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The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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In January of 1959, nine young Soviet hikers died under mysterious circumstances while trekking through the Ural Mountains in what's now known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. This is one of, if not my favourite mysteries. 


(WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)  https://allthatsinteresting.com/dyatlov-pass-incident


Russian investigators reckon they have solved the case, I'm not convinced:





Would love to read anyone's theories/input. Cheers.





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Yes I'm with you ,I don't think they have solved it as much as put it to bed for sanitized  public interest sake  .

There is certainly a lot of unexplained things ,like what made them leave the tents without shoes and some just in their underwear, what caused the injuries that some sustained etc etc.

Some say it was aliens, some say the military some say predatory  animals  , personally I don't think it will ever be solved satisfactorily, it was to long ago  and there is to many vested interests  at play


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Definitely suspect how they all met their horrible demise. One dude climbed a tree in a panic and left flesh marks (fron what ive read), and others managed to make a small fire away from the tent. So they were alert enough to do that and not delerious.


Something terrifed them making them flee from their tent without hesitation and not wanting to return/or couldnt.  I always wondered if the Soviets used them for a bomb/weapon experiment. 


Apparently their bodies also had radiation in them. Weird as hell.


This event and the original Blair Witch Project movie have put me off camping forever haha.

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I also heard the bodies were radiated.

I'm sure you've already all seen the movie 'dyatlov pass incident', not sure much how fact is in there but im a big horror fan, there's a scene where something white on all fours runs past in the far background. Its an interesting watch for a horror fan anyway lol 😁

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I have a theory. Microwave radiation. Like those weapons they use to disperse crowds. That or someone brought some Angel Dust and they all got tweaked into madness.


This would make a good movie though.

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