vallares was set up by Tony Hayward, financier Nat Rothschild and banker Julian Metherell.


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Covid 19: A Review part 30

A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should

1 Dec, 2020 18:59

By Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist and writer based in London. He has a background in the life sciences, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in genetics

A peer review of the paper on which most Covid testing is based has comprehensively debunked the science behind it, finding major flaws. They conclude it’s utterly unsuitable as a means for diagnosis – and the fall-out is immense.

Last week, I reported on a landmark ruling from Portugal, where a court had ruled against a governmental health authority that had illegally confined four people to a hotel this summer. They had done so because one of the people had tested positive for Covid in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test – but the court had found the test fundamentally flawed and basically inadmissible. 

Now the PCR testing supremacy under which we all now live has received another crushing blow. A peer review from a group of 22 international experts has found 10 “major flaws” in the main protocol for such tests. The report systematically dismantles the original study, called the Corman-Drosten paper, which described a protocol for applying the PCR technique to detecting Covid.

The Corman-Drosten paper was published on January, 23, 2020, just a day after being submitted, which would make any peer review process that took place possibly the shortest in history. What is important about it is that the protocol it describes is used in around 70 percent of Covid kits worldwide. It’s cheap, fast – and absolutely useless.

The 10 deadly sins

Among the fatal flaws that totally invalidate the PCR testing protocol are that the test:

  • is non-specific, due to erroneous primer design

  • is enormously variable

  • cannot discriminate between the whole virus and viral fragments

  • has no positive or negative controls

  • has no standard operating procedure

  • does not seem to have been properly peer reviewed

Oh dear. One wonders whether anything at all was correct in the paper. But wait – it gets worse. As has been noted previously, no threshold for positivity was ever identified. This is why labs have been running 40 cycles, almost guaranteeing a large number of false positives – up to 97 percent, according to some studies.

The cherry on top, though, is that among the authors of the original paper themselves, at least four have severe conflicts of interest. Two of them are members of the editorial board of Eurosurveillance, the sinisterly named journal that published the paper. And at least three of them are on the payroll of the first companies to perform PCR testing!

Heroes we deserve

The 22 members of the consortium that has challenged this shoddy science deserve huge credit. The scientists, from Europe, the USA, and Japan, comprise senior molecular geneticists, biochemists, immunologists, and microbiologists, with many decades of experience between them.

They have issued a demand to Eurosurveillance to retract the Corman-Drosten paper, writing: “Considering the scientific and methodological blemishes presented here, we are confident that the editorial board of Eurosurveillance has no other choice but to retract the publication.’’ Talk about putting the pressure on.

It is difficult to overstate the implications of this revelation. Every single thing about the Covid orthodoxy relies on ‘case numbers’, which are largely the results of the now widespread PCR tests. If their results are essentially meaningless, then everything we are being told – and ordered to do by increasingly dictatorial governments – is likely to be incorrect. For instance, one of the authors of the review is Dr Mike Yeadon, who asserts that, in the UK, there is no ‘second wave’ and that the pandemic has been over since June. Having seen the PCR tests so unambiguously debunked, it is hard to see any evidence to the contrary. 

The house of cards collapses

Why was this paper rushed to publication in January, despite clearly not meeting proper standards? Why did none of the checks and balances that are meant to prevent bad science dictating public policy kick into action? And why did it take so long for anyone in the scientific community to challenge its faulty methodology? These questions lead to dark ruminations, which I will save for another day.

Even more pressing is the question of what is going to be done about this now. The people responsible for writing and publishing the paper have to be held accountable. But also, all PCR testing based on the Corman-Drosten protocol should be stopped with immediate effect. All those who are so-called current ‘Covid cases’, diagnosed based on that protocol, should be told they no longer have to isolate. All present and previous Covid deaths, cases, and ‘infection rates’ should be subject to a massive retroactive inquiry. And lockdowns, shutdowns, and other restrictions should be urgently reviewed and relaxed.

Because this latest blow to PCR testing raises the probability that we are not enduring a killer virus pandemic, but a false positive pseudo-epidemic. And one on which we are destroying our economies, wrecking people’s livelihoods and causing more deaths than Covid-19 will ever claim.

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!


Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition

December 1, 2020

On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).

Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon demand that the studies – for the protection of the life and health of the volunteers – should not be continued until a study design is available that is suitable to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned scientists against the vaccine and the study design.

On the one hand, the petitioners demand that, due to the known lack of accuracy of the PCR test in a serious study, a so-called Sanger sequencing must be used. This is the only way to make reliable statements on the effectiveness of a vaccine against Covid-19. On the basis of the many different PCR tests of highly varying quality, neither the risk of disease nor a possible vaccine benefit can be determined with the necessary certainty, which is why testing the vaccine on humans is unethical per se.

Furthermore, they demand that it must be excluded, e.g. by means of animal experiments, that risks already known from previous studies, which partly originate from the nature of the corona viruses, can be realized. The concerns are directed in particular to the following points:


  • The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.
  • The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.
  • The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.
  • The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020.

CALL FOR HELP: Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon ask as many EU citizens as possible to co-sign their petition by sending the e-mail prepared here to the EMA.

Nachtrag: Wegen teilweiser Überlastung der Server hier der Inhalt der E-Mail und die Kontaktadressen zum späteren Selbst-Versenden: 

An: [email protected]; [email protected]

Betreff: Co-signing the petition of Dr. Wodarg, Germany, and Dr. Yeadon, UK (submitted on 1-Dec-2020)

Dear Sir or Madam, I am hereby co-signing the petition of Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon to support their urgent request to stay the Phase III clinical trial(s) of BNT162b (EudraCT Number 2020-002641-42) and other clinical trials. The full text of the petition of Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon can be found here: https://2020news.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Wodarg_Yeadon_EMA_Petition_Pfizer_Trial_FINAL_01DEC2020_EN_unsigned_with_Exhibits.pdf I hereby respectfully request that EMA act on the petition of Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon immediately. Regards 


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Covid 19: A Review part 31

Pfizer CEO ‘not certain’ their vaccine stops transmission of Covid-19 as company’s jab approved in UK and evaluated in US

4 Dec, 2020 04:36 / Updated 6 hours ago
The top executive at pharma giant Pfizer said it still isn’t clear if those who receive the company’s vaccine will be able transmit the coronavirus to others, just one day after the UK became the first to approve the inoculation.

While Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said he expects the vaccine rollout to be rapid after it gets the green light from US health officials, following in the steps of Britain, he noted that it remains to be seen whether recipients of the jab can still carry and pass the virus. 

“Even though I’ve had the protection, am I still able to transmit it to other people?” NBC’s Lester Holt asked in an interview on Thursday night, prompting a startling response from Bourla:

''I think this is something that needs to be examined. We are not certain about that right now.''


So the very asswipes who are going to inject the rest of this country with this toxic shite are themselves not now going to be given it first?

NHS workers are bumped off vaccine priority list as Pfizer's HALVES its deliveries - but UK will still have 'millions' this year, the first injection will be Tuesday and it CAN be split into smaller batches for care homes

  • The first batches of the prized jab arrived in the UK last night, following Number 10's 'top secret' operation
  • Business Secretary Alok Sharma said that he hoped millions of doses will arrive before the end of the year 
  • And BioNTech's chief commercial officer said that Britain can expect more shipments to arrive 'next week'
  • Pfizer last night revealed it will only be able to distribute half of the 100million doses it planned to in 2020 

By Stephen Matthews Health Editor For Mailonline

Published: 09:13, 4 December 2020 | Updated: 12:40, 4 December 2020

Fears Britain won't get any as many doses as expected of Pfizer/BioNTech's approved coronavirus vaccine before New Year may have prompted officials to bump frontline NHS staff down the queue, with care home residents now expected to begin receiving their jabs within days. 


Meanwhile grant shapp is saying that 'high value' (masonic?) passengers don't need to quarantine now...one rule for us and another rule for you huh? Read for that he sees everyone else as low value...

Grant Shapps announces 'high-value' business travellers returning to England will be EXEMPT from quarantine rules from Saturday

  • Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tonight announced an easing of travel rules  
  • 'High-value' business travellers returning to England will not have to self-isolate
  • Exemption from quarantine applies even if they come back from 'red list' country
  • Sports stars and performing arts professionals will also be given a free pass 

By Jack Maidment, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline

Published: 18:04, 3 December 2020 | Updated: 09:02, 4 December 2020

Grant Shapps today announced a significant loosening of coronavirus travel restrictions which will see 'high-value' business travellers made exempt from self-isolation rules. The Transport Secretary said business people returning to England from 4am on Saturday will not have to go into quarantine even if they have come back from a country on the Government's 'red list'.  


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1 hour ago, HAARPING_On said:

Looks like the "Key Workers" aren't so Key at all when it comes to vaccine protection... or maybe the vaccine contains the virus and the don't want them going down like flies? Hmmm


they don't want to put their sociopaths off from the job they have to do of injecting toxic shite into the british public



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