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Creation of the Beast System


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19 minutes ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

@EnigmaticWorld AJ has a lot of good info don't get me wrong but his affiliations, especially nowadays, are very questionable...

Why does he have a Blackwater PMC security detail if he's just some guy on a news station? Still like him though he's very entertaining



I don't know mate, not looked into his security to be fair.


I agree that he has good info, but there's just some topics he will never cover, that's the issue.

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20 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


Come across today, not religious but all this shit is happening like Rocking states & we all knew.


Well Christians might call it the beast system, and non-Christians might call it technocratic enslavement, but one thing we can all pretty much all agree on is that it is bloody evil.

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Mark of the beast is correct, not mask.

Mark is referring to the marking / tatto they will place on your hand to identify that you have been vaccinated. It is going to be like a glow, some chemical they have derived from animals and flies that naturally glow under the right light. Very difficult to mimic. You will not be allowed to work, buy anything, be under more or less permanent house arrest if you do not have the mark of the beast.

All of this comes to you courtesy of israel and the jews who are wanting to collapse all the economies of the world, leaving israel untouched. When people are starving to death, riots, lootings, people will be eating people, homes getting broken into and people murdered if they are suspected of having food, police pulled out under of the guise of: they can't work because your neighbourhood is infected with coronavirus. Once total pandamenoium sets in and the people are so desperate they will accept anything and everything to go back to normal, then israel will step in as the new one world government to save us all.

The jews already control the world through their banking system, but making us all slaves to the system is not enough. The jews believe they are special, the chosen ones, only they should be allowed to live on this earth, the other 95% must be eradicated.

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1 minute ago, jack121 said:

Mark of the beast is correct, not mask.


We are aware. We posted about stuff like Luciferase oxidative enzymes before the site got hacked.


The mask obviously isn't the mark, but it plays a crucial part in the agenda as it's an uncomfortable annoyance, and many normies will likely take a mark/digital ID just to get rid of the mask.

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