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interdimensional creatures

dapon zinc

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Hi how do these interdimensional beings utilise fear emotions is it like plant cells with chlorophyl in them making them capable of using sunlight to feed them. could it be more osmosis like a dimensional membrane that allows our agitated vibrational energy to pass through thereby feeding nuturing sustaining them. does anybody know have any ideas theories and the like. it could be usefull to know. lol.  

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Humans are leaking energy all the time, because they are subconscious and damaged creatures.  A subconscious creature does not have a true connection to himself, he uses material to get a sense of himself ... this is why people wish to go into the world and make the world more exciting ... because they sense themselves via "the world", via something external, and so they leak energy all the time happily into the "world" which is a subconscious world ... in the subconscious world there are many patterns energies and beings ... all of which are half blind and not conscious ... but they have learnt to feed of all that energy that is pouring around in the subconscious world.  Just like fungi and bacteria feed of whatever energy source they can find.
If humans are sad miserable and unhappy this causes even more energy loss ... and people start to degrade ... that means they no longer look after themselves and start to become diseased.  Cunning dark forces wish to mislead humans so that they leak even more energy.  The same thing happens in nature for instance if you have a cut on your hand bacteria will infect it and it will continue to be and open wound, and then other things like flies will swarm onto the open wound.
The solution is to "live rightly" according to your real nature.  This requires that you recharge from a Conscious Source regularly which gives you high energy and wisdom, and this will allow you to live leaking less into the world.  For instance the Western ancestors would recharge every Sunday, and listen to much wisdom of scriptures ... and then when they went to work on Monday they were still feeling the Conscious energy from Sunday, and were good natured.  Whilst they went into the world Mon-Fri they would feel god, remember the wisdom they had been taught, their whole language was made of Christian expressions so that people would never loose touch with a higher world.  And they were glad and lived better.
And ... any solution you find has to have the same pattern.  You have to recharge yourself regularly and deeply week after week ... because you are surrounded by dark forces and only opening a path of light regularly will give you enough high energy to make it.  Or at some point you will fall, even if you keep living something inside you will have died.

The fungi and bacteria are part of nature that ... has a purpose, recycling .. and if you leak like a sieve then that's your problem.
Many things like sexual excess or worry excess or staring at the phone cause much energy to leak out and it weakens the entire system.
Meditation and prayer seals the system.

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Is there not a interdimensional being who can feed off these fear feeding entitys say like nemotode worms destroying plant pests etc allowing the plant to thrive. Are there not entitys out there capable of destoying these creatures of negativity. In this vast multivers there must be some kindness and good. If these entitys are so advanced and can shapeshift alter dna etc etc. why have thyey not evoved into say a less destructive form cable of self sustenance. I am certain some such creatures of light and good exisi in this beyond comprehensible creation. It is these beings that we need to attract nuture beleive in to make them manifest in this the darkest of times. LOL kelvin 

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That's a pretty good post from rideforever IMHO..... Notice how often the word subconscious comes up ....


The word is that when the ET's tinkered with us thousands of years ago they engineered this flaw in our mental faculties .... the bulk of our mind is unconscious to our awareness , but influences our behavior , moods and thoughts .... Dark entities can influence  our  unconscious mind , and we have no idea it's going on ... In addition,  with the advent of the modern age the controlling ET's /cabal have tech which can also do this ... we have ingested nano chips they put in processed foods ... these nano chips decode mind control messages carried on 3/4/5G and put them into the subconscious mind .... things like " trust the government , support carbon tax , wear a mask "


Back to the original question .... the non physical malevolent spirits/archons  feed on misery and disrepair ... they are working with the physical ETs who enslave us .... The exact details of how the  spirits feed on our energy  has not been explained 

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Just thought of a few.  How long using our 75 year timeline do these creatures live how do they reproduce . Do they have a morality are there any among them who want to set their slaves us free. Just like the victoirian  free the slaves. Are there any helpfull rebel ones we can ally with. All gods children gotta be free lol. Kelvin. These  are serious questions and not just rambling. 

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from personal experience, this is what i have learned...

one of my friends is an exorcist, a hindu "sage"
and he told me that in order to "save" your energy from being sucked by negative / corrupted entites,
its best to "close" your chakras like when going out especially.

his method is to use your hands, like from the top - crown chakra,
you "swipe your hands down" through to the base chakra - "closing it"
swiping up = opening it.

hope this helps

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There are many protections you can do, for instance if I go past rainbow people I immediately do the violet flame as taught by the Summit Lighthouse.  You generate a large violet flame like standing of a high energy violet bonfire with deep flames passing right through your body blood and bones, and try to soften and dissolve your body to make the impact even more.  It is a skill takes time to learn.  And many qigong methods you can learn.

You can also say the Lord's Prayer, which is a type of practice ... as you say the words of each line make it happen inside you ... understand ?


But ... basically human beings are in grave danger because they are partly conscious and partly subconscious.  And over a very long time they have become prey.  You must simply become conscious and transform your entire being, it takes a path and long walking of it.  There are no other solutions, and society will never look much better than it does.


Because we can sometimes feel smart, we can see problems and suggest solutions ... we sometimes feel above it all and free .... and that's all good.  But this comes from the small part of you that is more conscious.  Whereas the 99% that is still subconscious makes you gravely vulnerable and you will be pulled down and eventually all of you will be pulled down, and it's not pretty.


Our entire idea of life and society is totally degenerated, society gives you habits and ideas that hurt you.

You should erase them, and instead live like an eagle.  And eagle does not take shit.  It knows who it is, and does it's job.  It eats well and listens to the Sun.

We are men, what is our job?  And where is our Sun?

In the Bible there are countless stories of wisdom, and listening to them changes you so that you will not be deceived.  And if you don't like that, try the Upanishads or the Buddhist Canon or the Ancient Ancient Greeks ... but for the white man it is better he takes his own heritage.

Every day you are surrounded by a dodgy society full of people who don't care if they die.  So you need long work.

Like the Muslims who pray 5 times a day, yeah ... that's the kind of thing.

You must learn to love the truth, and your truth and your self.


See this video below, be like that person sitting there, on a violet bonfire with huge deep ultra violet holy flames passing right through you like burning everything material and mortal, heating everything up to the holy fire ... as she increases the speed of the invokation, increase the energy again and again, burning off all with the violet fire.



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Just awoke from a nap re energised now I experienced the kundalini awakening in me and the opening of my 3rd eye. It was a spontaneous event I  also get precognitive dreams these are not my 5 senses at work. When I lucid dream I can smell taste feel the wind in my hair. I am elated awake ecstatic at these moments. Beyond 5 senses my 6th sense can see the future although I have to remember my traveling experiences with my 5 senses to see that I exist outside of the 5 sense enviroment and that is who I am not this. Not this 5 sense body or suit. Immortal forever continually evolving changing struggling against the tide yearning for all to be free of pain fear and suffering and ignorance. For all that exists lol kelvin

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