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Hi Everyone


I first heard David Icke in the late 90s when I downloaded some real media videos on my dial up connection. Which opened my eyes to so many things and 20 years later still researching and looking for the truth in all topics. 


I have extensive knowledge of 9/11 research and false flags in general, environmentalism or CO2 fraud and many other topics. Look forward to speak with you all. 

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Hello to you all,

I am not new to conspiracy theories and/or forums and I'm looking forward to discuss different topics on here with you all. 

On most forums, it is nearly impossible to discuss the lies repeated by MSM and government officials. It is obvious many are working agents pushing very hard to deny conspiracies, i.e. 9/11, PNAC doc, Pearl Harbor, Covid scamdemic, etc. 


Hoping to learn more on different subjects and having debates on here with civilized people.


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I had been looking around the forum for a while and decided to join.  I have a little knowledge gained from my old man before he passed away years ago! Those guys that used to build houses and have a funny hand shake, the old man new them well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am a new Member from Morocco. I have and always been reading and following David Icke's books and works. Frankly speaking , he opend my eyes to a various range of Realities that were blurry to me , especially of the rapid world's events occuring and my country total submission to what the Elite West dictate. Feel free to share your perspectives and insights. 

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Hey Light of the Religion....


I used to live in Morocco. Casablanca to be precise. Loved it....great hash.....I lived right in front of the Hassan II mosque and had the sound of the Atlantic ocean for my bedtime..... 

I've got quite a story about the American Language Centre where I used to work. I wonder if you've heard of the place?


Let me know what you think of my experiences..... you will find the Elite are completely infiltrated in your own country unfortunately....


Though they are not from the West....... they have big noses and wear small silly hats. That's the Elite.




Escape from the City of the Paedophile Freemasons. Illuminati Paedo Nest Discovered in Casablanca, Morocco.


And so it continues it seems, my engagement with the Illuminati will never end, nor my endless struggle against their insidious and submersive mind control. But, I win again, and I'm free and clear and have escaped from their clutches once again, sanity intact. No voices in my head, no cold chills, no demons and no fear. Just a ton more raw Illuminati data which I am presently putting together in the form of a new book which should be available on this website within a couple of months.

It was during my second year in Casablanca that the insidious nature and extent of the progress of infiltration of the Illuminati within Moroccan society was revealed to me. 

The language centre I worked at is a sort of Illuminati node-point or hub within the community, where Illuminati people meet and help confuse, disturb and ultimately inculcate foreign and domestic English teachers into the Freemasons/Eastern Star organisations. No doubt they probably also seek out other people among the students from the professional classes to draw into their network.

During the first year I had suspected that there were some agents of Freemasonry, and/or some spooks or 'something' working at the centre. This was after all an American cultural association called The American Language Center, run by the US State Department, in the heart of the economic capital of a country of an ethnic culture with which America was presently fighting wars on at least four international fronts. There was bound to be 'something' going on.

At the time of writing the USA had moved from overt war, as a result of public disapproval and refusal to condone military led regime-change in countries like Syria and had moved to a state of proxy war using Saudi and US trained and funded mercenaries such as ISIS in Syria and Iraq and had previously conquered Afghanistan into an uneasy unsettled state of settled anarchy. Of course, the US’s long term plans will eventually end with war against Iran, and this programme was revealed some years ago by General Wesley Clark. The agenda seems to be going according to plan since the alternatives offered to the American electorate look set to be either Hilary or Trump and both of them would clearly be more than happy to wage war on Iran under the flimsiest of pretexts.

The ostensible purpose of all this is population control. They feel they need to reduce the population drastically and this is the carrot of reason which the Illuminati agents 'dangled' before me. Since they knew they coudn't appeal to my avarice or racism (of which I have none) then they thought they could appeal to my conscience and make war and destruction an issue of 'moral conscience' by claiming that something has to be done to control the human population on Earth. I suspect someone like Bill Gates was sold into a similar lie and he bought it. Which is why he's rich and presently bankrolling a 3rd world depopulation agenda.

I am fully aware of the explosive nature of this situation and this information, and although I have no fear about revealing this information, because simply for me their daily provocations had become so intolerable that I became determined to go on the offensive and expose as much as I can about who and what they are and what I now know about them.

When opposing them, their agents will use various techniques to oppose you and destabilize you. They will organise and mass together in groups to attempt to destroy you and your character.

In my first year, a man working at the centre who I suspected of being ‘one of them’ would often ask me if I was going to stay another year. In fact quite a few people at the centre seemed interested in this and I read something behind their eyes. The first year they keep you at arm's length, the second year they try to 'bring you in'. This is why they were so eager to know my intentions, they had to prepare my training.

The gentleman was one of their typical agents: a former director at one of the centres and a man with his fingers in many pies, he like so many of them (if not all Illuminati freemasons) suffered from insomnia, and would under conditions of tiredness, exhibit nervous ticks which indicated some mental disorder or inner instability. In fact psychological disorders seem to be the thing these people all share. It was certainly the case with my MI6 mentor in Tokyo who first introduced me to this whole unpleasant shadowy underworld.

But at this point our whole idea of psychological disorder no longer has any meaning. These guys literally exist in a different dimension. Mind reading, hearing voices, astral projection, you name it these people can do it, and do it consistently, easily and on demand. They have totally weaponised the human psychic ability and the sheer shock and surprise of them having this ability in the first place, is one of their greatest and most carefully concealed weapons. You heard it here first. These Illuminati guys weaponised psychic ability a long time ago, and all the while the media and society try to pretend none of it exists: all the better for the Illuminati to shock you with my dear, said the big bad wolf, when the time is right.

Then along came a middle aged British teacher trying to get a job at the centre. I suspected him straightaway as a British MI6 type come to check on me, either becoming aware of me through my activity on the David Icke forum, my own blog or indeed, an attempt to reestablish the first contact which had started in Japan and continued in London.

Personally I didn’t like the idea of a British spooks spooking about trying to recruit me, and nor did the school it seemed as he was given lessons to ‘test his mettle’ in which the students were openly hostile and actually complained about him to the school management. I later learned that this is a tactic which is used by the school to get rid of people who are not 'on the level' or who refuse to join the Freemasons/Eastern Star and since of course, your heroic narrator would rather be dead than Mason Smeg, I eventually found myself on the receiving end of this workplace gang stalking and mass organised harrassment towards the end of my second year when it became clear I had no intention of joining Freemasonry.

I am quite glad that the attack dogs were unleashed in his case at least, and he was sent packing, but as a parting blow he got me alone and said to me confidentially and with a slight tone of menace: ‘you’re in deep now’ and he talked to me without looking me in the eye, looking directly over my right shoulder while saying this, which I thought was weird and I made to get away but he tried to fix his gaze on mine and hypnotise me, first by projecting his will, which failed, then he started saying some nonsense words and pulling strange faces, in order to hypnotise me through confusion, however I'm not easily confused but as I tried to get away I found that I had to back away and circle around him to actually physically break free of whatever weird MI6 spook techniques he was using on me, and I finally escaped his thrall with a dismissive ‘alright mate’. As I moved away he made a final desperate offer to let me use an appartment rent free, but I wanted nothing to do with him or his offers, besides I had a fantastic appartment already.

Seriously, these guys are weird but they do have some sneaky psyche tricks up their sleeves, hypnosis, dissorientation. But I've seen the light, I see it all coming a mile off and my mind is made of steel.

There was another teacher, a Moroccan, with whom I was initially quite friendly until I realized that the only way to truly be his friend was to follow him into the abyss. We were out drinking when this man, to my surprise and alarm, invited a very pale and, when I shook her hand, deathly cold young prostitute over to me and he said ‘let’s have a bit of fun’ which reminded me of the Raymond Ketland case where a fellow Mason is introduced to an underage girl by saying ‘would you like to have a bit of fun?’ 

Quite how much fun I would have with a living dead pale cold prostitute I do not know. None in any case because I have no interest in prostitutes, living or dead, but it’s clear that a Mason’s idea of fun is very different to my own.

So I was basically working in an environment where most of the staff around me were hugely dysfunctional in one way or another, if not actual sociopaths devoid of emotion and fending off their psychosis by indulging their physical senses in food, sex or alcohol, not just in a normal healthy way, but in an excessive desperate and pathological manner.

I looked around and spotted the pimps at this bar. Obviously they were Morrocan Jews. With travelling one learns to recognise certain ethnic characteristics and the same ability is practised by Turkish carpet sellers in Istanbul who can take one look at you and speak in the appropriate language, though weirdly they often thought I was German. Anyway in Morocco, Berber Moroccans run the alcohol industry while Jewish Moroccans run the sex industry.

I also went to another bar in Ain Diab (the ritzy seaside suburb of Casablanca) and got chatting with the owner (who was also Jewish) and he seemed to have a sideline in sending Moroccan girls to Europe as 'exotic dancers'. I found this out because there was a girl there who I got talking to who told me he had arranged her to be sent to Switzerland as a dancer. She seemed to think it was for the best but I have no doubt she would soon become a sex slave of the Freemasons when she got out there, if she wasn't already. I tried to warn her about the Illuminati and gave her my website, but she probably already knew all about them, since she was probably part of them and a semi-willing slave.

I'll leave you to form your own conclusions about sending young naive Moroccan girls out to Europe to be 'dancers' in nightclubs, but here in the west we tend to call that sort of thing Human-Trafficking. But in Morocco it's just Jews doing business.

Anyway, back to school and as time went on their attempts to destabilize me to join their mutual psychosis slowly manifested. First at the British Council while training to be an IELTS examiner, the old ‘ambush and surprise’ technique was deployed, except I wasn’t very surprised any more as I had been a victim of this technique too many times for it too have any effect, and even the attempt to trigger a trance using a high pitched buzz I had already experienced and used Zen meditation to blank out the feelings of anxiety it was designed to invoke.

So basically it was revealed to me that several of my colleagues from work were part of ‘something’ and this became obvious from the coordinated psychological attacks and games they then started playing on me. At one point in what I assume was an unguarded moment, but may well have been part of the script, one colleague got me alone and said ‘you shouldn’t have to join if you don’t want to, they shouldn’t force you’ they seemed sincere enough but then it’s very hard to tell with these people.

The most disturbing and insidious aspect of the Illuminati is that they are also involving children in their unpleasant schemes. They use the children of the families they control to attempt to compromise other people and hence drag more poor lost souls into their hell. I have been a teacher abroad for many years and I always noticed there were a few girls, of between 14-15 years old who were often excessively flirtatious with teachers and would often say sexually loaded things. 

In Turkey there was a 14 year old girl whose parents were both judges who used to repeatedly tell me she loved me and on one occasion cupped her breast and pulled her jumper tight to show off the shape of her nipple. WTF right? At the time I thought nothing of this except perhaps it was a bit weird, but it started to occur to me that this girl was prematurely sexualized and that her parents both being judges and likely Freemasons and part of the establishment, meant that they were somehow responsible for her premature sexualisation.

It was the first time it occurred to me that perhaps there was something strange about the elite and their families. Subsequently, in Tokyo in particular, there was a young 15 year old Japanese girl who would come into my one-on-one lesson and flirt very provocatively with me, pulling at her blouse and making sexually suggestive noises. I just tried to ignore all the crazy shit and tried to get on with teaching her English. I have written an allegorical story about that weird experience in Tokyo with a Mr Paul Bernard at the Gaigo English school because if I were to lay out the things that really happened you probably wouldn’t believe it. Basically this was my introduction into the world of the Illuminati and I was made an explicit offer to join the Masons and become a spy while in Tokyo and who knows what else besides, and 'they' would be able to make me a famous writer. I suppose they wanted to compromise me with a 15 year old girl so they'd be able to control me for the rest of my life. Assholes.

That was really a case of reality being indistinguishable from fantasy and fiction. On the subsequent times I had encountered strangely sexualized teenagers while teaching, there was something unmistakable ‘fake’ or ‘contrived’ about their performance, and at the time I thought they were testing me to see if I was a paedophile. In fact I now realize that what they were really doing was ‘offering’ me young girls to have sex with. Jesus Christ, it’s unbelievable. 

Rest assured I never did and never even thought about it. I just ended up antagonizing my boss with my surly uncooperative and angry attitude at all this bullshit, then I was either fired or quit.

But now I realize that they were offering me a young teenager to have, so they would then own me and make me part of their Freemasonry. The most recent occasion in Casablanca, a girl who was also 15 years old told me and the class that she once had a dream where she peed all over herself. 

WTF? I just looked at her and was unimpressed. Normal little girls don’t recount such weird stories, but weird Illuminati honey-trap girls do. This has genuinely only occurred to me recently, that this is what they were doing. Evil maniacs. I therefore suggest as a result of this some international TEFL schools in countries around the world are possibly a hot-bed of paedophilia entrapment and international secret services ops. In fact some international paedophiles have precisely operated within the context of the international teaching circuit and I will provide some references at the bottom of this article.

As a teacher this is what I have become aware of. But it takes two to tango and the Illuminati parents who farm their children out are as guilty as the dupe or sucker who gets drawn into their Illuminati web. For me this explains why many celebrities don’t have children of their own despite being happily married. They know they have to give up their children to the Illuminati to do with as they please.

I suspect that anyone in the Illuminati Freemasons, OTO or Wicca groups, is obliged to farm out their children for the sake of The Family. I fact I have no doubt about it.

After coming out from the centre in Casablanca after an evening lesson one of the male students, in his late 20's, caught up to me and laughed at how difficult it was for him to concentrate with so many pretty 15 year old girls in the class. Why he had chased after me just to make this weird and fatuous comment immediately raised my suspicions. I looked at him and said: ‘Mate, 15 ain’t pretty, it’s under-age…goodnight’ and I strode off.

What with the suggestive antics of some of the students and members of staff who I have seen with their arms around young girls I would not be entirely surprised, indeed I am starting to actively suspect there may be a Masonic paedophile ring operating at this language centre in Casablanca, and the former director, since he effectively seemed to have abandoned all attempt at controlling this activity in the centre, was culpable and responsible through neglect. 

Though worryingly I wonder if there was more to it after all, the most infamous US paedophile in the history of international teaching: William Vahey, worked for the US State Department, and the language centre where I worked in Casablanca was similarly run by the US State Department. Was there more to it?  Since I seemed to be noticing something odd going on regarding suggestive comments and strange sexual provocations coordinated by shifty and unpleasant Freemason students, then I wonder if anything has really changed and anywhere Freemasons are to be found then so too is paedophilia and attempted entrapment, blackmail and control. I will also add that the previous director of the centre and also the present one, are both Freemasons, as are a large proportion of the foreign and Moroccan teaching staff, and they would often ostentatiously display their silly Masonic handshakes under my nose.

During the summer I was assigned a course with about 15 students. There was a man called Ousama who sat himself nearest to me, to my right, and wore a Masonic Square and Compass ring on his right hand. 

He would do very little of what I asked him in the lessons, and would feign incomprehension and would force me to repeat myself several times. I would usually let him know I knew he was messing about and that he could drop the act. He also would not speak to anyone in the class and would just sit at his desk, fixedly staring at me. There was also an older student, a man who claimed to have instigated a campus riot in the French town Toulouse when he was a student there, he also exposed his backside to the young female students in the class. I reported this to the present director and the school secretary but it didn't seem to bother them. Not as much as it should have. Were they part of it? This weird programme of weird sexual shenanigans involving young people? I wish it weren't so. They seemed to think I was odd for reporting it and making a fuss over nothing. Was I being coached to accept this kind of stuff as 'normal' then? And learn not to react or report these people?

This wouldn’t have been such an issue, were it not for the fact that he was clearly communicating with at least two other girls in the classroom, one of whom was 16 the other was 15, and was ordering them with gestures to ‘tempt’ me with their bodies. I know this because I would see him making a gesture and a look then suddenly I would notice that the girl in front of me at the back of the classroom and the girl to my left at the side of the room had suddenly lowered their blouses. At one point I caught the eye of a girl (who apart from being farmed out to the Illuminati) seemed like a nice person. I caught her eye and she suddenly coloured red and I saw instantly that she was being made to do it and it was against her will, and she knew that I knew, but somehow she and the other girl, seem obliged to do it by this creepy guy with the Mason's ring.

I realized once I’d spotted this that the same thing was happening in the afternoon class I was teaching. There was a creepy old man and a creepy woman, they seemed cold and dead inside, classic Freemasons, and they seemed to chaperone a strange young boy of about 14 who would always be smiling at me and giving me these suggestive looks and trying to create an attachment to me. It's hard to explain, but basically it was the feeling you get and the behaviour of someone who really fancies you. Ok, some young boys are that way inclined or whatever and they may develop a crush on a male teacher, but the kicker was the two creepy middle aged chaperones he had. They deliberately kept him away from the other students and sat either side of him, controlling all his interactions. It seemed similarly that they were controlling and encouraging his strange behaviour towards myself. In fact this was totally the case.
I did ask him once why he kept smiling at me, it wasn’t particularly disturbing because I’m not a paedophile and as a result, a young boy smiling at me suggestively doesn’t turn me on, but clearly children should not be used and farmed out by these creepy Illuminati people. The creepy middle aged guy then made a loud noise with his throat. Like an admonition that I shouldn't ask him that question.

I would also notice throughout that lesson that among the 13-14 year old girls who made up that class, there would be the sudden appearance of visible bra-straps and bare shoulders (pretty surprising in a Muslim country) blouses would be lowered and shirts opened in a desperate attempt for the girls to show me as much of their chests as was feasible in the circumstances. And all the while the creepy old man was there making notes.

So it seemed to me they were trying to tempt me to join them by ‘proffering’ me young people and this is how so many people in the media and politics get involved in paedophilia, some sick group of Masons creates a set up just like the one I have been describing, offering them flirtatious and apparently 'available' young teenagers. I also noticed a hand-sign from the 15 year old girl which I researched and it turns out she was doing the Miley Cyrus, cunnilingus sign at me, two fingers over the mouth with a tongue sticking out.
Shhhhhhhh Keep paedophilia a secret!
I do not know whether this sort of attack, recruitment or entrapment or whatever has come about because of my blog and the anti-Masonic, anti-Illuminati exposure which I have been doing these past 10 years, I actually doubt it, I think some people know who I am but information amongst these people is so jealously guarded and compartmentalized that they would all prefer to fumble in the dark pulling in different directions than actually give everyone the same accurate information. And as such they knew nothing about me and little suspected all their horrible little Freemasonic paedo games would end up getting written up and exposed.

Any information is valuable to them and they would prefer to see an operation fail than give out their most important secrets. I think I have little to fear from their agents however. Those in Illuminated consciousness tend to be those who need to be fearful, not those of us standing in the light of truth. They seem to be very accident prone due to their lack of ability to focus their will as a result of the chemical imbalance in their brains which produces their condition. I reported the girl who made the cunnilingus gesture at me, and again the then director and school secretary didn't seem to find it strange or concerning in any way. 

The following lesson this same girl came into the class on crutches with a broken foot in a cast, caused by falling down the stairs apparently. Was that even real or simulated? You never know with these people. Was it an example of fast acting karma? Or just typical of these bumbling accident prone illuminated people who stumble around in 'pathless waste' having car crashes and all sorts of domestic accidents.

Not quite sure how much of a threat or how much of a sexual provocation a hobbling hopping underage Illuminatus could be. I dunno. I guess if I was a paedo, or was subconsciously attracted to underage girls, or had the Illuminati demons inside me, then I might be in trouble. As it is, the whole thing sickens me hugely and just gives me more ammunition to help take these scum schizo perverts down. 

It's sick but at the same time laughable. Me, a world class international Illuminati-hunter dedicated to exposing them and their methods, sat in a room full of these people and the best they can do is pretend they don’t understand what I’m saying in an attempt to annoy me, or try to show me their underage tits and make sexually suggestive hand gestures to me.

However it’s quite sad really. I’m sure she was a nice girl at one point in her life, until her Freemason father or Witchy Moroccan mother got her orders to ‘farm her out’ for some unpleasant purpose or other. Since that day the evil is in her and she is part of the force of darkness, hobbling along on crutches. 

For me nothing better encapsulates ‘evil’ than this image, hopeless, wounded but determined, and that is the one thing these people have, they just don’t stop trying to drag you into their evil, degenerate world. 

We can only hope that one day Freemasonry is smashed forever and no more young girls and boys are forced to participate in these strange Freemasonic paedophile activities. 








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Hi Truthspoon 


You seem well-versed in Arabic. 


I am from the Northern city of Tangiers . I was a student at The American Languge Center of Tangiers , obtained my English Proficiency Degree in 1982 and assistant busines Manager at The American School of Tangier . A fleeting snapshot to cite.



It takes courage and clarity to understand that Morocco and Moroccans are mice in the Illuminati Lab experiment  . The Illuminati ( Communists , Freemasons ) originated in the Sabbatean Frankist " Heresy" in the 17th Century. Robert Sephehr confirms that 2 most important features of the Illuminati are


1- They conceal their Jewish identity by pretending to belong to other religions or national groups. 


2- They are Satanists i.e they invert good and evil . Evil is good and vice versa. 


Your experiences in Morocco , speaks volume of  the Illuminati erosion and acquiescense of the Moroccan society .











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Just now, NourDeen said:

Hi Truthspoon 


You seem well-versed in Arabic. 


I am from the Northern city of Tangiers . I was a student at The American Languge Center of Tangiers , obtained my English Proficiency Degree in 1982 and assistant busines Manager at The American School of Tangier . A fleeting snapshot to cite.



It takes courage and clarity to understand that Morocco and Moroccans are mice in the Illuminati Lab experiment  . The Illuminati ( Communists , Freemasons ) originated in the Sabbatean Frankist " Heresy" in the 17th Century. Robert Sephehr confirms that 2 most important features of the Illuminati are


1- They conceal their Jewish identity by pretending to belong to other religions or national groups. 


2- They are Satanists i.e they invert good and evil . Evil is good and vice versa. 


Your experiences in Morocco , speaks volume of  the Illuminati erosion and acquiescense of the Moroccan society .












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13 hours ago, NourDeen said:

Hi Truthspoon 


You seem well-versed in Arabic. 


I am from the Northern city of Tangiers . I was a student at The American Languge Center of Tangiers , obtained my English Proficiency Degree in 1982 and assistant busines Manager at The American School of Tangier . A fleeting snapshot to cite.



It takes courage and clarity to understand that Morocco and Moroccans are mice in the Illuminati Lab experiment  . The Illuminati ( Communists , Freemasons ) originated in the Sabbatean Frankist " Heresy" in the 17th Century. Robert Sephehr confirms that 2 most important features of the Illuminati are


1- They conceal their Jewish identity by pretending to belong to other religions or national groups. 


2- They are Satanists i.e they invert good and evil . Evil is good and vice versa. 


Your experiences in Morocco , speaks volume of  the Illuminati erosion and acquiescense of the Moroccan society .





You may know one of the teachers there, she's from South Africa, her name is Aman (though she's a woman)....


I nearly started dating her....then found out she had a thing for Aleister Crowley and when I talked about God the demons came out of her and she acted as if I had thrown holy water in her face and she started becoming angry and offensive....


When someone turns suddenly very nasty because you start talking about God you can be sure they are demonically possessed or at least, mind controlled.




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By the way Nour you seem like a really cool guy with your head screwed on properly...... nice to see you and welcome to the forum....


I would only add that this conspiracy goes back a little bit further than the Sabbatean heresy, the Sabbatean heresy was only a new expression of an underground current which has infected the Judaic world.


If you will humour me, here is my idea of where all this is coming from:





The Canaanite Deception.


Adam Weishaupt who created the sex and blackmail cult called The Illuminati was a Jewish professor of Law in Germany. The modern banking system which was created by the Templars when they returned from the Jewish holy-land is still controlled by the Jewish Rothschild family. And now the whole world is being brought to the verge of total war because certain people want to kill Muslims by the thousand to apparently protect the security of Israel in a region which has suddenly, after over a thousand years of tranquility, become a centre of bloody carnage and a flash-point for world war 3 and the potential death of millions.

It's clearly not worth it. Why is the world on the verge of mass destruction for one tiny little state which doesn't even have the dignity of calling itself a nation?

Is it any surprise that people blame the Jews? When we're all teetering on the edge of death and destruction because of wars and insecurity which has been fomented on their behalf?

Fact is it's not Jews, and least not Real Jews (whoever they are), but they DO call themselves Jews, in fact they are Canaanites but that is a BIG subject which requires a little research and is a state of play which has remained for some two and a half thousand years. 
"Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie-- I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you." Revelation 3:9

What is called Judaism these days was actually taken over by their mortal enemies the Edomites, a race of Canaanites, who had occupied ancient Israel in the absence of the Israelites and upon their return to Zion in 538 BC from the Babylonian captivity, they had no choice but to accommodate their ancient enemies. Then, the infiltration of the Canaanites progressed further still as a result of Hyracanus' unwise policy:
Hebron remained under Edomite control until Judas Maccabeus retook the city under Jewish control in 164 B.C. Thirty-eight years later, in 126 B.C., they had to be reconquered by the Jewish Army under prince and high priest John Hyrcanus. A pivotal event then took place in which Idumeans were forced to be proselytized into Judaism or flee or die. This resulted in many Idumeans pretending to become Jews, yet really were not.
The law of Moses would not allow the present state of Israel to exist since there is no covenant with God, and bombing women and children is certainly not Kosher. 
Also modern Jews, particularly those in Israel are not genetic Jews at all but are Khazars among other things. Edomites are those who secretly control the Roman Catholic church (since Rome and its cults also have their origins in Edom and the Canaanites) and fake Pharisee system which calls itself Judaism (but has nothing of Jacob, Moses or Abraham in it but is all perversion and hatred).

The Talmud is quite late in 'Jewish' history from the 5th century AD roughly and onwards. Early Judaism of course is the core of all our present moral values, but some five centuries before the birth of Christ it had become corrupted by the enemies of the true people of Israel. The Canaanite lineage of Essau which includes King Herod, the Pharisees and Rabbinical Judaism. 
The dominance of the Canaanites. The world's traders and later, the world's bankers.

Real Judaism and real Jews are God's people, like all people who revere and love God, but where are they? I can find none, or at least very few. How many of God's people are in Israel as they agitate to kill more Muslims and drag the US into world war 3?

The true Jews are now probably lost and the trouble in the middle-east in not between Arabs and Jews but Arabs and Edomites. The Edomites were a Canaanite people who infiltrated into Israel in the mid classical period and became what are called The Pharisees. They wrote the Talmud where it is permissible to have sex with children for instance. They are the sons of Cain the eternal enemy of true Jews. 

It is this modern Canaanite faction, who hide within Judaism, which creates all of the fake controversy in modern life and dictates the cultural and social agenda based on their own infighting and false dichotomies.

A good example would be Nick Denton, a 'Jewish' establishment finance journalist and owner of Gawker media. He studied the classic holy trinity course for aspiring establishment lackeys: PPE or Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, and was the editor of the student magazine Isis, this is especially relevant considering the feminist and goddess associations later in this article.

He seems to excel in creating tedious social-change controversies which then leak out into the real world, in the manner of the Hegelian dialectic or 'problem-reaction-solution' meme. The editor of his Valleywag magazine Owen Thomas was involved in a social change controversy when he apparently 'outed' and mocked certain influential silicon valley homosexuals, thus creating a false intrigue and media reaction that something should be done to end the open persecution of homosexuals. 

Denton himself is homosexual and married his partner Derrence Washington in May 2014. A tell-tale sign of the morality of the Canaanite mystery cult which exists invisibly and unsuspected, within our own civilisation and whose values and abnormal norms, are inculcated within society as a whole as the New Normal, within their media operations.

Denton also repeated a similar trick, creating a false controversy in writing a banal and stupid kiss and tell piece about a night he spent with Christine O'Donnell in which he states he did not have sex with here but merely slept naked in the same bed. For some reason this incited The National Organisation of Women and Salon magazine to play their part in the dialectic and further generate false controversy:

The National Organization for Women condemned the piece as "slut-shaming". NOW's president, Terry O'Neill, stated, "It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O'Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere."[12] Salon's Justin Elliott criticized the ad hominem nature of the article, tweeting "Today, we are all Christine O'Donnell."[13]

He has also involved himself in the Gamer-Gate controversy and admitted to hiring internet provocateurs and trolls to attack Gamer-Gate activists and attempt to destroy the movement. http://theralphretort.com/gawker-owner-nick-denton-admits-gamergate-sabotage/


It is no doubt for this reason, of his aptitude to play the part of social change agent, create fake controversies, and massage the media agenda, that the man has amassed a personal fortune of £190 million.

Nick Denton's Gawker media is also the home of Jezebel, a Feminist website whose contributors are mostly Jewish women and a great many of their stories revolve around Israel and Jewish issues. It also claims that "Feminism enhances the Jewish tradition". It is one of several blogs owned by Nick Denton's Gawker media. Predictably, Jezebel was founded by a Jewish woman named Anna Holmes.
Jezebel was the daughter of the King Ethbaal of Tyre. The name Ethbaal means 'with Baal', the demonic God to whom child sacrifice was made at the Baalbek temple.  Jezebel, whose name also evoke Baal and the word 'Jezebel' was a ritual cry during the mysteries of Baal in the underworld and means 'Where is Baal?', enters history as being the wife of King Ahab of Northern Israel and being infamous for having the prophets of Israel brutally put to death, and replaced the prophets of Israel with the Prophets of Baal and Asherah. 

So after all the prophets, Isaiah calling down fire from heaven to show the dominance of the Hebrew God over the Canaanite Baal and the destruction of Baal’s temples, is the final result victory for Jezebel and her Canaanite priests like Nick Denton and other millionaire media lackeys with their ceaseless and sleepless social engineering agenda?
The Jezebel Team. The majority of ladies here are ethnically Jewish. Why is a social minority in the driving seat of dictating gender politics and gender relations?
One wonders why then should Jezebel be seen as fitting representative of Jewish feminism? She wasn't Jewish and did all she could to destroy the prophets and religion of Israel and replace it with that of her Canaanite Baal worship. Jezebel was one of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people and culture. Is it perhaps an indication that the forces behind so called 'Jewish Feminism' are not Jewish at all but actually Canaanites following their secret religion of Asherah goddess worship?

Jewish Feminist Ashley Feinberg writer for Jezebel recently wrote for the world's edification an article entitled: Would You Fuck a Goat for Your True Love?
The twist is that in order to be with this person—this person that you objectively know is the key to you being as happy and fulfilled as you possibly can—you have to have sex with a goat. And not just once, but once every three months. Four times a year, the only thing standing between you and eternal bliss in your (non-goat) relationship is a single, windowless room and one (1) farm animal waiting for your tender touch. 
Should you decline the offer, you will never see the love of your life again, forcing you to suffer the consequences of all that entails.
One wonders in what way is it empowering women for them to consider the possibility of having sex with a goat? Of course, within the context of normal human relationships and female empowerment it makes no sense and just sets up a cognitive block in any sane individual. 
Canaanite mystery religion. Women and goats.

But if we consider that this kind of thing, sex with animals, is precisely the kind of activities which the Canaanites engaged in. 
Canaanite mystery religion: Men and goats.
The Tale of the Beatle and the Goat.

Also secret societies such as Freemasons and the OTO are rumoured to have sex with animals, and Aleister Crowley forced his mistress to have sex with goats and apparently it was a problem for the early Hebrews so much so that Leviticus needed to have a word:
Leviticus 18:23:  You shall not have sexual relations with any animal and defile yourself with it, nor shall any woman give herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it: it is perversion.
Ashley Feinberg: Animal Lover.
Some people have the impression that the Freemasons are a Jewish organisation, or at least that somehow they are working for the interests of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. While the latter is true: that they ARE most assuredly working for the state of Israel, and they have been doing just that for nearly a thousand years when they were originally established as the Knights Templar, the former, that they are a Jewish organisation is most assuredly untrue. 

The Freemasons are not Kosher and the confusion arises because modern Judaism has assumed the symbols of Freemasonry such as the star of Remphan or Seal of Solomon.

Seal on Canaanite grave at the British Museum: Nizar Nayouf
Acts 7:43 "Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon." Amos 5:26 "But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves."
All road leads to Canaan. The Papal Knights of Malta have their origins as Phoenician traders.

In fact most of what considers itself Jewish is not, but of Canaan. This is no better exemplified than in ‘Jewish’ feminist magazine called Lilith. I once dated a Turkish feminist and she told me that feminists revere Lilith and Cybele and all the demonic goddesses of the ancient world. That Lilith according to Judaism, is an actual DEMON ought to give a confessing Jew pause for thought and consider perhaps that celebrating demons isn’t what Abraham and Moses quite had in mind. 
Canaanite Ghouls can't smile.
Especially if we observe that two of their issues feature the following content:
Is it shameful to be Jewish and poor? A new marriage ritual for domestic equality. Seeing a child through transgender surgery.

Passover celebrations from unusual perspectives. A new ritual for an adopted daughter. Naming ourselves. Getting an abortion in Israel today.

Children having transgender surgery and abortions? Are these female values? surely they are the very opposite. But Lilith is known as a demon of child murder:

Lady Lilith is an oil painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti first painted in 1866–68 using his mistress Fanny Cornforth as the model, then altered in 1872–73 to show the face of Alexa Wilding.[1] The subject is Lilith, who was, according to ancient Judaic myth, "the first wife of Adam" and is associated with the seduction of men and the murder of children. She is shown as a "powerful and evil temptress" and as "an iconic, Amazon-like female with long, flowing hair."[2]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Lilith

Not only anti-feminine but anti-human. Would a nurturing loving mother allow or even consider letting a child have transgender surgery? Of course not, it makes no sense to normal people. But by people touched by the ancient evil of the Canaanite bloodline, a sort of amoral and psychotic twilight zone or Duat, then rolling out this agenda to the world at large must fulfill some sort of hatred of normality and the natural healthy order of things.

These people, whether they even know it or not, are not Jews at all, but they represent the victory of the Phoenician faction of Esau’s Edomites which have wrestled with the followers of Moses for thousands of years.

The Esau Canaanite faction is highly active in the world and represents the world most effective, well connected and secure secret intelligence agency in the world, and according to Ostrovsky, most of its agents are just normal Jews:

The Mossad - believe it or not - has just 30 to 35 case officers, or katsas, operating in the world at any one time. The main reason for this extraordinary low total, as you will read in this book, is that unlike other countries, Israel can tap the significant and loyal cadre of the worldwide Jewish community outside Israel. This is done through a unique system of sayanim, volunteer Jewish helpers.

The real attitude of the historical Edomites towards the REAL Jews is reflected, as Chuck Missler observes:

As the Babylonians took Judah into captivity, and angry soldiers wrecked the walls, slew the people, and burned the city, we could have observed their neighboring citizens—the Edomites—encourage the Babylonians to ruin the city: “Raze it! Raze it!” they were calling. “Dash their little children against the stones and wipe out the Jews!”
In 47 B.C. Julius Caesar promoted the Idumean Antipater as procurator over Judea, Samaria and Galilee. In 37 B.C., the Romans named Herod, son of Antipater, as King over Israel. (His mother was Nabatean). Thus, the Herods of the New Testament were Edomites: One of them killed the Jewish babies in his attempt to destroy Christ; another Herod murdered John the Baptist; another one killed James the brother of John.


Even Jesus, who perhaps more than any other human seemed to have the greatest understanding of the real divine principle and perhaps, even assimilated it as he claims, ‘the father and I are one’ and for attempting to divest the parasitical structure of the ritualistically keen but spiritually dead Pharisees from the face of spirituality, he was murdered by those same authorities.  Jesus was a real Jew, a son of Man, murdered by the Pharisees, the false Jews and sons of the serpent seed.

The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you will go, And dust you will eat All the days of your life; And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."Genesis 3:15.

When Jesus addresses the 'Jewish' authorities of Jerusalem, the Pharisees we can observe that these same powers, this same bloodline, is plaguing humanity even know, with lies, immorality, perversion and death:
“If you were Abraham's children, you would be doing the works Abraham did, but now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. This is not what Abraham did. ... You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies." John 8:39,40,44. 

The Hebrew prophet Isaiah had perhaps done more than any other to rebuke and vanquish the works of the Canaanites. 

"How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.' But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate: 'Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a wilderness, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go home?' Isaiah14:12

This is Isaiah taunting a dead king of Babylon, by calling the dead king ‘Helel ben Shaḥar” Shining one of the morning, Isaiah is evoking the Goddess of the Canaanites Atta, otherwise known as Astarte, and thus Lucifer/Venus. 

The Temple of Venus is in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon in the town of Baalbek. Star of David or Canaanite seal of Lilith/Venus/Asherah?


Baalbek. Canaanite Goddess with Canaanite star of Remphan.
However that would mean that Lucifer was a woman, or at least that Lucifer evokes worship of the so-called ‘sacred feminine’, and Astarte is sacred to feminists as the Mother Goddess. Therefore Feminism is in reality a Canaanite cult where abortion is a sacrament, and like all aspects of Canaanite Satanic mystery religion, leads only to discord conflict and the destruction of harmonious human society. 

The Canaanites are out there and they are busier than they have ever been.

What will be the Canaanites' next move? Economic collapse? More theft of public money for banker bail-ins? Or will they go all out and unleash death from the skies using nuclear weapons? 

And who can stop them now their evil power seems absolute? The world has A LOT to learn about the truth behind the present world situation. Everything we think we know about Israel and Judaism is wrong. And this record is in urgent need of setting straight before Cain’s children totally destroy the Earth.


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10 hours ago, shabbirss said:

lmfao @ gamer trolls

welcome @Nour



Yeah, that gif is precious..... so many cool gifs and memes have been lost over time....... If I'd known how much and how quickly the internet was going to change I would have filled hard drives trying to record as much of it as possible....... oh well.

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Truth....I have been mesmerized. It's not often that an article or opinion piece impresses me so mush. Yours is a " must read" , jam packed with information. Right off the bat , I rue the day I defended " women rights " , " gay rights " , " human rights " , only to find out I was a satanist , waging a relentless war on my own society disguised as " progress" and " justicce " . The love between man and woman is one of the best things in life...





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57 minutes ago, NourDeen said:

Truth....I have been mesmerized. It's not often that an article or opinion piece impresses me so mush. Yours is a " must read" , jam packed with information. Right off the bat , I rue the day I defended " women rights " , " gay rights " , " human rights " , only to find out I was a satanist , waging a relentless war on my own society disguised as " progress" and " justicce " . The love between man and woman is one of the best things in life...






Thanks...  the problem with Gay rights is that it is now leading to 'Trans rights' and the next step will be 'paedophiles' rights'.


It's already started. Twitter recently decided to allow paedophiles to discuss their attraction to children on its platform and now there are apparently lots of groups of so called 'virtuous paedophiles' out there, demanding some kind of recognition of their sexual persuasion. 


The world is going insane but it has all been seen before....thousands of years ago with the Canaanites.... It is clear that THIS is the secret bloodline organisation which now controls the world.


If they are allowed to continue it will end with legalised paedophilia, public human sacrifice and child murder......   


That's one thing about the Arab world that I like.... they are not too far advanced on this program of globalised evil.......  







Edited by Truthspoon
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13 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:

Twitter recently decided to allow paedophiles to discuss their attraction to children on its platform


WAIT .... they fucking WHAT Now!



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So in replay and for your edification , having enjoyed reading the fruits of your writing, I shall volley back a piece of my writing ...


" Give them cookies and money " and sexually expliot them.  I am sick to m y stomach of Morocco's never-ending problem of Pedophilia ...A pedophile safe haven , being much easier to access Morocco from Europe ( It's the only place Ryanair flies to outside of Europe ) than southeast Asia's child-abuse vacation destinations and populated by disadvantaged children - an easy target for pedophile tourists. Morocco has been a blind spot for decades . Despite pretty stringent laws against homosexuality , it was the favored getaway location for high-profile gay men before Western Europe began to relax its stance on same-sex relationships , sex-change operations were taking place in Morocco before countries in Europe legalised them . In Morocco , they were flexible approaches . Gay Westerners could , as long as it was secret , satisfy their desires without fear of harassment by the availability of an unlimited number of young local residents who needed money , and they could also smoke the cannabis that was available intensively. 


The American author Paul Bowles has long been associated with Ahmed Yacoubi and his wife Jane, and lives in a top-floor apartment with a rural woman named Sharifa . In the early days of his arrival in Tangier , William Burroughs was not interested in local culture . In a letter written by Alan Ginsberg , Burroughs did not mention his homosexuality leanings . In his 1972 autobiography , the " Second Son" , the aristocratic British writer , David Herbert , who lived in Tangier for a very long time , expressed his regret over Tangier's reputation as a place for bitches.  


For decades , Tangier and oher Moroccan cities have attracted gay tourists before independence in 1956 , Tangier was an international zone run by many Europeans countries without strict legal rules. According to English researcher Andrew Hassi, Tangier was " an ideal place for dangerous and unknown pleasures " . Other literary gay writers who visited or stayed in Tangier are : Jean Genet , Andre Good , Tennessee Williams , Truman Cabot, Gore Vidal , and Joe Orton ....who were homosexuals , as well as Samuel Pepi and Mark Twain . 


I hope you don't find fault with my endless verbiage , for I dream - my dream - for my country to be visited for its beaches , its mountains , for its food , for its architecture and not for its CHILDREN .



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It might be of some comfort to you, but weirdly I encountered more homosexuality in Egypt and Jordan.... by which I mean, Arab men who fancied me and approached me asking me if I fancied a bit of manly action, which I didn't. One of them was even a policeman. 



I find Moroccans very strict about homosexuality and in fact, it might give you solace to learn that homosexuals who prey on children are actually jailed in Morocco and there were a few instances I was aware of when I was there....


The problem I encountered was with a world which exists outside and beyond the law. Freemasons can do anything because they have ways and means beyond ,most people's expectations and limits...


But perhaps the problem of street children being exploited by western tourists which was so endemic in the post war period, is much less of a problem....


The paedophilia in Morocco has become the way it is in all Western countries, the currency of the secret establishment...




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I also witnessed a lot of similar stuff going on in Egypt when i lived there. Egypt is well under the Illuminati thumb in all ways. 2011 was a manipulated revolution as probably Mubarak was not playing ball completely with the plan. Sadly the rot has set deeply throughout the world.


Salam Alekium Nour

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Alekum Salam 


On 8/26/2020 at 1:57 AM, Alnitak said:

Sadly the rot has set deeply throughout the world . 



Morocco , Egypt and the whole Arab / Islamic world in under their feet ( Arab expression for total submission and aquiescence ) . 


" We shall arrange elections to favor such presidents as have in their past some dark , undiscovered stain , some " Panama " - scandal- then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our PLANS out of fear revelations . " Protocols of Zion 10:13



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Hello people!! Having followed this site for 8 months I don't know quite why I have left it so long to join this forum. I'm in South London, but being a dual UK/Australian citizen I am trying to figure out how the heck I am going to get back to Aus. After all this time, and being fully convinced this Covid thing is utter utter bs from the outset, I still shake my head daily in disbelief at what is going on in the world. And more than that, the sheer numbers of people  that buy it hook, line and sinker.

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New to the forum, been interested in David Icke for years, particularly interested in his views on Covid-19.

We all need to stick togeather and stand up agains't whats going on, i kind of feel powerless but being part

of this community and keeping up with the truth of whats going on is one step in the right direction.

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