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Intuition - is there a dark side?

Grumpy Grapes

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This continues a thread from the old forums. The full article is in my website in the Mind and Consciousness section: https://thegreatworkdecoded.com


An apparently uplifting quote from intuition fan and philosopher HENRI BERGSON formed an article on the David Icke website: “Awakening from the illusion – how it’s done …” (article posted by Gareth Icke, Aug 17th 2020). The quote emphasised the importance of “inner knowledge” and “following the heart”. But Gareth, like many others, seemed oblivious to the fact that Bergson's sister, Mina Bergson (also known as Moina Mathers), married the English occult author Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, a co-founder of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn, which David Icke criticised. Henri Bergson chaired the predecessor to UNESCO. 

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Great article.  Totally geeking out on this one thanks.  


Cant find the thread on the old forum so don’t know where you left off.  


Yes “intuition” is passive and exploited all the time everywhere.  


Thinking Fast and Slow is a dry read but it’s genius.  Here’s Kahneman giving a synopsis.  Note he is giving the talk to google so they can hone their mind f-ing skills. 


Intuition is so easily manipulated!  It’s all right there, why everyone so easily fell for coronavirus.  


“With top speed system 1 (intuition) updates what it thinks is ‘normal.’”


“It takes very little time to create ‘the norm.”


“Mechanisms of substitution leads to intuitive errors:

The fear impulse.  More afraid of dying of (coronavirus) than just dying.”


“You can make a coherent story of unreliable information.  People can be very confident with very little reason.” 


Then there’s the eyes over the donation box experiment.  What do we see every day out in the world but pairs of faceless eyes compelling us to believe what they do?  


(Another very excellent psychology manipulation book is The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson.)





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