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BLM Founded and run by Black Witches


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That's Occult Witches ..... This is an interesting 10 min video , brought to our attention by infowars , it details how all the 3 founders of BLM  have a training  in traditional African sorcery  .... Marxist co founder of BLM says .0:39 ." it's literally almost  resurrecting a spirit so they can get the work done through us " ...video here .. https://www.infowars.com/is-black-lives-matter-run-by-witches/



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2 hours ago, WanderingMinds said:

Is there an occult connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and The Oprah Conversation? 


I don't know if there's an occult connection .... Oprah will be driven by money ... she will be having plenty of debates covering "White Privilege" , gently stirring up racial tensions . She will do whatever her minders tell her for money ....


The BLM people , mostly , are driven by demons ..... In that video is covered quiet clearly that BLM organizers and leaders (100's of people) are into the occult  ...they open themselves  up to what they believe to be their dead ancestors , allow these spirits to " work through them to get the work done " .... In reality these spirits are deamons/archons and Malevolent ET psychics trying to start a race war . 


Ophrah's handlers (CIA) and the BLM evil spirits are working for the same goal , and at the highest level are connected in that it all leads to the malevolent ET's who control things ......... The ET's ( a coalition of Annunaki , Reptilians and Arcturians )  direct the CIA and the evil spirits .  

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Its not unusual for individuals to be manipulated by the dark forces from lower 4th dimension, attaching themselves to the back of the neck called reptilian brain, but I'm not certain why unless it is where habits are created which is a very good possibility.   I've had to learn to send them to the Light with a statement:  "I send all dark entities into the Light now.  I'm free and clear of psychic debris."   We are being manipulated by these entities when all of a sudden we are thinking negative thoughts and/or are sexually stimulated.  Once the statement is made, the thoughts and feelings disappear.    That said:


The original term 'witch' is short for 'bewitching.'  The Catholic church, priests and Popes complained that:  "Even a look from a beautiful and intelligent woman can cause a man to lose confidence.'   Males are electrical and females are magnetic and it is that magnetism that causes the males to feel disempowered.  Not taught to master their energies and thoughts, far too many males encourage each other to do what they can get away with to feed their male egos and in the process lose their self-respect making them fair game for manipulation by the dark forces.  


By the way, The Fall was not brought about by women.  Males had sex with animals, creating the half-human-half-animal creatures that were destroyed in a great flood, during Lumeria.  Ask any farmer's wives (and males who admit to such practices) and they will tell you that that practice continues in many farming communities.  Any then they use women's bodies for what they pick up from the animals..   Anthrax is acquired from sheep and cows.  If that were not enough, Round-Up and insecticides are causing women to develop female cancers, even in the young.  


Centuries past, because women were - and continue to be - raped, murdered and generally abused, Mother-Goddess instructed women to learn work with the Elementals - Mother Nature - to manipulate nature for their protection.  Skills that were jealously viewed and feared by the church, the church began to burn women - millions - at the stake calling them witches.  


Those who engage in black magic today are being manipulated - willingly to feed the ego or completely unaware of what they are attracting and allowing.  In some, it is used for revenge instead of making an effort to heal themselves from the abuses they have suffered - dark energies from centuries of rape passed from generation to generation, women are angry from centuries of being viewed and treated as chattel.  .  The dark forces hate women and work to exploit them in any way they can.  Paths of imaginable consequences, black magic or anything that attempts to manipulate others is nothing short of evil and should never be engaged in - period!



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