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Masks in UK schools?


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My child's not going back in September (with great relief to us both). I'm wondering how many will continue to home educate and for what reasons.... Fear of 'covid', maybe they enjoyed having their children in their company during lockdown, or a deep knowing that schools may start to resemble something more akin to a prison system (not a novel concept to those that always felt they were designed that way). 

I'm not new to home ed, having done it on and off long before lockdown and it will be interesting to see what attendance is next month. 

Back to the title of this thread.... Does anyone see mandatory mask wearing for primary /secondary children in the coming months? 

How many EU countries are going down that route? 

I'm thinking that they could spring it last moment before term starts. 

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Yes, I cringe when I see children, especially under the mandatory age of eleven in masks. My daughter is adamant that she has had the odd dirty look because she isn't masked and to be honest I try not to think too much into it, as I don't want to get into any confrontations in public and could do without the anxiety. Appalling. 

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I wonder if there will be a marked drop in school attendance if masks are made mandatory? Sadly I can just see most going along with it because, like most things,  they won't be consulting any deep down intuition that otherwise would be screaming out that this is so fundamentally wrong on all levels.  

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My husband is a Teaching Assistant, his pupils are 5 years old.


Everyday during the past few months he has been at work, teaching the children of keyworkers, doctors, nurses etc. 


No PPE for the teachers.

No weekly patronising clapping sessions.

No free pizzas, special shopping hours, free mobile phone network offers.


Just surrounded from 9am until 3:30pm in a room with the children who are sharing a house with those who are working in the medical field.


Trying to do Social Distancing with small humans who would happy eat each other's bogies is like trying to knit a rice pudding.

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