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Dating website question for men


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Do not give up hope of finding a conspiracy women on the big mainstream sites. even the hook up sites.  I've met several. However one talked so loudly about her conspiracy views in the pub we met in and I felt awkward that people were listening in (most probably in agreement but you never know) and drawing some stares. I wish we agreed to mett in a  less packed  pub to have such conversations.

Its funny theres a stereotype image of a male conspiracy theorist, geeky looking guy with glasses and a tank top there isn't one for women. I put the search terms in google and the female results were quite pleasing to the eye. Many of these hot blondes are very knowlegable about such matters, Kate Shemirani for instance. High calubre crumpet often have rebellious outlooks they'd be intruiged by someone who thinks deeoer than the average meat head. The rough women are the ones on the far left non binary dyed blue hair dungarees etc.





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