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Here in Canada, back in the day Burton Cummings, as a solo artist, was rather popular, especially with the ladies. Never much cared for the musician myself -- he was before my time -- until his Plus Signs album came along. (As an aside, as one who was raised in a deeply religious household, when I first heard "Take One Away" back in my late teens, I was immediately hooked.) Plus Signs strangely enough continues to this day to remain a favorite album of mine, even though outside of it I wouldn't say I'm a Cummings fan.


In tone and in message, two tracks I'd like to highlight that I personally think speak to the theme of this thread probably might seem to others upon initial listening as being not all that pertinent, being both are mellow in spirit and lack an aggressive/defiant characteristic so typical of most songs of this nature. I suppose they appeal to my mild, easygoing personality, but even we laidback wallflower types appreciate songs that speak of courage and standing up for what's right in the face of injustice and oppression.


That's where the inspiring "One Day Soon" and "Free" come in. Perhaps I am overpraising these two obscure ditties, but they touch my heart and speak to my soul, both lyrically and melodically.


The former is a lovely tune about light ultimately prevailing over darkness and staying true to oneself, while the latter is about what may just be the most important word of all for those who love the light: freedom. Admittedly, these songs speak to solitaries as opposed to groupists, which is another reason why I like them.

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