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Symbolism In Entertainment & Art

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On 8/17/2020 at 11:50 PM, MatchaLove said:



All Nick Cannon said was that "Jews wanted to be black, and that black people were the original chosen people". lol and they fired him. He said nothing mean, period. lol He could of said they use us as human body shields and they can go f'k themselves.


He is on to something, there was two distinct royal groups ever made, one in Ethiopia and one in the Americas. Thats it!!! Ethiopia had the original pyramids before Egypt did. 


Both existed WAY BEFORE Jews ever existed, your talking possibly 10s of thousands of years ago, so for Jews to think they are special, special to Saturn and they know it. 


Saturn thinks they are special, not many of them have anything to do with what most of us know as "God". A group of people and about 80 to 90% of them worship Saturn, its no joke. The Holocaust was just for the creation of Israel, and to "get rid" of God worshiping Jews, so they have a very controlled group. In fact, if you tell half that truth in the EU, I am hearing they ban these people from the internet or throw them in jail. Tells ya they are on to something!!!! USA B!TCH HERE!!! lol 


You dont have to be a white supremacist to trigger Jews. lol Its like talking about Hillary corruption, only worse. You can just simply be anti-corruption. 


Wait until you understand what MOST OF THEM do down in the kitchen. Sympathy will be wiped!!!!


**The you are here arrow** lol ** Wait until people realize how OLD FREE ENERGY really is, like below -- they have just been using fossil fuels in their pyramid scheme as means of control. They could have been had food in every belly, public travel to mars, and free energy expenses. 





This is my favorite, gives some perspective on what happens to great minds. To this day, great minds are "taken in" by Area 51 and intelligence and occult groups, they pay for all their education, and make sure they are never FREE to just MAKE GOOD HAPPEN FOR HUMANITY!!! Cocaine flows through these channels and with that more intense evils and initiations. 


Just to make sure we never have a "Tesla" problem ever again!!!!


History is being rewritten!!! -- On to making my "War With Area 51 thread". lol lol 🙂



really interesting read

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Not watched this, nor I do care to.


Is this correct though? I'm just going by what others are saying.


Apparently the hero has two names, but is mostly known as Dan, but both are tribe names. The protagonists lead an army of minorities against the white claw aliens?


Some on the right hate it because they think it's chosenite anti-white BS, and some on the left hate it because they think the main characters are supposed to be white. If true then it shows the duality of man. lol

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Are the Hylic NPCs destined to be worker bees? I understand it's in a bee's genetics to follow royalty, I'm just not sure if the spell that they're under can be broken. Why must the enlightened suffer because the NPCS have no pattern recognition? The robotic masses are like a ball and chain for the awakened.



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4 hours ago, Firebird said:

Never knew Christianity was such an inspiration for Legend of Zelda. Interesting!



I always felt like the triforce seems like the trinity, and then there is the church-like architecture which also features in Ocarina of Time, and Ganon reminds me of Satan. I wasn't certain about it until recently though.

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